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  1. cweez

    Darkest Desires

    Hmm, an official 1.9 version and an unofficial 2.0. How do I go about seeing what the differences between the two are?
  2. cweez

    The Animal Mansion Redux

    Huh, funnily enough I'd been interested in trying this mod out again, and had come to the thread to ask how bad the Dialogues issues were. I'm just downloading it now, and will try running it on my existing save, and I'll report back if there's any weirdness.
  3. cweez

    Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT

    I started playing skyrim again on a new save, but I've got a weird problem with canines. Specifically, they look fine with their normal body, but when the game swaps it out for the body with penis, the textures just go purple, which means a missing texture I presume. I have MNC also installed but earlier in the load order, so Beast HDT runs after and replaces anything from MNC that it needs to, and everything else seems to run fine. If I disable Beast HDT and just use the MNC textures then I get the full textures with no problem, but when I re-enable Beast HDT the nude dog texture is missing again. Any idea what could be causing this, and what I need to do to fix it?
  4. What's the interaction like between KW and Nraas Register? I saw a comment on a discussion elsewhere saying that they could both be run alongside each other as of about a year ago, but haven't seen any other comments discussing it since then. Anyone able to confirm/deny if it causes problems? Only reason I need it is to play on Island Paradise, despite having a beefy computer, it can't cope with the map for some reason, and http://simscommunity.info/social/threads/tips-on-making-island-paradise-playable.3413/ mentions disabling the wild animals using Nrass Register to cut down on things that could be lagging it. Thanks
  5. cweez

    SexLab Animation Loader

    FWIW, my stats are: 9915 animations for 42 mods successfully included (character) 4002 animations for 10 mods and 43 creatures successfully included. Crashes (total 13,917) 9449 animations for 39 mods successfully included (character) 3797 animations for 9 mods and 43 creatures successfully included. works. (total 13,246) No idea if the crash limit is based upon computer specs (for example the game engine needs to be able to process all the animations in x seconds otherwise it will crash), or if there's some sort of hard limit instead.
  6. cweez

    SexLab Animation Loader

    I've hit a similar problem, too many animation packs so I CTD when I try to start a new game, so I'm currently trying to thin things down. That said, it is possible to split packs up, though you have to do it manually. Open up an SLAL pack, and there will be a number of folders, there are two important ones for this: Meshes & SLAnims. Firstly, open up SLAnims\json\<packname>.json in your text editor of choice. Then go back to the main directory, into meshes\actors. Again, there could be several folders in here depending on the sort of animation pack. For now, just go into character\animations\<packname>. In here you will see a ton of .hkx files along with a single .txt file. What I've been doing is opening the txt file, looking through the animations and deciding which ones I don't want. From there, if there are animations I want to remove I delete them from the txt file, delete the relevant .hkx files from the folder, and also delete the section that references them from the .json file we opened earlier. Once you've done this, if there were other folders in meshes\actors, such as creature files, go into each of those and delete any references to packs that you just deleted from the character folder. It's definitely not the easiest way to do things, and I'm not sure what will happen if you delete the references from one section but not the other. It might just not load the animation, it might CTD if it tries to load that animation, someone with more knowledge as to how the system works can probably answer this. But it does reduce the number of animations that FNIS reports as being included when I generate it, so it definitely does the job. And done correctly, as far as I'm aware there's no downsides, though again I'd like to know if there are! I've had no issues and I've been doing this for a few months, but that doesn't mean there's not issues I've simply not come across yet. Now, for a question of my own. How many animations is it ok for FNIS to report and have a stable game? I just updated quite a few packs and added some interesting ones, and now I'm trimming down the packs using the above method, I just want to know how many I need to get it down to without having to load up skyrim every so often.
  7. How did you remove the arm binder? Are you using the deviously cursed loot mod? If so, try the 'free me' option from there as that unequips pretty much every DD item, which might also clear up whatever issue you're having.
  8. Is a clean save likely to be needed between beta versions, and then going on to release? Recently started a new game and been playing through without slaverun installed because I just wanted to be able to install it once rather than having to clean up save files and start over with new versions when there's updates. If wipes will be needed then I don't mind holding off installing it yet. As an aside, I assume there won't be issues adding the mod to a game already in progress?
  9. Huh, really? I kinda though that was the situation so I just disabled armbinders from DCL as a stopgap, but then I recently tried to get a DCL collar and belt removed through CD. I pay, in the top left corner all the 'removing' stuff comes up, but nothing actually gets removed, so I just chalked this down to the DDI/X version problem, but I guess not. I'll try and prepare a CD post and hope it isn't just shot down for running the wrong DDI/X version.
  10. So, I updated all my mods fairly recently but I've run into a compatability issue with Captured Dreams; specifically it doesn't support DD4. Since my two options are to either run DD4 and no CD, or go back to DD3 and have CD available, I'd rather do the latter. Will the current version of DCL be ok with DD3? If not, what is the most recent version that will? And would it be possible to make it available as an unsupported compatibility option? I wouldn't expect updates to it, or even to receive help if I was having problems, but I don't want to be forced to choose between one or the other.
  11. cweez

    Night Mistress Mansion

    Yeah. Next time I get the chance on my main computer I'll start messing around with some of the graphics mods. Out of interest, do you know if a mod putting a tree where the building goes would cause the CTD? Alternatively, would the game simply use whatever is lower in the load order to determine if the tree or the building is there in the game, for example?
  12. There you go. jsqc-qy.7z
  13. cweez

    Night Mistress Mansion

    Sorry for the spoiler mess up there, I have no idea how to fix it because I can't find an option to switch from WYSIWYG to standard text, and the editor is a massive pain to drag one spoiler out of the other. But everything's in there at least!
  14. cweez

    Night Mistress Mansion

    Just to make things a little more confusing, I play on two different computers; one a fairly powerful PC and one a lower powered laptop. I posted earlier about getting insta CTD with NMM enabled, but I've not been on that machine recently to try some trail and error with what mods cause the CTD. However, on my laptop I've been running both NMM and CD with zero issues. This is the load that runs both CD and NMM without issues: https://modwat.ch/u/cweezlaptop/plugins And this was the one that's crashing (Though it's changed since I last uploaded): https://modwat.ch/u/cweez/plugins As I said, I've not had a proper chance to test it yet, but I'm thinking it might actually be one of the graphics mods that's doing it, since that's the main difference between my two loads. Perhaps one of the graphics mods sticks a new tree where the mansion is which is causing the conflicts, or something? No idea if that would actually cause a CTD or anything like that, but that would be my best guess. For ease, here are the mods that are on the laptop but not the PC: