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  1. I'd just like to note that the mod seems to be working on LE without issue after throwing it through Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Went to a few locations and the slaves are there as I expected them to without any weirdness. You don't need to do anything with the ESP. Leave that as it is. No need to do anything with the Creation Kit.
  2. Ah, no problem. Just wasn't sure if you were aware of it or not. In that case, I'd say go ahead and include it in the next patch. No need to hurry out a patch.
  3. Thanks a lot for making this. I really quite like how this works and the way I can customise it. The only issue I have with it is something glebbus13 pointed out on the previous page. When you change the escape key from X to something else (I like to change it to V, for example), it works as it should. But as soon as I save and load, it automatically gets set back to X.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't actually expect it to work, but it seems something in my INI files was the culprit, although I have no idea what it was. At least it's solved now. I am still curious kind of setting in my INI files could have caused this, but at least it's fixed now.
  5. I'm having a problem with the catsuits and while I may have missed it, I haven't seen anyone else with this problem, so I assume it's something on my end, but I need some help in figuring out what that could be. The problem I am having is that, after I make a new game, save it an then load that save, catsuits lose their shine. They keep their basic texture. A blue catsuit is still blue and all that, but it's now just one dull colour instead of the shiny version it is supposed to be. But BEFORE I do that save and load, the catsuit is looks like it is supposed to. As I am
  6. I've now tried starting a new game as normal with Live Another Live before doing the same test I described in my earlier post, This time all the catsuits I tried wearing myself DID look as they should. Sadly, the 2 girls behind the bar were still not fixed. EDIT: After saving that game and then reloading it, the catsuits I was wearing lost it's shine and went back to being problematic. I have no idea how this shine stuff works, but this seems very weird behaviour to me. But hey... I guess that's Skyrim for you.
  7. I'm having some issue with the catsuits being worn by the 2 girls at the bar and those sold at the Inn. I think some sort of shine texture or something is missing. In my inventory however, they look like they should. With the proper shine to them. In the following screenshot you will see the 2 girls with pretty much pitch-black catsuits and me wearing a blue one, bought from the Inn. I'm using Mod Organizer 2, so I tried making a second profile only enabling the minimum to load Devious Devices 5 and Devious Cursed Loot 9 and the issue was the same.
  8. Just to be sure, check if you have HDT PE installed. I personally crashed every time I tried entering myself and eventually realised I no longer had HDT PE installed. (In my previous body setup, it was build in.) After I installed HDT PE I was able to get inside without any crashes.
  9. Welp... nevermind. Apparently using this causes a lot of the creatures to T-Pose (but only them). Weirdly, not all of them. Draugr, Giants and Horses for example where stuck, but Mamoths and Mudcrabs seemed to be fine. I don't really see a way to fix this on my side, so I guess I'll have to live without this "fix".
  10. I wanted to use this on Special Edition, but initially it didn't work. I'd get a warning that the behaviour files aren't compatible with SE and after going ingame I got the T-Pose situation. I took a look at the Common Problems section on https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-aug-16-5532/ From that advice I put both FNIS_SexLab_List.txt and FNIS_SexLabCreature_List.txt through the FNISforModders tool, which generated new behaviour files which I then used to replace the old ones. After that FNIS didn't give any warnings anymore, no more T-Pos
  11. Using the PSB 2.7.c version now and for the most part, it seems to be working correctly, although I haven't gotten around to test it in game yet. I did notice it didn't have any presets initially but when I looked in SkeuomorphDeviousPSBGroup.xml, it became pretty clear to me why. That file only adds the group Devious Assets PSB for all the items but not CB++, which is needed for existing presets to be used. An easy fix, in the end. Just in case that is a bit too confusing, this is what my SkeuomorphDeviousPSBGroup.xml looks like now:
  12. The thing is, the new one is in an entirely different group then the old one, so I can look at them in Bodyslide 2 separately. As such, I selected JUST the group for the new one and those items suddenly had sliders while they didn't have them before I enabled the old version as well. The content of the old version is in an entirely different group however, so that shouldn't have affected the older one, as far as I know. So yes, I am perfectly sure I am looking at the right items. As soon as I deactivate the old version, the items of the new one loses their sliders. I do use Mod Organi
  13. Using the updated TBBP version and there are indeed no sliders visible in Bodyslide 2. From my little bit of knowledge, when I looked at the included files it seemed to look good, so not sure what is missing there. Then I enabled both this updated TBBP version and the older PSB version that I was using previously. WIth both of them active, the TBBP version suddenly has sliders in Bodyslide 2. Not sure how that works and if those are the proper sliders in the first place. Very happy this is still being worked on, though.
  14. That's an unknown issue to me. I never got that, so my apologies, but I am not able to help you with that. Try to continue with it and see what result you get.
  15. You need to unpack the skyrim bsa file, which contains all of them, although I assume the DLC armor and clothes are in the DLC bsa files. Unpacking them can be done with the Creation Kit, I belief, but I myself use the BSA Unpacker myself.
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