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  1. Mhhhh i wonder if one could hijack that animation to make Ivy scan for STD's or something...she's a Walking Radio Station, upgrading her with a wonky scanner, which gives out some shady analysis results does not seem so far fetched "I deteminine a 30% chance that this Raider wet herself before you shot her."
  2. flatliner10

    Old CPU New NAS

    Well the FX series are great for Undervolting, you might even be able disable a few cores in your BIOS/UEFI. I've seen some of them going as low as 1,25V while STILL being overclocked. Just put a silly huge cooler on it (does not even need to be a new one, an old Athlon XP cooler might fit) and run its Fan at at min speed. The stock cooler is not totally bad, but noisy a.f. I'm currently running my 6350 @ 4,2 GHz @1,35V and its not even the best one around. Have a Be quiet Shadow Rock Top Blow on it, stays way below 60°C and is basically inaudible (just how i like it), my HDD is louder when spinning up. With undervolting/underclocking/core disabling one can get away with a smaller cooler, just don't skimp on the coolers surface area or the Fan. Going completely passive is risky, you will never know when your OS decides do do some update or heavy lifting. You would need to test beforehand, if your passive solution is sufficient under sustained load. You probably wont need all of your RAM either, might throw out half of it, for re purpose or selling it on ebay. Can't really talk about NAS, for i never made a dedicated NAS, they always did other stuff in addition, like Hosting a local Website in LAN, providing a Gameserver, streaming something, Capturing Video, or running Bittorrent. But i guess one would hardly need much CPU power at all (unless you do virus scans on your NAS) Come to think of it, been a while since a turned some old junk into a File/Videoserver for the living Room. Is there any substitute for the old Windows Media Center Edition? Maybe on linux?
  3. flatliner10

    Followers Go Home

    For as long as you did not assign them to any settlement, backing out of the menu will make them go back to their original Location (Public Occurrences for Piper for example) However, one you have assigned them somewhere, this will be their default location. There is no in game option, i am aware of, to revert them back to their original location. However there is a Mod for that: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10029 It allows you to send your companions to their original Location OR even assign them to Home Plate if you want to. I have not used nor tested the Mod since a Year or so, so i cant tell if it still works.
  4. Seems like i'm not the only one here monitoring the Market for a complete rebuild *lol* I already have the parts picked, just waiting for GPU-prices to become reasonable again. Currently running an FX 6350 on an Sabertooth 990FX @4,2Ghz Undervolted with 16 Gig of Ram (DDR3), An Samsung 840Pro and a Samsung 1TB HDD for data, while the CPU has aged quite well (despite being infamous), the GPU is a joke a Radeon HD 7790. All is nicely tucked away in a sound dampened first Generation Chieftek CS601 once famous for it's size, customizeability and weight...you can easily stand on that thing, won't budge. Served me well, no regrets. So yeah...time for a rebuild... Probably a Ryzen 5 2600 or 2700 depends on the price at this time Asus X470 Motherboard (exact model undecided) 16GB G.Skill DDR4-3600/3200? 500 Gig Samsung M.2 2TB Seagate HDD 800Watt PSU GPU : Undecided. BeQuiet Darkbase 900 pre-dampened (no frills, no flashy fairy-lights, just a nice big, silent tower)
  5. I agree, a reasonable sized ssd of decent quality is about the same price as a medicore HDD, smaller but much faster. And it can turn even an old potato-masher into a machine someone can actually use, without taking a coffee-break after every mouse-click. One just need to maintain the discipline to NOT put every junk on it... Moving you private files - or even your entire user profile - to another drive is also a good idea. Your user profile/private files doesn't necessary need to be on c:\ either.
  6. Why would windows care for as long as it HAS a Pagefile? You can put your Pagefile wherever you want. It's just C:\ by default. I just would not recommend disabling it entirely. Just put it on either the fastest, biggest, or least used drive if you want. I guess in his case C:\ was already stressed heavily with loading game files, while simultaneously making heavy use of the pagefile, also on C:\ That's why he moved it. Getting an SSD would still be a better option though.
  7. flatliner10

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    Thanks for the time to even respond, while headmeshes/facegen/facetint are a sore spot for a long time due to various issues, tails are usually skipped over in pretty much all body-mods i'm aware of. Even though their appearance and behaviors is not something i would consider "immersive". I tried to modify positioning/shape for a custom follower once, but the result was still not something to write home about.
  8. flatliner10

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    Don't want to create pressure or something, but will the Final Version also include a (Maybe optional) HDT-High Poly Mesh for the Tails of the Vanilla Beastraces? Or is this not possible right no for reasons i'm unaware of? Thanks for your work, These meshes are true eye candy.
  9. flatliner10

    Weird Temperatures according to OpenHardwareMonitor

    The Nuvoton NCT6779D is an I/O Chip used to read and forward various sensors Like Temperatures, duty-cycle, Voltages... You can also use it to control fan-Speeds. I don't know what MSI uses this chip for on your board, they might not even use all it's inputs. Your HW-Monitor does not now either, it just assumes they are thermal sensors and displays the value. The way-off-Inputs might not be connected to anything so the maximum/minimum values are read and displayed. They might not even be actual thermals, 18 Degrees does not seem likely to me, unless your system is in a fridge. The I/O simply gives a readout between 0 and 255 which is then matched to whatever the sensor is suppose to measure. Disconnecting a sensor from the I/O will result in a readout of 0 or 255. The sensors might just getting used to determinate if something is on or off. See also https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/132942-open-hardware-monitor-nuvoton-nct6779d-sensor-temps/ Doesn't MSI provides their own Monitor/Overclocking software? If anybody knows what sensors there are on the board, and what they are used for i should be them. I had no luck with any 3rd party software so far, when it comes to my board. Half of the sensors don't show up, ant those who do display bullshit values. I need to stick to stick to the original software to monitor my temps and control the fans.
  10. flatliner10

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    Meshes go to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\meshes\actors\character\sassy\*NIF/TRI-FILES/SUBFOLDER* Facegen go to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\sassygirls.esp\*NUMBERS.NIF-FILES* Scripts go to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\scripts\*PEX-FILES* Sequence go to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\seq\*SEQ-FILE* Sound goes to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\sound\voice\sassygirls.esp\teenvoice\*FUZ-FILES* AND *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\sound\voice\Data\sound\voice\skyrim.esm\teenvoice\*MORE FUZ-FILES* Textures go to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\textures\actors\character\sassy\*DDS-FILES/SUBFOLDERS* Facetint goes to *GAMEFOLDER/VIRTUALGAMEFOLDER*\Data\textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\sassygirls.esp\*NUMBERS.DDS-FILES* The Mod does uses the Vanilla Steelarmor for many followers. But it comes with modified versions of the redguard armor, the warlock-robe, and the forsworn armor (chest only, giant). If the files are not in the above mentioned Folders (of if you are using one of the broken versions), the Game cant't find them.
  11. flatliner10

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    I cannot really provide support for MO since i never used it. From what i understand it installs mods elsewhere and symlinks the files to the Gamefolder. Maybe you need to unpack the files there, but have no clue how you get it to link additional files to the game folder. But your screens seems like meshes/textures are not properly installed, or you used one of the broken versions i mentioned.
  12. flatliner10

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    What exactly is not working? The Base Mod or the Body replacer? My UNP-Lite is confirmed working (but has poor normal-maps due to high compression), scipher99's CBBE-2728-2-5 should work as well. They should be fine right from the start, just install them and make sure you got XP32 as well, UNP and CBBE Bodys usually need it. Test it after installing, if you got Problems right here your issue is elsewhere. You can user either one of the above mentioned Versions as a Base for a Body-replacer. Just install them and *UNPACK* the .bsa into the skyrim SE *DATA*-Folder, you may delete its .bsa afterwards. You can use the Bethesda Archive Extractor to do so, it will also reveal the folder-structure, so you know what goes where. scipher99's UNP_BSA_1.7-74264-1-7 might be an OLDRIM-Version and *UNSUITABLE* for the SE. (TL;DR Don't use for SE) scipher99's SE-2728-2-5 is the UNP-Version, however it got a messed up folder structure *INSIDE* the bsa. (TL;DR It's broken as it is, needs manual work) You will need to extract the .bsa *ELSEWHERE*, and sort the files into the RIGHT Folders, it got better quality Normalmaps than mine, and a nude mesh for the body. Just the files are not where the Game expect them to be. You can use it to improve the quality of my unp-lite, confirmed HERE. You may also follow this Threads original Tutorial and simply replace the Girls Textures & Meshes with ANY Body+Texture of your liking, including The_Condor's Version. You will need to figured out where the Files are supposed to go, and put them there. I recommend using scipher99's CBBE as a base, if you intend to use a CBBE-Body, so you don't need to replace all textures.
  13. I just installed this yesterday, and i'm already in love with her. She's fun in every way, especially during battle, where she causally spews out profanities like some sort of perverse chant. I sometimes just stop shooting in the middle of a battle, so i can listen what insults she hurls towards her enemies. The voice-acting is top notch, including the "German" parts which surprised me a bit. (Btw. it is written "Scheisse" not "Sheise") I sometimes wonder, how these Voice-Actors manage to stay professional, when they are expected to causally blurt out outrageous things, like in Ivy's case. I would have lost it, after the second line. I wonder if it is possible to fully integrate her interaction-options with four-play or something...
  14. Thanks, but i'm patient, i will just wait until someone releases a complete replacer. I'm mot that good yet, ind i'm kinda defendant on having a solid foundation, the last time i had to fix a slight color mismatch for a simple body replacer, i was busy for abut 6 hours -.- At least i learned something about texture assignments and UV-Maps.
  15. Sorry i seem to have overlooked you mentioning this, oh well the Link might still be useful for others trying to find a converter. ;-) This whole open-source-software vs BC7 situation was a mess for long enough. Would not mind getting my Hands on the High-Poly-Tempered Versions for SOS-SE once the are done... ;-)