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  1. Becauae this is a thread for a mod, not screenshots and videos of other DOA related content. Even that the stuff you posr in the DOA6 and VV are not even content from those games anyway. It's either stuff from DOA5 or MMD.
  2. This update looks really insanely cool and I can't wait to install it. But it's a shame that you can't use reshade and the DLC characters at the same time. I've tried fixing this in 5.0 but with to avail. Still looks really pretty, but one question were the dlc characters that were not able to be used with reshade still remodeled?
  3. Yeah I did that also and reshade didn't load. I'm pretty sure you did something wrong on your end that removed the file for priviate paradise.
  4. Welp i did click your profile so I Suppose you get a free meme 


    ~Ravioli Ravioli Give me the Death I Deservioli~


  5. Hey does anyone have like a list of what poses are bound to what button combo. I just got the mod and I have no idea what poses and motions are bound to where. Also has anyone found a way to get reshade to work with this mod as well? When I use it I can't select people like Mai or Naotora in the private paradise.
  6. That's pretty neat thanks. Now I feel like I should maybe try my hand at making some as well. How long did it take, I'm not very good with blender as well.
  7. Can anyone make a version of the new swimsuits but topless?
  8. So wait do I have to use the ZaZ compatible body for said physics to work or do I use my normal CBBE preset? Edit: Nvm I'm a idiot I should have read page two, I hope someone does make a CBBE compatible body soon.
  9. Just got this mod, the dialog works but the animation does not even though I have all the required mods. It gives me the error saying there are no animations with said tag. Do you need a clean save if this is your first install? Or do I need extra animations, if so could you link a few?
  10. Actually I think someone made a Ningen support mod already it just used the human sprites for the body.
  11. One thing I did notice is there seems to be a complete lack of the clipping issue when they're the shopkeeper.
  12. Hey I have a question. I prefer the full nude solution from Estival Versus where Ayame's apron makes character topless and some Bikini color 5(can't remember who's) makes the character fully nude. Is it possible to use this version and not have any problems such as resolution and the bandages. Edit: So I tested and the apron works but one problem there's this weird issue with the underwear anyone know how to fix it other then removing all the underwear in the game? I really prefer most girls in this game to be topless rather then completely nude
  13. Great mod now I can have my slut shopkeeper back to normal, but still does anyone have the default rainbow bikini file? Edit:Having some weird clipping issues with the mod any help? Edit once again:Realized I actually have to install the Commando part of the mod which is unfortunate wish the apron still worked like in Estival.
  14. Thank you so much, but one more thing does anyone still have the default file for the rainbow bikini?
  15. Can anyone post a google drive download for it?
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