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  1. )))))))))))))) And where exactly is the virus, in Marie Rose or Rachel? In these archives there are only animated files (MPM, tdpack and INI), mp3 and TMC files, as you can see for yourself. So throw your antivirus in the trash...
  2. Hi, dogcookie! I occasionally visit this site now, but lately I have not seen you, so I thought that you followed us. Let's transfer our conversation to the messenger, it's unlikely that anyone will be interested in our reasoning about bitcoins... )
  3. No, he asks about how to choose a suit. Outfit are selected through "details" when you choosing a character for fight or training.
  4. Wisky, I was not going to make for Mai an ideal neck, only to remove the gap between the head and body. In my opinion, it is pointless to spend a lot of time on the selection of parameters for the neck, when the hands of model freely pass through the giant breast and clothing is periodically hidden in the depths of this bottomless body... ) lol This is exotic mod. ))) Check this file: Hitomi-Mai__lol.7z This neck looks better. )
  5. I do not know where to share this mod. Let while will be here. Jin, you can post it in your own topic. Hitomi-Mai__lol.7z Jin, where did you dig out such a mod? ) The color of the face is different from the color of the body, so the seam is sometimes noticeable at the junction. If you want, you can make her body darker. By the way, there are a lot of shortcomings in this mod and without taking into account the neck, but this is not my job. )
  6. Wow! Thanks, Jin. True, your Hitomi is surprisingly similar to Mai. ))) lol Okay, we'll figure out who this is. I 'll try to sew her head to this grandiose body...
  7. Jin, if want, send me your gorgeous mod, I'll try to remove this gap between head and body. )
  8. This is not always, sometimes a parts of the head is stored in a file together with a body.
  9. priss10


    Cangt, this topic was started almost seven months ago. You already expressed your opinion about Tekken and got answers to it from Kaymai and DOA5casual. Then you did not object, but now, after seven months, you again return to the same. Your brain needs an extremely long time to process the information, so think yourself, who is "fucking out of mind"? Maybe in a couple of months you'll figure it out ... ) And as for the similarity between these games - type in Google the line "games similar DOA". What answer do you get? Tekken, Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. The whole w
  10. I do not play this game and therefore I can not test this script in practice. But I'm looking at its text and see the hotkey codes that are used in it.
  11. I wish you success. ) Alpalia, if you downloaded all three archives, then the first you can delete. ) ) All files from it are in the third (On_Beach). Just unpack the second and third archives and throw the files into the Autolink folder along with all the directories from these archives. Archives appeared at different times for different requests, so they partially overlap one another.
  12. Poledance only for new characters (Mai, Naotora, Pai, Sarah and Alpha-152). The contents of the archive should be copied to the folder Autolink/_Movie/ParvateParadise/Pole/: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9piq0k1ap5qv54x/Pole_New.zip The same poledance for other characters, plus files with stages and music:
  13. Great idea. Do it if you have free time. You can not only specify the name of the stage, but make screenshots for each...
  14. Yea, you're absolutely right on both counts. ) Although unlike you I got acquainted with DOA less than a year ago.
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