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  1. flatliner10

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    I can't really tell, all i know is that triptherift did rework all the faces multiple times, because she was unsatisfied with how they looked after being *properly* converted to match SSE's new Facegen Format. I think the LITE just had their textures and meshes re-saved with an optimizing tool, maybe it also got a lower resolution. It's totally possible that the screenshots are just taken from the Oldrim version. She also was a huge Fan of self-containing clean mods, packing everything into the bsa, no external requirements or dependencies, so her work always looked as intended.
  2. flatliner10

    Violated Heroine Download

    This might help some people to get it to run: TL;DR: - Add support for Japanese Characters - Set Support for Non-Unicode Characters to Japanese - Install RTP - Use Compatibility Mode for low-res low-color Applications.
  3. I also can not confirm the statement of "Solstheim being generally buggy", had no issues with it during my last play-trough, despite running a bunch of mods. I don't encounter more or less instabilities in Solstheim compared to the rest of the Game. Maybe this "Myth" was caused by certain older mods which were released before Dragonborn DLC and never been revised to reflect the additional stuff and changes Bethesta put in the Game. Even if a Mod does not require a DLC, the DLC still might change aspects of the Game which are also accessed by the Mod.
  4. flatliner10

    What would be the first thing that you would do, if....

    Probably messing with people i don't like until they question their sanity. Not that it would take much for this to happen to the people i have in mind. Reversing time, even for just a few minutes, would be more useful...like a Undo-button for your life.
  5. flatliner10

    Fertility Mode

    Don't know if it was intentional or not, but 1.4.11 cured my Khajit from having way to small Breasts. After the first Insemination they just randomly returned to their originally intended size. She got rather sensitive about looking like a little girl all that time, so thanks for that :-D
  6. Where do you got this from? Latest official is 0.65.2 : https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/4/?tab=files
  7. FG has received multiple updates recently, and is now a Master. ALL Plugings using FG NEED to be updated, or at least edited, to refer to the esm Since you don't tell which plugins you have issues with, here's a link to a post of mine with links to the most common ones: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/77944-flowergirls-bdsm-base/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-2236195
  8. The have broken something about the auto-update a while ago, and then switched to https. Go to the nexus and check if you actually running the latest version, (link to NMM ist at the top) if not - update Manually by downloading and installing it.
  9. If you just bluntly upgraded from the Old .esp to the new .esm, then yes, this might cause issues. You might need to perform a "Load Game->Wait a few Minutes->Make New Save->Quit Game->Restart Game->Load Save" before before it re-initializes. I recommend using (Ingame) FG-Uninstall-Option and make a save, before removing/upgrading FG to avoid Issues. (i also forget occasionally) Same goes for every script-heavy Mod. If it got an internal Uninstall option, then use it before Removing/Upgrading the respective Mod. If you really want to be sure, fire up the Game once more after removing the Mod, and make a Save before installing the new Mod version.
  10. You can't - not anymore. XPMSSE is an ESP and FG has become an ESM and (ElderScrollsMaster's) need to be above (ElderScrollsPlugin's). You don't absolutely NEED to install the XPMSSE.esp in the first Place, if you only want FG to run. Its perfectly Fine to un-tick the Racemenu/MCM Option, unless you need it for something specific.
  11. flatliner10

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    Not really, you can turn off Actor scaling in FG, however the animations will then not match, and after the animations the Girls (who are suppose to be a a bit smaller) will be set to the default character size, making them "normal sized" until a loading-screen occurs. I recommend to keep actor scaling on, then at least they will return to their original size afterwards.
  12. Is there an option to force-restart for BDSM like there is to FG, a command maybe? Or doesn't like the BDSM Mod to be forced ;-) ?
  13. Steam does not delete anything, just verifies if everything is there and valid. Maybe some leftover Meshes/Scripts in the Folder (Loose files get priority)? The (Vanilla)Data Folder is usually pretty empty, asides from the Vanilla ESM'S and BSA's only the Video Subfolder ist there. I start to wonder whenever you might have Configuration or driver related issues. As i said, it loads fine in my Vanilla SkyrimSE. Would be useful if someone else could test it. Oh and here: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/6555-mini-guide-stable-skyrim/ I Can't help you beyond that, sorry.
  14. Looks reasonable to me, LOOT can give you some directions when it comes to roughly sorting your mods, however the description of the Mods them-self often gives better insight and Tips to special cases. LOOT doesn't always get it right (or optimal). And no, i'm not a fan of cleaning the Games Masterfiles, modder's should be aware of Bethesta's little (and not so little) mistakes, that's what the Unofficial Patch is for. Also no fan of BethINI, broke my Game on more than one occasion. There's no general order in which mods are suppose to be installed, it all depends on the mod in question and what it does. As a ruler of thumb, requirements are supposed to be above the Mod which needs the requirement. Anything that alters the landscape, cells or NPC's before AI and behavior related stuff. Textures are usually uncritical (without meshes) and can go anywhere, but i would put them in last so they don't get overwritten, even if they get overwritten, the Game usually don't break. Always make sure you have the requirements fulfilled for a mod (some even need special versions of said requirement) Some Mods need special compatibility-patches in a particular order, to be used with certain other mods. USSE-Patch is a must-have in my opinion, and a requirement for many mods. Adding Mods later on is mostly save, for as long there are no conflicts, and you get the load order right. Removing them is where the most issues start.