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  1. After installing this the super mutants now have purple dongs. Any clue how to fix?
  2. Had one question after checking out aaf more... does rse make use of the multiple actors animations? 2 Male 1 Female.
  3. So I have had to load aaf manually before a csa for it to work. I have also had to reset the csa. Over all it seems very buggy for me. Anyone else having issues with csa?
  4. Im having issues with the new aaf rse. I'm on aaf 80. It seems like solicitation is working but CSA is not for me. When we go into CSA it only works for companions and even then it loops endlessly and will not end the CSA portion so i have to quit the game. Anyone else run into this? My character will also get out of the surrender pose after about 30 seconds. Also how do you manually surrender?
  5. Just installed and so far it's awesome. Though I was wondering. Are there voice lines used in any of this? I'm not sure if it's my mods or if there isn't any dialogue to go along with the dialogue options / comments to player. And female to female animations, are there any? I noticed my piper took the male role.