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  1. flatliner10

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    I would also really like to see a Step-By-Step-Installation Guide, including all requirements, their settings and Order, thanks in advance.
  2. flatliner10


    Another update, more bad news from nvidia. It seems like the new RTX 2080Ti Flagships are already failing at an unusual high rate, some non-TI 2080 also seem affected: It might just be a vocal minority, which are rightfully pissed about their expensive Cards being buggy, but the issue seems bigger than nvidia wants to admit... If the bad news are keep piling up like this, it's not looking too good for nvidia's reputation, there are more and more hints of the RTX-Launch was overly rushed.
  3. flatliner10


    Update: The Polaris refresh apparently will be called RX590, is still basted on the same Architecture, with minor improvements (unexciting) However it will be manufactured on the new 12nm Process, currently also used by the Zen+ (Ryzen 20XX) lineup, making it the very first 12nm Card on the Market. This comes with a few benefits, smaller DIE, higher Yield-Rate result in lower Prices for the GPU itself. And if the difference between the Ryzen 10XX and the 20XX is anything to go by, slightly better efficiency, clockspeed and performance. It aims at the most lucrative mid range Market, and i expect it to be anywhere between the RTX1060 and RTX1070, and is supposed to launch in November. While not the new high-end Card yet, it will surely shake up the Market a bit, causing older mid range Models to drop in price, and force nvidia to do the same. Regardless of which team you lean to, waiting for the RX590 might pay of, if you are aiming for a mid range Card. On a Side note, AMD is also rumored to launch a "new" RX580, based on the RX570, with a slighly higher clock. Naming it the same would be a dick move, if true, however not as bad as nvidia's "new" "1030" with the ultra-slow Memory. Not much more is known (to me) yet, it is speculated that this might be Mobile version of the 580 (which is not expect to perform as good as the Desktop counterpart), or a special edition for the Asian budget market, not intended for the Western World. Another possibility (my personal speculation) is that this might be a 570, but manufactured on 12nm, which would bring it up to the 590 performance-wise, then there would not be much of an issue.
  4. If you are on a budget, the Ryzen 2600(x) is good enough for Gaming, the 2700x offers a bit more headroom for later titles which can actually make use of it. If you play a lot of Older games, they prefer clockspeed, and don't use much cores, i would aim for the x-Variant. It should not matter (for older games) if you get the 2600x or the 2700x, they are only 100 Mhz apart, X or non-X makes a difference of 200 Mhz (Stock) They both come with (surprisingly decent) stock-coolers, with the 2700ers even boosting fancy Controllable RGB Cristmas Lights (if you're into that sort of bling), If you plan on overclocking however they don't give you much headroom and you need to grab a decent aftermarket cooler instead, same goes for when you plan on getting one of these poorly designed all-glass cases with no airflow. As for RAM its rather expensive right now (even though prices start to go down), 2x8 (16 GB) is fine if money is tight, but i would try to go for 2x16 (32), avoid using 4 Modules on Ryzen, the Board might need to slow down their speed to get them working, depending in the Board and UEFI. Don't cheap out on it either, aim for DDR4-3200 with as low of a latency you can afford. Graphics card's are a pain in the butt right now. a 1060 is fine for Budget Gaming@1080p, but if you want to trow high-res Textures on a big screen, none of the cards below a 1080Ti will do do, not because their GPU is weak, but because of a Memory bandwidth bottleneck. BTW a good OEM GTX 1080Ti is about as fast as the (ridiculously expensive) RTX 2080 (minus the Raytracing Gimmic). A new Genereation of cards both of nvidia AND AMD is expectec early next year. So... a 1060 (budget), 1080Ti (should last you quite a while), or a cheap AMD (pay ~150 and play the waiting Game until next year, hoping for better options) would be my recommendations.
  5. flatliner10


    Looks more like your computer, your email account or your browser is compromised. Change all passwords (including your email password) from a different machine/device and don't use the password-recovery function, in case they really can read your emails at the moment. I would shut it down, remove the drive/s and use a separate computer to scan the Drives using multiple tools. Put them back into the Machine, disconnect from the internet, reboot repeat scan. I recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, the free version is good enough to begin with.
  6. flatliner10


    @MorePrinniesDood i don't see what crypto-miners would need the Raytracing Cores for. I am not aware that they can be used for crypto-mining (yet). Correct me if i am wrong. I think this is closer to the truth: TL;DR/DW They sitting on a huge pile of unsold 10-Series Chips. They don't want to lower their prices right now without competition. So they make the 20-series to expensive to make the 10-series seem like a less bad deal. Fulfilling the constant nagging for a "new" card for new systems (the 10-series is over 2 Years old), and priming the developers for the Raytracing-Age. I thing Raytracing was intended for 7nm but the pushed it now on the older process, making the DIE rather big & expensive (not THAT expensive though) just to get some attention before AMD does, but it is not the "real deal". Sure if you *NEED* the best of the best *RIGHT NOW* and price don't matter the 2080Ti it is then (good luck getting one, low supply) The other RTX are basically useless, barley faster (if any faster) than an OEM 10 series with decent cooling solution, nobody wants them. I would wait. AMD is rumored to come out with a refresh of the RX580 (RX680 maybe) this year, and first AMD 7nm Cards maybe 1Q next year. Even nvidia started tooling TSMC for 7nm and will probably be launching the "real" Raytraing Cards 1st or 2nd Q 2019. If by then they still sit on a bunch of 10-series they will become MUCH cheaper, especially wen used Cards from the crypto-miners getting pushed into the Market for a bargain price. If AMD delivers something halfway competitive (does not even have to be better than the 1080Ti/2080Ti) them nvidia is forced to act, to get rid of their 10-series overstock. Meaning around Q2 2019 you might either get a "better" RTX OR a cheaper GTX OR a (much)cheaper(used) GTX OR decent AMD. More competition, better price. The best thing that can happen to Gamers, is when AMD's first 7nm would seriously kick ass (excuse me) and gives nvidia a run for their money. Nvidia only innovates and price fairly if they are on the defense. (don't hold my breath for it though, AMD is still recovering from rather hard times) Just my 5 cents
  7. flatliner10


    This Series is a big nope for me. Fist the came up with this misleading Slides of Benchmarks making the older cards appear way worse than they actually are, by purposely choosing games and settings which causes the Memory Bandwidth bottleneck of the 1080 to show. Technically they weren't lying about the 2080 being 50% faster than the 1080, but only because the choose to use NON Ti models, and settings which shows this memory Bottleneck. In reality with reasonable settings it's more like 10-25% over the predecessor. This however comes at a hefty price tag, not justified by anything other then this new Raytracing "Gimmick". I expect it will be about another 2 Years until Games really utilize this Feature, and by then early adopters will notice, that Raytracing will either: -hardly do anything to the Visual experience, or -tanks the performance in such a way that the Games become borderline unplayable (30FPS @ 1080p with a 2080Ti? really now?) The Raytracing cores on the new Cards are rather weak, sure they do work, but are physical simply not powerful enough to rely on them. And in about 2 Years, when (true) Raytracing games are available, i expect the second generation of Cards to be available as well (which might actually be worth their asking price). Sure, knowing nvidia, they will get some of their partners to slap Raytraicing onto existing Games, or Games already in Development, but more as an afterthought but as an useful feature. From a Gamers perspective this cards make no sense, unless you *need* one for development, Reference or Benchmarking i would stay clear. The techtubers like GamersNexus and AdoredTV really had a go on nvidia about this cards and their release. Seems to me like a desperate Cashgrab with navi around the corner. I could not care less about who is ending up having the better card, but i know, having no competition in a market is always bad for the customer.
  8. flatliner10

    Adding mods to nexus mod manager

    You normally don't need to extract the files at all, you can just leave them in their .zip/7z Archive unless stated otherwise. You can usually just download the mods from this Site straight into into the respective Folder of NMM, or download it elsewhere and move or copy it over into NMM's Folder. For example if you download a mod for "Skyrim Special Edition" the .zip/.7z File needs to be downloaded/copied/moved to (install path of NMM)\Nexus Mod Manager\SkyrimSE\Mods\ You should find all other mods from the Nexus which you downloaded trough NMM in this Folder as well. Next time you start NMM the new Mod will be detected and show up in your mod list, usually under "unassigned". You can then just install them like any other mod. Unpacking will be done by NMM.
  9. Can't you try uninstall that mod and try to clean your saves using the filter function of fallrim tools? You can even filter for specific mods. Worth a try, if it doesn't work you only lost a bit of time.
  10. flatliner10

    So my imbecile win10 can't delete a zip file.

    So it WAS your security solution. Thanks for reporting back this might help others with similar issues.
  11. flatliner10

    Certain IP address range breaks LL

    Not that unusual, most European DSL lines gets auto-disconnected once every 24 Hours, getting a new IP from the providers Pool every time for safety reasons. Mobile devices might even change more often, when using different wifi access points.
  12. flatliner10

    So my imbecile win10 can't delete a zip file.

    Some virus scanners might try to scan the file whenever you try to delete it, and therefor keep it opened, especially if it is a large or encrypted file. If you are sure that you actually have write access to that file or folder, try disabling your antivirus before brosing to the folder and try to to delete the file. If this fails, reboot to safe mode and try again.
  13. flatliner10

    MSI x299 Raider Mobo - M.2 question

    Because there are other devices to plug in an M.2 slot which behave differently than an normal SSD, like an intel optane drive or Devices Formated for StoreMI(FuzeDrive), i would not refer as "normal" SSD's. There are also LTE modules for M.2, and even though i have not yet encountered one, m.2 SSD's could also be configured to work in a RAID configuration of some sort. They can make problems when swapped around. But an ordinary M.2 SSD, should be a no-brainer, regardless of the used protocol, PCIe(faster) or SATA(cheaper) is both supported on an M.2 Slot.
  14. Only Skyrim SE supports mods on consoles. And the only mod-source for Consoles is bethesta.net and the infamous Creation club, also bethesta. AFAIK* Sony is especially restrictive, and only allows Mods which don't require new assets. Only mods which reuse/modify stuff that is already in the game, so no new NPC's body's or clothes Weapons for you on PS4. (unless it's payed creation club content) Microsoft is a bit less restrictive, but nudity is a no-no. If you want the naughty stuff, the most mods or the best mods, there is no option other than the PC. *unless i am not up to scratch and something has changed.