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  1. So, uh, fucking whoops I made a mistake. Kinda saw this coming, to be honest, no initial release is complete with a day... ten patch. SLSD Rework Beta 0.2.zip I forgot I had replaced the harness's model with MME's. Well, I didn't forget, but I forgot that MME's is a body replacer while SLSD's isn't. Left a few flags raised that really, really shouldn't have been. This'll teach me to be more careful with closed beta testing.
  2. Missing bodies means missing meshes. The models for those NPC's chest armor is missing. It shouldn't be affecting anyone else, but if it's NPCs this mod adds, that's because the original is required to be installed if not enabled for those meshes/textures/scripts. I also think the original gear needs to be built in bodyslide... but don't quote me on that one. How to start... All right, so there's a farm outside... Riften, I think? The city in the bottom-right of the map? Well, the farm's southwest of there, first left off the main road, it's almost within visual range of Riften, you can't miss it. You could also use Alternate Start with the Content Consumer's Alternate Starts expansion, which has a Start that literally inserts you into the farm with a free harness. I used this method for testing purposes... which in hindsight leaves a pretty big blind spot for bugs to manifest. Huh. Anyway, it's the method I used, so that one's most likely to work.
  3. @MysticDaedra @Lupine00 I'm back, and I brought a present. https://www.loverslab.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=986204 That took a lot longer then I expected. I won't go too into detail, but long story short, the project snowballed and IRL complications interfered. This is not the quick clean-up and table-setting I promised, this is a minor overhaul that replaces rather then fixes or enhances what was there. My bad, I don't know how to leave well enough alone, I got the true Bethesda experience working on this. I know it says beta, but that's because I'm not satisfied or done here. But, since the project's goalpost was already being moved out of the stadium, I figured I should release a playable build first, before reaching for anything too reckless. Check the changelog for more details, report any bugs you find, and most importantly: Have fun!
  4. So, you report the vanilla behavior for reference, then report a pair of bugs that don't make sense, and then you report the reason for your bug. Bringing LE mods into SE raw can cause !FUN! glitches and is pretty much never recommended. I don't offer refunds because I do this for free, but if I did, porting LE content into SE would void the warranty as I consider it user error. No compatibility testing was done and no support will be offered, I neither play SE nor know anyone who does. Feel free to try and fix it on your own, I'll give the green light right now to anyone who successfully ports it to upload it.
  5. Yes, dig into the Debug Milkmaid Menu. Don't forget to toggle Debug options in the relevant menu too, or no options will show up! One of those values might help you figure something out. It's not... easy, getting milk from a non-follower. The basic way is by using a Harness and the Milk-A-Friend spell, though I don't remember if the player gets that milk or if it goes into their inventory. Fixed milk pumps are not a viable option, outside of an esoteric glitch with Elsie LaVache/The Milk Maid, even console commands to enable favor state won't KEEP a non-follower NPC in the pump for very long. As for selling? Here's my copypasta. Enjoy! Farmers, Orcs, and Khajit will buy any milk you have for sale. Alchemists will buy Vampire, Werewolf, and Succubi milk. Do not know if that means the others won't, only that Khajit is stated to buy everything. There's also a debug option that makes milk pumps buy milk, but I'm extra unfamiliar with that option. The prompts are as follows. Farmer: Are you interested in some fresh milk? Orc: Can i interest mighty orcs with milk? Khajit: I was woundering if Khajiit is interested in some fresh milk? (Yes, specifically misspelled, that is a direct copy-paste.) Alchemist: I've heard alchemists buy some special milk, are you interested? Finally, there is a way to disable the milk leaking on orgasm. Ed86 uploaded a modified script that turned it off... somewhere in this thread, I don't remember where very clearly. I'm just going to reupload the script, I don't want to have to go digging through three hundred pages for it. No orgasm leak.7z
  6. You aren't quite correct, but mostly. The reason why no MME milk satisfies the requirements is because the quest was coded without MME in mind. Instead, it included its own milking code. It's very basic, a simple counter attached to the cows that ticks up when they're involved in a dialogue-triggered milking scene. When it rolls over, add one 'Bottled Breast Milk' to the cow's inventory. ...I think. The actual overflow point is beyond the fucking heavens. Three in-game days, fucking practically nonstop from sunrise to sunset, all to get a single bottle, which is my only recorded example of actually doing so. Worse, it doesn't allow cheating. While you can skip stages 10 and 20 with appropriate use of the console, stage 30 (the 'I'm a cow' stage) progress is tracked by how many bottles the player PRODUCES, meaning just handing yourself a hundred bottles of milk does nothing. If you did actually play the small eternity needed to play legitimately, you would produce five and then get the harness taken off. Not, 'are allowed to take it off,' 'Is taken off.' You are allowed to come back and put it on again, but that's the end of content you can reach. The main disconnected thread is there was planned a fetch quest to gather materials to replace the harnesses with automated Dwemer versions and add a pair of bound milk pumps to the farm's stable, where the Cows would presumably use them periodically. This quest exists as a few armor files, a single line of dialogue, and a couple of despawned pumps buried under the haybales. All of this is academic, of course, because I don't recommend seeking out the quest for what it is, or even what it was intended to be. Replace the cow's beds with pumps and edit their packages to match, combine with Elsie/Milk Maid, use something like CCAS to insert the player straight in, and you can craft a decent stage to roleplay in. Sharing what I have, though... I dunno. While an overhaul to clean up and add the cut content is out of my wheelhouse, quests scare me and I'm not confident messing with them, I do have a modified version made for personal use. Everything I mentioned in the previous paragraph, added four more cows, modified some packages so the cows can also feed the chickens and go walk over by the literal cow, added an extra pump for the player... It's still an empty setpiece, devoid of story or content. Nothing's really been added, just expanded upon and/or streamlined. I haven't even fixed the Navmesh that was NOT designed with the stable in mind causing guards and cows alike to path around fences that no longer exist while smashing into walls that suddenly do... although I think I moved the stable out of the Guard's patrol path... Regardless. I hesitate to release modifications to other people's work that aren't literal bugfixes or small-scale smoothing of corners, it's a conflict with a protocol of mine that demands I not use myself as a standard... Lemme clean up the dialogue a bit and figure out how to fix those damned navmeshes, I'll craft something that... exists.
  7. You need to start the quest first before you're let in. Go to Solitude and talk to Falk Firebeard in the Blue Palace. You'll probably need to remove it with Creation Kit or TES5 Edit, if you can't just ignore it.
  8. Is there a list? Well, not officially, so fuck me sideways and say goodbye Jojo because I'll just have to list everything I can think of. The short answer is Elsie LaVache/The Milk Maid. They're short quest mods with a lot of bells and whistles added to MME's base mechanics, allowing for random encounters with passers-by and spreading lactation like it's a disease. The difference is that Elsie LaVache is centered around a Follower of the same name and is intended for male player characters, while The Milk Maid focuses on the player character and is meant for female characters. Technically, these are the only mods that specifically utilize MME, but there's a couple of notable mentions that do MME-like things without actually using the mod. One of the two quests added by Sexlab Stories's Devious expansion is a small farm with a couple of human cows, with the ability to let the player join them. It's pathetically bare-bones and obviously unfinished off-the-shelf, but can easily be turned into something fun with some TLC. There's also a tiny three-stage quest in Things in the Dark that has the player moonlight as a cow for a day, but I do not recommend getting it for that alone, as the scripts that quest uses conflict with MME and cause a few minor bugs even outside that quest. Plus, it's a single part of a massive questmod that you can't even repeat to my knowledge, but it's there and I can think of it so I'm listing it anyway. ...I think that's it, to the best of my knowledge? Obviously, with enough work you could staple in an MME component into bunch of places, honorable mentions go to Haunted House as having a couple real juicy spots for such, but as far as off-the-shelf you don't really have much to work with.
  9. Uh... well, I don't know what differences SE makes, if any, probably should've been posting in the SE version's forum if that was the case... ...Wait, unless... are you running the LE version of MME? 'Cause if you are, don't do that. I don't know exactly what happens when you run LE mods on SE, but every report I've read states that scripts tend to break in mysterious and sometimes insidious ways, so, if you aren't posting here for shits and/or giggles and are actually lost... You should probably head over to the SE forum and get that version, see if it fixes your problem. If you aren't lost... Dunno. I'd need to know more about how those dialogues actually work and what you're actually seeing happen, since I'm not very experienced with the economy half of MME. Up until this point, I thought you sold them with the usual vending interface and prompts, so my usefulness may very well come to an abrupt end.
  10. The Cuirass flags your character as being able to be milked. It's mostly used for looks, but if you wish to use the milk self/milk a friend spells, then you'll need the relevant party to be wearing something that allows themselves to be milked. If cum milking is enabled, wearing one during a sex scene will also give you a bottle of the stuff.
  11. Whoop, there it is! ...No, you cannot just install bodyslide files and have them take effect, you have to build them with Bodyslide. It shouldn't only affect the player, but this is definitely a reason people's bodies can't be manipulated, so let's clear the air real quick. I am... unfamiliar, with how Vortex handles it, so we're just going to do this manually. Bodyslide is stored in Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide. It is called Bodyslide.exe... or perhaps Bodyslide64.exe, I'm not familiar with the difference. Regardless of which one you pick, you'll be shown a panel covered in sliders and text boxes. We don't strictly have to care about most of this, so look to the skies, brothers... er, I mean the top-left box labeled 'Outfit/Body.' Clicking it will result in a drop-down list of everything you can possibly bodyslide. Obviously, I cannot predict everything that'll be in there, but at least a bunch of nude bodies and all the armor MME uses. We're just going to select a body for right now. Now, this next bit is going to be a bit tricky, and on top of that, if you have UUNP as your body instead, then results may vary, The body you select is going to depend on a couple factors: Which type of body you selected when installing it (UUNP results may vary) and whether or not you have HDT installed. Once you've found the body type you want, then we need a preset, which can be selected from the drop-down menu on the top-left but below the Outfit/Body tab, labeled 'Preset.' Now, we have a few options here. You can select the one that matches whatever bodytype you selected when installing it (Again, UUNP may vary), put in the time and effort to create your own preset list (Which I am not walking you through, that's a nightmare) or find one you like from the Nexus, bodyslide presets being the second most common mod found there, trailing behind single followers. Select the preset you want, tweak it if you wish, and then hit 'Build.' You need to do this with every piece of armor that can be bodyslid, though obviously you get to skip choosing between multiple bodies in 99% of armors. If you don't, you'll either end up with whatever the modmaker used as a default or an outright missing armor piece. The process can be sped up with 'Batch Build' and 'Outfit Groups,' but I'm trying to give a quick tutorial, not a detailed run-down. This might not fix your problem, but I kinda suspect it will, as without it no-one should be able to be inflated, meaning it's more surprising your character is showing effects then everyone else is not.
  12. Are the NPCs wearing clothes when you check them? The only times you'll be able to see inflation is while wearing armor/bodies built in Bodyslide. Vanilla gear isn't, so if you haven't been stripping NPCs while testing... well, there's your problem. There's several options for replacing the vanilla armor with Bodyslide versions on the Nexus, links provided on request.
  13. You should probably go post in Devious Framework or Devious Loot. Only crazy people searching by new (speaking) will find you here. As to your issue, it's highly likely that whatever mod is responsible for the armors cannot find their mesh, and thus open a blank file. I recommend using Creation Kit or TES5Edit to check where the mods THINK the armor is located, then checking that place for meshes. It's also possible you're missing a file. Devious Devices comes in two seperate files: Integration, which is all the coding, and Assets, which is all the meshes, textures, what have you. Link to the latter placed here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/269-devious-devices-assets/ However, if that were the case, there's no way you could've built the harnesses in Bodyslide... which kinda makes me think you don't fully understand how to use Bodyslide. The problem is missing meshes. They're either misplaced, unbuilt, or missing entirely. If you have further questions, be sure to follow up in the actual threads for such, as there are far more people who'll see you who are much more experienced then I am.
  14. Pretty sure your observations are correct, or at the very least, without lactacid a character's milk generation is to slow to be significant. I think that eventually, a character with enough milk maid levels will have a high enough base production rate that they don't strictly need lactacid anymore, but I'm talking roughly level 8, which good luck actually reaching in normal gameplay. Regardless, you can consider lactacid mandatory for milk production for general gameplay purposes. As for Spriggan armor, well now we're getting out of the realm of science and certainty. The basic concept it Parasite/Symbiotic armors automatically feed your character lactacid when they're low, and automatically milk them when they're full, though the armor drinks the milk and you don't get it. The sticking point is that I do not understand the differences between the two, mostly because I'm quite inexperienced with symbiotic armors like the Spriggan.
  15. You're talking about the Corruption quest, the longest and most obnoxious of the fetch quests. Specifically, the part where you are tasked with visiting each of the three targets and asking what they want. ...Visit the three targets and ask what they want. They aren't supposed to do anything, you talk to all three of them and they tell you what they want, then you return to ShulTar and move on to the REAL obnoxious shit.
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