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  1. I don't see where the dismemberment in the resources coming from I have downloaded the neo GK and from the Dickplomacy Reloaded there is no dismemberment. Also I followed the module ini and to copy the things correctly and it shows up with weird messed up faces both male and female faces it's like the skin is all wrong.
  2. Anyone know how to replace the name the children ? I check the site at nexus but the mod have been taken down.
  3. Yeah, you see I installed it via the Mod organizer as it come to my surprises that it reported that it is missing the ESM ? I mean, then I open it up turn out it was there.. weird. Usually I install it via mod organizer then the ESM would show up on the right screen right ? But as I install this it reported the ESM is missing and there is no Player Succubus Quest ESM on the right side of mod organizer, so thus I am worried like , why it isn't there ? or even if it is there how come it isn't detected ? I mean I can just drop it manually but seem that mod
  4. Where is the ESM files for this mod ? I mean I downloaded and installed the latest version but it stated that it needed the ESM files, is that what's the dummy are ? Also can anyone guide me on how to put the meshes for the succubuss ?
  5. Yeah anyway, I updated to the latest version and as I play as female slaver yeah it get stuck when I got enslaved during the whipping , it seem to goes on forever and if I skip it then the slaver master pike told me to talk to igor and finishes the task that he have for me which sadly I never had a task with him in the begin with and thus stuck on around that. Either stuck during the event prior to the whipping, I wait and nothing going on.. I had to use the problems menu in the mcm for the slave run reloaded and click enable player, as I moved aroudn a bit the whipping triggered
  6. I haven't and yes as I download it and install it, that fix the scene. Thank you so much for your help.
  7. Can someone help me ? I experience ctd when doing chloe quest when I confronted nazeem in the crypt. \ The error according to the crash fixes it is either due to the fact either I didn't run the FNIS, or that I didn't have the XPMS skeleton or if I did and there is something changing the skeleton or there is an outfit that it isn't supported by the skeleton. I already installed the correct latest xpmse skeleton base upon what the mod requirements needed and use the loot to arrange the mods. I think I already get it done on the skeleton, fnis and about the
  8. The event got stuck when I was a slaver the pc is female and after getting riverun as an enslaved village as well I then try out to become a slave as I talk to the slaver master and when during the event the event got stuck. Doesn't crash just stuck. Anyone know a fix on this ?
  9. Anyone know the fix for the small picture population bug ? it is odd though on the leader pictures there are some that are large and there are more of them that are small though. I can't figure out what making pictures for the leader and population is very small.
  10. I install this and even with the rnd mod dependencies removal addon , my mod organizer still report that it still needed the rnd mod. anyone know how to work around this ?
  11. Reporting an Error : -. I use the start as player slavery option in the menu -. I Chooses the option where the player starts as a property slave and starts in the mine. -. I finishes up the mining quota then afterward I was send a task to trade the ore for ebony at an orc encampment -. I enter the orc encampment, but as I talk to the said NPC that was pointed out in the journal, the orc keep stating that I don't belong there and doesn't initiate any conversation that have what the mine overseer requested. If I talk to the orc repeteadly he is going to get hostile and get ready to attack
  12. I encountered a bug , during the mission to free slave eriani after I have finished killing off the guards, slave eriani won't talk to me no matter what I do, the slave only replied with standard normal greeting, not the greeting that goes into the conversation as for the plot to progress, the player needed the information about slavers in windhelm at least the description to proceed to the next phase. I checked the MCM for the mod but no way to reset this or progress a notch. my character player condition is that , she is married, wearing a collar, slightly submissive profile and had all
  13. I encounter a problem : * The Screen Freezes after I finished a delivery job inside the orc stronghold, I talk to the Master and She offer me to keep wearing the items that I wore, but she remove the items and take me to the shop as she was in the manor, then afterward she is like doing the demonstrations for the device on the player character. After that as I waited and the player character stuck and unable to use wait then I waited even after I can use the wait options I waited and it doesn't progress, as I still unable to move and just be static standing there the Master removes the
  14. Hello, I want to ask about this mod, where is the location of the mine ? I mean usually quest usually got that indicator that stated where the location of the quest. But after the thalmor embassy quest, I ask npc Master for a job and I choose to work in the mine just that to my surprise I didn't get the indicator or it shows up in the journal at all. Does the mine means that it is in the cydna mine ? or is it in somewhere else.. I look at the spoilers as well but I didn't see any information about the location of the said mine is, or where to find the overseer. Is it just a bug on my
  15. Actually, I already uninstall skyrim, then uninstall steam from E, then I install it at C:\ just not at c:\program files, and it's actually now c:/steam First I run it through steam normally then aferward I run the I run the fnis the latest version that is the v6_0 through there. and the warning still remain.
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