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  1. Good News, Bad News - II

    Good news: Despite some allegations from various sources - One simply does not get "literary raped" online. - Stay safe, stay online.
  2. I'm f*cked

    As an "a retired IT professional" you should know, that one does not simply swap A HDD like this, Primary or not - at least not on a modern consumer grade System, and expects to get away with it without trouble. Your drives (And the assigned Letters) are Stored within the registry, the System will always try to assign the "Fixed" Drives the same Letters as before. Also, there might be Data on the Drive which the System expects to be there, like Userprofiles, Drivers or Programs, a Swapfile, a System Image or whatever. Suddenly this Drive was gone and the System Failed to boot - Surprise. A "Professional" would just "undo" the changes and see whats the matter, maybe even test if the new drive actually get detected. One also can try to copy or clone the drive's content, change the Drives Letter beforehand, and test if it boots before disconnecting the Old drive. Still better than trying to fix a Operating System which is technically not broken, just misconfigured for it's hardware. You can replace the Systems Files all day long, at it still will not boot using a mismatched configuration. Don't get me wrong, i am hardly an M$ Fanboy, they f*ck up a lot, but this was clearly a User-Issue and not a nebulous conspiration. I don't see why you really need to avoid any System Updates, AFAIK the "forced Win10 update notification" is no longer getting rolled out, and there are Several tools out there to get rid of its components, if you still caught it. If you feel special mischievous you may avoid anything about "telemetry". Otherwise i suggest to "Update the crap out out it", you will not get much more then currently available anyway.
  3. Will I Notice A Difference (RAM Upgrade)?

    You currently got 8 Gig, i doubt that any of your Programs will use up all 8 Gigs, unless you do some serious Multitasking (Or have a Sh*tton of junk running in the Background) The new ram is Faster, is the speed even supported by your Motherboard? Is this specific Brand and Type of RAM in the QVL (Qualified Vendor List)? If it works, you should get a higher Score on Benchmarks, maybe a few FPS, and a bit lesser drops, but i doubt you will actually notice the difference, unless you only have one DIMM module installed and currently can't use Dualchannel. If you want to actually notice a difference, i would suggest putting these 150 bucks into a decent SSD to run you system and some Games from, you will definitively feel an improvement. just my 2 cents
  4. assaultron Tiddies/maid outfit

    * Scans over text without acually rading it * Detect "Maid" and "Assaultron" * thinks "Mhh...Kinky" * clicks on Image * after recovering from sudden laugh-flash gets up to grab towel to wipe my spit from screen. Should have known better, its 4chan after all -.- Awwww... i want this as a Pet. Reminds me of Hatsune Miku can she sing and dance? The first one oddly reminds me of Shädmans Art, the Rig does not look comfortable nor legal or even possible, should have a Supportive Exoskeleton Spine. the Second one however kinda kooks like these Artificial Monster Girls from MGQ (Part two?), just less Disgusting. (Dafuq is wrong with me?)
  5. I have ctd, please help

    Have you "cleaned" your Masterfiles using sseedit? If yes, restore backups and try again. I'm also no fan of bethini made my game unplayable. Try to make backups of your configuration files an then delete them, they will get created anew, see if this helps.
  6. So the Traitor-Faction took over the Powerplant, you killed em' and restored the power to Nuka world. Assuming you are talking about a Settlement, can't you just scrap that flag and place a new one or the other way around? Might need to back out of Workshop-mode in between. I'm pretty sure that's what i did in one of my playtroughs .
  7. Windows boot problem

    Does your system boot after you let it run in safe mode for... let's say half an hour?
  8. Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    I didn't and i probably won't unless they offer real value for a reasonable Price: like DLC Sized Content for DLC Price. This - however - is unlikely to happen due to the fact the used Plugin format has some serious limitations compared to .esm or .esp, making big Mods almost impossible. At lest that's what i read. For now it just seems like a cash-grab, offering cheap and dirty Mods for an overblown Price. For their better Mods there are free, superior alternatives available on the Nexus. They also kinda missed an opportunity when one of the First Mods for FO4 was a freakin' HORSE(power)ARMOR, this would have been quite the joke, if they weren't asking for actual Money for this BS. It was a good Idea to begin with, Modders would actually get payed for their efforts and could invest far more time into their Mods, Users could get quality maintained content for their Games (paying a small fee), and Bethesda could make an extra-penny on the Side. Sadly the result is almost as bad as expected by the pessimists. Just another Mircrotransaction Paystore...oh well seems to work somehow. Probably mostly thanks to console-gamers, who are used to pay extra for any stupid nonsense, like "server access" or "custom rare paintjobs".
  9. In my opinion pretty much all "tuning" "fixing" and "cleaning" tools for Windows are a scam, doing more worse than good especially the "registry error fixer". Cleaning your registry will not make your computer faster or more stable. The better ones might clean some orphaned or temporary files and folders, but you can easily do that yourself if you know where to look. To me it sounds like your having memory issues, bad memory timings or simply a broken dimm module, with multiple games crashing whenever there's a spike in memory usage, or maybe an unstable powersupply, memory is very receptive to minor voltage/current flukes. i would try prime or memtest, and see if there are instabilities, mabe with monitor programs running in the background (cpuz, gpuz, temperature/voltage monitors)
  10. I observed a weird behavior after switching to win10 in general, whenever running a fullscreen 3D application, HDD (including SSD) accesses, seemed to be...delayed and slower than it was on win 7 using the same Hardware. After fiddeling around manually installing jerry-rigged win7 AMD drivers for my SATA controller, and reducing my swapfile to 1 gig the problem was gone.
  11. Newbie Questions

    You could technically rebuild the mod to install loose file instead of the incompatible Archives. But some mods might include an installer which does more than just copy some files, and you would really need to understand how the mod works to modify it. I would recommend trying the following: 1. Take a peek in the (.zip, .7z) archive and remember the name of the .ba Achive(s). 2. Install the mod using the regular Way with your modmanager. 3. Fire up BAE, open the mods archive file(s) in your game folder and make sure its content will get extracted into the respective subfolder of your game, or extract it's content elsewhere and copy the folders content by hand. 4. delete the Mod's original .ba Archive from your Gamemefolder You will need to keep track of which files you've overwritten by yourself. If you want to uninstall any of them you need to delete the created files by yourself, or its textures/models/scripts remain in the game. If you ever remove the Mod, you also might need to reinstall other Mods who's files have been overwritten by the Half-Maunual installed Mod. This can get really messy you should backup your game files before modding, it might be easier to simply delete the entire game, resort to the backup and reinstall your mods, rather than trying to track down every singe file you have placed in your game at some point.
  12. Looks good at my side. Well as good as it gets with a Thalmor...someone will have to clean up the mess i made in the Inn. No no general problem with the mod.
  13. Removing shadows

    Go to your Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition MAKE BACKUP of SkyrimPrefs.ini Then perform the following changes, it disables all shadows: fShadowDistance=0.0000 fInteriorShadowDistance=0.0000 fShadowLODStartFade=0.0000 iShadowMaskQuarter=3 iShadowMapResolution=1 bTreesReceiveShadows=0 bDrawLandShadows=0 Save and set the file "read only" Back to top
  14. Falmer not being aggressive?

    Maybe it is because of: 36 24 Realistic AI Detection 2 Lite.esp Falmer are near-Blind in the basegame if you have a silencing thing going on and this or another mod tweaks around with them, they might not detect you at at all.
  15. Thanks for your work, integrates Smootly and works fine. After messing around a bit i ended up with the following: FNIS (all 3) XP32 UNP Body SOS LiteSE FlowerGirls SE FlowerGirls SE Adventures Amorous Adventures Your BDSM Package Thats pretty much all you REALLY need. But also got: Feminine/Masculine Khajiit/Argonians Textures (5 in total, the come seperate for some reason) Female Facial Animation (Oldrim mod, works fine, linked on Flowergirls SE on nexus) Dragonfly BBP animation for SE - Dragonfly BBP SE (more "sway" and "bounce" - maybe a bit too much) UNP Body Fit Armors and Clothing Immersive TBBP (To match clothes to UNP Body) Bodyslide (for above) UUNP Vanilla Outfits (Meshes for above 2 i guess) Sassy Teen Girls Special Edition (Dont judge! Works fine with Flowergirls/AmorousAdventures, sexlab did nothing with them) Everything except SOS and BDSM is avalable on the SE section of the nexus.