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  1. May i ask, why the heck do you need instructions for a can of Air? Here are some (totally pulled out of my A**) Content is inflammable, don't ignite it with anything, use in well ventilated Area, avoid breathing it in, unless you want to get High and loose a few Brain cells. Prevent Fans from spinnig, you may damage their bearings or your Board, by inducing power (Motors become Generators when you spin them) Point at Dust and blow it away. Don't run the Can for too long, if it gets cold, stop and wait. Don't hold Can upside Down or you get Ice-spray and Condensing Water. Don't put Can into Sunlight, an Microwave or an oven. Don't abuse Can or it's content in any way not intended by the Manufacturer. If you are bored post picture of the Instructions on the Can (Or tell the exact product), maybe there is something special about it.
  2. BSA unarchiving options?

    B.A.E. Does not require an installation. Just unpack the file from Nexus in a Folder and run the bae.exe ########### Edit : If you cant run bae.exe you are probably missing the Visual C++ 2013 Redist Look at Guide here: http://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:BAE
  3. famous last words

    Don't worry, Rhinos are herbivores... ...look at that gorgeous Stingray... ...me might find a Snake below that Stone, let's take a look... And my favorite: THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS!
  4. "Your Skyrim mods are Sexist"

    So the same "journalistic" Website (more like a SJW/Feminist/Left-Wing Mud-throwing Agency) which already ruined Star Wars for me, is now leashing out against the Skyrim Modding Community? No surprises there, since years those certain groups try to depicts Video-Games as Sexistic not diverse enough and generally Violent, and somehow implies this would encourage/ trivialise such behaviors in real life. The have been bashing at the Gaming Movie and Music-Industry for years to posh their agendas. Iv'e honestly expecting something like this, was overdue knowing how these Zealots think and act. Of course there are more Female followers out there, because they are in the highest demand, that's simply how it works. Many of these "slutty" followers have even be MADE by very talented Female Modders with a good sense for aesthetic like "triptherift". How would they call that? "Internalized misogyny" or something like that i would assume. I's not like anyone have to install what they don't agree with or even have to see this content if they don't want to. You don't like that content? Then fuck off! Simple as that. I -for example- don't like Apple products, and disagree strongly with their Products, Prices and business-practice, but i can choose to not get their stuff. I would not demand their Products to get pulled from the Market, or condemn their customers. Imagine this would be the other Way around, a Website claims that Vibrators, Porn Movies and Game Mods are objectifying Men, and all the movies with a Femele protagonist mowing down hords of Men (Kill Bill) would endorse violence against Men? That would be silly right? But in this case its about Womens Feelings, and feels >= reals! So it is an actual issue that needs to be dealt with. -.- You can immediately see the difference between the Community's: Nexus/LL is a Creative environment focusing on creating/making Stuff which many pople want, These Sites are a Toxic Environment focusing on destroying/ruining Stuff which some people don't want. I hope the SJW-Asylum don't leave their backdoor open again, otherwise there will soon be a huge inrush of these "Snowflakes", who went out of their way to come over here, to bitch and moan about the Misogynistic Content hosted here. And then the Mods need to swing the Ban-hammer because "oppression" or something.
  5. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer! - II

    Furrrrrr~ Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?
  6. Is there actually a real FREE MP4 video editor?

    Oh yeah, sorry, WMM was discontinued at January, didn't know that. However Avidemux stays my recommendation, been around for ages, open source. http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/ Tutorial: http://www.avidemux.org/admWiki/doku.php?id=build%3Adoctop Another one i found is Shortcut. https://www.shotcut.org/download/ Availiable for win mac and linux. seems to be open-source as well. Cant tell anything about that however. And this one: https://www.dvdvideosoft.com/free-video-editor.htm (might install adware, don't know) if non of these are powerful enough, then sorry, anything else seems to get expensive sooner or later. Please report back with your experiences.
  7. Is there actually a real FREE MP4 video editor?

    Windows Movie Maker Avidemux (My recommendation) imovie (macOS) VSDC Free Video Editor If you just need a transcoder: https://www.xmedia-recode.de/ (FREEWARE) However, it is NOT as idiot-proof, one-clicky, dumped down as people come to expect since smartphones came up. It needs a bit of getting used to.
  8. Good News, Bad News - II

    Good news: Despite some allegations from various sources - One simply does not get "literary raped" online. - Stay safe, stay online.
  9. I'm f*cked

    As an "a retired IT professional" you should know, that one does not simply swap A HDD like this, Primary or not - at least not on a modern consumer grade System, and expects to get away with it without trouble. Your drives (And the assigned Letters) are Stored within the registry, the System will always try to assign the "Fixed" Drives the same Letters as before. Also, there might be Data on the Drive which the System expects to be there, like Userprofiles, Drivers or Programs, a Swapfile, a System Image or whatever. Suddenly this Drive was gone and the System Failed to boot - Surprise. A "Professional" would just "undo" the changes and see whats the matter, maybe even test if the new drive actually get detected. One also can try to copy or clone the drive's content, change the Drives Letter beforehand, and test if it boots before disconnecting the Old drive. Still better than trying to fix a Operating System which is technically not broken, just misconfigured for it's hardware. You can replace the Systems Files all day long, at it still will not boot using a mismatched configuration. Don't get me wrong, i am hardly an M$ Fanboy, they f*ck up a lot, but this was clearly a User-Issue and not a nebulous conspiration. I don't see why you really need to avoid any System Updates, AFAIK the "forced Win10 update notification" is no longer getting rolled out, and there are Several tools out there to get rid of its components, if you still caught it. If you feel special mischievous you may avoid anything about "telemetry". Otherwise i suggest to "Update the crap out out it", you will not get much more then currently available anyway.
  10. Will I Notice A Difference (RAM Upgrade)?

    You currently got 8 Gig, i doubt that any of your Programs will use up all 8 Gigs, unless you do some serious Multitasking (Or have a Sh*tton of junk running in the Background) The new ram is Faster, is the speed even supported by your Motherboard? Is this specific Brand and Type of RAM in the QVL (Qualified Vendor List)? If it works, you should get a higher Score on Benchmarks, maybe a few FPS, and a bit lesser drops, but i doubt you will actually notice the difference, unless you only have one DIMM module installed and currently can't use Dualchannel. If you want to actually notice a difference, i would suggest putting these 150 bucks into a decent SSD to run you system and some Games from, you will definitively feel an improvement. just my 2 cents
  11. assaultron Tiddies/maid outfit

    * Scans over text without acually rading it * Detect "Maid" and "Assaultron" * thinks "Mhh...Kinky" * clicks on Image * after recovering from sudden laugh-flash gets up to grab towel to wipe my spit from screen. Should have known better, its 4chan after all -.- Awwww... i want this as a Pet. Reminds me of Hatsune Miku can she sing and dance? The first one oddly reminds me of Shädmans Art, the Rig does not look comfortable nor legal or even possible, should have a Supportive Exoskeleton Spine. the Second one however kinda kooks like these Artificial Monster Girls from MGQ (Part two?), just less Disgusting. (Dafuq is wrong with me?)
  12. I have ctd, please help

    Have you "cleaned" your Masterfiles using sseedit? If yes, restore backups and try again. I'm also no fan of bethini made my game unplayable. Try to make backups of your configuration files an then delete them, they will get created anew, see if this helps.
  13. So the Traitor-Faction took over the Powerplant, you killed em' and restored the power to Nuka world. Assuming you are talking about a Settlement, can't you just scrap that flag and place a new one or the other way around? Might need to back out of Workshop-mode in between. I'm pretty sure that's what i did in one of my playtroughs .
  14. Windows boot problem

    Does your system boot after you let it run in safe mode for... let's say half an hour?