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  1. I actually ended up finding Studio954 on MTS & sending them a private message. Super nice😁. Said if they ever come across anything they'd let me know. Honestly I'm pretty satisfied with stuff I did manage to find from that thread you mentioned. I'm glad this thread exists though, in case people may have custom content from that site they can post it here.
  2. So recently I've stumbled upon some of Studio954's amazing content on here, & it kind of pushed me to do some digging to see if there were any other creations of their's elsewhere. After doing some digging I found out that apparently there was an entire website dedicated to cc for gay male sims called gaysimsplanet.com. Of course today it no longer exists even though I was able to see what the site looked like through the wayback machine. Its pretty cool, I wish I would've know about it when it was still around. (I don't think I was even out yet though😂) Anyway, out of curiosity I wanted to know if there was anyone that maybe still had any of the cc from there. The clothing is mainly what I'm looking for, but honestly I just curious if anyone who used that site whilst it was still up still has anything from it.
  3. Thank you!!! I did happen to come across these & I am gonna try them & see if I like them. I love venusprincess's cc. More than half of my clothing cc is from her. lol
  4. Does anyone happen to know where I can find these jeans? I have no idea who made them & I'm assuming based on the photo they're an accessory & not actual pants.
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