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  1. Thanks for the reply. Just jumped in the game again to check, in SMP mode the breasts are fine (though wrists are still falling through the world), but in CBPC mode the breasts are falling through it as well. And it only affects me, female NPC's are fine. To answer your other comments, I didn't even realise there was a SMP version on a chinese site, so I've only ever used the one on Nexus. And looking at the clothing mods I have, I believe all of them are specifically designed for 3B, though since the issue persists even with no clothes on, I'm guessing it's not related to clothes? Here's a couple of screenshots of how it looks with the different 3B options: https://imgur.com/a/Oi2GQxf Edit: I am using KS Hairdos with HDT SMP Physics, could that be causing this? Edit2: Yes, it was. Problem solved!
  2. Hey, I recently decided to switch to SE and this mod was one of the reasons. I've managed to get a load order where everything appears to work, everything looked fine in character creation, but after completing creation, my character's breasts and wrists just fall through the floor and into the void. Using the Num+ shortcut to disable 3B fixes them, but then going back to 3B they drop through the floor again. I have both 3B and XP32 at the bottom of my load order, which covers the suggestion in the FAQ, so I'm a little unsure what else to try. Load order: https://modwat.ch/u/cweez2/modlist
  3. Well, through a whole host of process of elimination, the problem was with the mod 'Breast weight painted hair SE'. Nothing on the Nexus page which would say why it would conflict, and no clue why it only affected those two races, but hey, at least the game runs! Thanks for your help though!
  4. I don't suppose there's a guide on how to do that, is there? Would be helpful for pinpointing which mods to try disabling to see which fixes it.
  5. Thanks, but since this also happens with base game Khajiit, I don't think flawn's mod has anything to do with it. When I get the chance I'll disable that mod anyway and re-run all the fnis and bodyslide, but I'm 99% sure it can't be that mod since it wouldn't touch khajiit bodies.
  6. Been a while since I played Skyrim, decided to come back and try SE since there's been enough times for most of the mods I use to be ported. Modlist/load order: https://modwat.ch/u/cweez2/plugins Per the title, I'm crashing if I try to select an Argonian/Kahjiit character at character select. Initially I assumed it was a conflict between 3B and the Skins I had been using )Feminine Khajiit/Argonian from nexus), so I grabbed Flawn's Argonians from here and kept the khajiit stock, but they both still CTD on selecting. It does show looking normal for a split second before the CTD. Also, I can select males just fine, it's just if I set it to female that it CTD's. Selecting a 'regular' race I was able to enter the Another Start area fine, walk around, etc. Didn't try doing too much, since I'm pretty sure that whichever start I select I'll probably end up in a cell with a khajiit or argonian in which would crash the game again. And I don't see what mods I have that would only affect these two races while not crashing the others. I've run the load order through loot, and I'm 95% sure I have everything in the correct order on the left side of MO2's layout. I've also run the update and DLC's through SSEEdit auto edit and done wahtever that does for them. Glad of any suggestions that could try and fix the crash. Thanks in advance!
  7. Right, here's the first update for the above patch: https://mega.nz/#!DcxR3SpS!iYlsa3_-NvC_1K5xrLPC5GRASjvt3ior6yTzLi2N9N0 What's included: An updated female hellion skin (Which is actually broken at the moment, and flagged so it won't appear in game, but including it for completion sake) An update to the Fool custom class Anaertailin's female bandit enemies. You can just down the file, extract it to the mods folder same as the rest of the mods in the pack. It has the same directory structure so if you do it right then it will overwrite the old files for you. If you don't have all my packs installed then only extract the folders in here which match those currently installed. Again, should all be fairly obvious. Generally, I'm aiming to create an update file weekly, assuming there are things to include in it, and will re-upload all the main packs whenever there's a decent enough amount of updates/new mods to make it worth trying to push 1Gb up my tiny connection.
  8. As Kat said, the whole link didn't get made into a url for some reason. I've updated the post now though. No prob. I'm using it myself so I'll be doing my best to keep it updated at least until DD2 gets released.
  9. https://mega.nz/#F!aM5TQAqa!GxJpbD2EYiFjrWoAVRgIvg Here's my pack. As mentioned a couple of posts above, it's split over a few different folders so you can pick and choose. The sexy classes pack requires both Crimson Court and the Color of Madness as some of the classes included require these. To install, just extract the compressed folder into your Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\mods folder. So in you mods folder you should have up to 5 folders, the 9999x_name folders, and inside each of those will have the heroes folder, plus any other folders for the included mods. Then when you start the game up, on the save game selection these will appear as mods alongside a big white square as the image, because I couldn't get the included questionmark icon working. As updates and new skins come out, I'll probably make separate patch zips to start with, and totally update the main zips from time to time, just to save me having to upload huge folders, and you lot from having to download the whole thing. I've also included a text file separately listing out the included mods so you can see what's in them before downloading.
  10. Right, I'm just preparing to upload a few packs, though they might take a while to get going. What makes this different from other previously uploaded packs on here? Not all that much. Most of the mods included are likely to be the same, though depending on when they were uploaded I might have slightly more up to date versions. Mine will also include a text file with links back to all the creators, so I can also claim some sort of moral high ground. They will all install into the DarkestDungeon\Mods folder, so there's no chance of overwriting anything else. You will enable them in-game exactly the same as workshop mods. Because I use the new skin naming method, there will be no clashes with previously installed skinsbecause it's no longer limited to the 26 letters of the alphabet as previously believed. That said, if you have any of the workshop mods I have included, you're probably better off unchecking them from the mod loader, just to avoid skin duplication in game, though this is hardly game breaking. At this point there will be 5 downloads available, which will be as follows: Nude female skins & enemies, with text files attributing the relevant artists. Non nude female skins, with attributation. A mix of nude and non nude female skins, but I haven't been able to find the attributation. Uploaded if you don't mind about that, and also if you know the sources please let me know and I'll switch the packs. Sexy new classes + skins for them - Only includes reasonably balanced classes. Sexy new classes + skins - Without attributation. Within each pack it's also easy to tell which folders add which skins, so it should be pretty easy to delete any that you don't want showing up. I've gone through each skin in town to confirm that they show up correctly, but I've not used every skin in combat and in the various poses it can make, so I can't guarantee that they all work 100% (Though there's no reason they shouldn't). Please let me know if there's any issues and I'll do my best to fix them. Should have the links ready to post tomorrow.
  11. Found it but it's paywalled, you need to join their Pixiv Fanbox for 550yen/$5 US per month to get access to it. It doesn't look like it's currently on their patreon at the moment, but may end up there eventually.
  12. Pretty sure they're wanting someone else to do it for them so they just have to download one file as opposed to going around all the different websites and creators to get them all. FWIW I'm currently in the process of making a couple of packs. One will just have female nude models, and one will contain female nude models. They will both be compatible with each other so you could run just one or both depending on if you're just after purely nsfw or also want to have some other skins which aren't totally nude. At the moment it has most of the ones I could find on the workshop, nexus and a couple of patreon creators. I just need to spend some time going through this thread to see if there are any posted here that I've not found elsewhere, then I'll stick them up onto mega. Current scores are 303Mb nude and 301Mb female. There's also a text file with source links back to the respective workshop, Nexus or patreon pages for each creator. And the skins are clearly named up so you can easily delete the ones you don't want. And finally it won't clash with any other skins you've already installed from the workshop or nexus, so you won't need to go arond looking at all the skin letters to make sure you aren't getting overwritten.
  13. I'm in the middle of jumping through the hoops to convert an armour pack from LE to SE following a tutorial I found online, pretty simple so far. My problem is that the armour pack requires hdthighheels, and I was of the belief that in the grand scheme of things this was a pretty terrible mod that only existed as a bit of a hack job to get things working, and that much better things were released since then, the only problem being that mods continued to only support hdtHH. So, as someone who doesn't know a thing about modding, besides hitting the install button in MO2, how easy is it to edit an armour set to work with an alternate heel system instead (And what's the main one currently?) Thanks!
  14. The majority of the stuff you'll find are just skins. The easiest way to know for sure is to open the folder up and look at the files inside. If it just has the folder stucture: Heroes/<hero name>/<hero name_x> Then it's purely a skin. There might also be an fx folder which contains additional skill effects, but basically it's just a skin. If it has lots of other folders, then it's going to add lots of different gameplay stuff. It could be adding a new class, modding the skills of existing classes, editing the graphics of monsters, or even entire game overhauls like PDB as mentioned above. The description of the mod will generally say what it is, but worst case just check the file structure as I mentioned and you'll at least know if it's a simple skin or if it changes the gameplay.
  15. https://www.patreon.com/niur They are all Niur's skins, though they are paywalled. I've not split it out, but it's included within the pack I'm working on.
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