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  1. Damn.. its almost 3 months since i last played it.. due to my work schedule and now skyrim is crashing to desktop. took me hours to figure it out which mods are causing it.. bcz the old ones are giving me ctd and now i can't download the new update? Author plz update download link....as soon as you can...
  2. 1.03 i was so close Did u tried internet download manager..
  3. Same here.. can't download the file Does anyone knows how big 4.1 is.. i tried downloading several times It even went upto 921 mb.... Author plz update the link soon...
  4. Thanks.. and i hope things work out for you too Good luck
  5. Guys can any one suggest me good enb preset currently i'm using Elfx,relighting +elfx light Purity weather mod some other high quality texture mods Aio 4.0 +demoniac texture... Atleast it should look good with wet,oily & glossi skin Previously i used realvision enb but its not satisfactory specially with a skin texture even of use aio.. I tried tweaking it too... I have few enb in my mind caffeine enb,rampage enb,nla enb It would be great if anyone can help me in choices or suggest one Thanks in advance guys ?
  6. Well sorry for taking it in a wrong way,just having a bad day ? I think u should try the slal edition its better and getting updates too.. and the best so far i think so And for the netimmers override file i read somewhere having both causes issue bcz racemenu already comes with it...check the page And u can edit your NioOverride.ini file These are setting which is use for BLUSH WHEN AROUSED mod and google it for other settings if u want to change for mods to allow to use.. I'm including a DEATHSTALKER'S FILE that i used to edit mine not replacing it just editied
  7. Did you tried slal edition of more nastycritters... works for me Well i dont know about you but i'm using a blush mod which requires netimmerse override and like i said racemenu already has it u just have to know how to tweak it so other mods can use it. i'm using MO 2 also over 255 mods might be more, including graphics mods Plus i can do alot more then you can do... but hey i dont have an ego like yours..bcz i know the fact that there might be thing that you know which i don't but i might know things which you don't. So if you know thing learn to share, and if someon
  8. Dude your load order is wrong.. 1.you have race menu why r u using netimmerse override..racemenu already comes with it and you can tweak it too...for other mods too use 2.skeleton comes after aio... and as far i have used aio 4.0 already comes with it... atleast mine works 3.skeleton,fnis behavior,sexmove fnis creature,fnis spell,pcea2,facial animation fnis sexmove or any waking animation you use.. these file should always be last in your load order.. and always install aio last then skeleton..
  9. Are u on oldrim or special edition?? If ur on old skyrim you are using wrong skeleton... Special extented is for special edition... If its still doesnt work Then check in aio folder your "hdt physics extension bbp" file is there or not. If its there then download tweaked version of physics extention from other mod authors "u can find them on nexus or on this site too,file might be solo or with there body mod" Copy paste the aio xml file some where else ,put the downloaded version in aio folder and replace it.. Run fnis, right click overright and creat
  10. Which body mod you are using? i'll try to use the same body mod you are using and see if i can come up with anything.. And specify the steps in aio you have chosen..
  11. I don't know if its gonna help you or not but i also did ran into a same problem back then so i tried everything i could but the problem still ramined.. I was so disappointed that i Uninstalled everything and every single bit of their remaining files, installed fresh skyrim, MO and every mod carefully (by carefully i mean checking which mod should overwrite which one) and the problem was gone check youtube video of "gamerpoet" ," gopher" inorder to learn more about modding skyrim and what Mod oragizer is,check before installing mod organizer trust me you'll learn alot by watc
  12. I vote for that... ✌ would be great if aio or his other skin mod works on Touched By Dibella.. But i think its not included in aio 4.0 as i saw his tumbler post.. Even i have request for him "a vampire overhaul mod" would be great if he can come with that too Plz reply auther if you can come up with these two request of ours...
  13. Finally some good news? Your most welcome my friend. Glad i was able to help you some how, i know how good aio is so far the best that i have tried and how frustrating it can be if it doesn't work.. Many many thanks to the author of this mod for doing this excellent work and sharing it with us..eagerly waiting for aio 4.0 Try nexus for costumes.. There are some but i have forgotten the names, I'll give you a message as soon as i get free from my hectic schedule and get access to my other laptop.. Try "i love cleavage" its a great mod for armors and clothes, i
  14. If u want to run fnis again then u have to delete the fnis generated file U need to install sos light or full u need to select exact same in aio If you are Still not having hdt body and vagina then may be you can try cbbe (claims of skyrim) even i'm also using cbbe-nord race I have tried uunp back then it worked for me.. But i have no clue y its still not working for u If cbbe also don't work then i'm sorry i dont know how to help you Sorry i cant help you more then this
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