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  1. We have a winner! Disabled Dialogues, saved the game, ran the save cleaner tool and deleted all the newly orphaned scripts, and she's no longer following me! It's not 100% perfect, I still don't seem to have the option to make her my follower, but I had no interest in doing this in the first place, and now at least I can keep her enabled so she's just going to be chilling in Breezhome forever. Thanks for making your first post be this fix
  2. I just loaded up again and using SSX removed all her factions and she still continued to follow me around, so at this point I'm going to chalk it up as a lost cause and leave her disabled. I asked before, but what is wrong with the load order? I've run it through LOOT and it comes out fine, I'm pretty sure I cross referenced it with any load orders suggested by mod creators in their threads, and the left hand side of MO doesn't seem to have any mods overwriting things that they should be. I don't think I'm missing anything, but if there is something obvious then I'd appreciate knowing about it, otherwise I don't know what to fix :/
  3. Thanks for the reply, I just installed SoS on the advice of another poster here and posted the screenshots, this is the relevant one I believe: https://ibb.co/cwKhrG Which lists her in the potential follower faction, but not an actual follower faction? Another page on the MCM does state that she is not currently a follower. I now have Scent of Sex, but previously had none installed since I rarely use followers.
  4. Yeah. Or rather, it wasn't my load to start with. I didn't realise that modwatch defaults to the default MO profile, so it uploaded an old and incomplete profile instead of the one I've actually been using. I've updated the links in my OP to be accurate now! Lodakai, I'll try deleting a couple of those factions next time I load the game up, see if that fixes anything. Worst case, I just reload.
  5. Thanks for the tip! Had a look through the menus it provides, and while there's lots of info there, I'm not entirely sure how to read it! One obvious thing it notes is that she's not a follower, but having not used the mod before and not having any other saves to check, I don't know which of the other faction things should be there. Please could you post the factions that your Lydia has in game and I can try editing mine as needed. https://ibb.co/bZrTWG https://ibb.co/gpBvBG https://ibb.co/cwKhrG
  6. I have no idea how to respond to this. It is a console command to reset your follower count. Should dismiss any followers that wouldn't before. Sorry for the snark, but that was literally the first bullet point in my opening post. Yeah, that's what I've done for the moment. I can enable her again if there are any more suggested Huh, thanks for the heads up. I'd have thought that the right hand site should be fine since I ran it through Loot prior to even starting the game save, and the left hand side I went over to make sure that nothing was overwriting anything else less important, I'll have another look over things, see if I can figure out what's out of order there. Edit: Just had a look over the modwatch report, and it's completely different to the order MO shows (And is also missing quite a few mods), I'll update the link in a minute. Edit2: Figured it out, I uploaded the wrong profile initially, from before I started messing around with actual graphics mods, sorry about that. Hopefully the updated link has a better load order that gives you slightly less of a headache!
  7. Well, here's an update. I was able to recruit Uthgerd as a follower, but Lydia continued to follow me around anyway, though when talking to her, the top conversation option became an option to recruit her as a follower for 500 gold, though this wouldn't work because it told me I already had a follower. Dismissing Uthgerd, the option to recruit Lydia vanished again. Downloaded the Simple multiple followers mod, recruited Uthgerd then tried to recruit Lydia, but I didn't get the recruitment option for Lydia this time. Using one of the commands added by the mod, I got it to tell all followers to wait where they were, but Lydia continued to follow me. At this point, I'm just going to disable her, that way I can reenable her if I do ever want to do anything with her, but I can just get on with the game without dealing with her constantly tagging along. In the meantime, if you can come up with any other options for fixing this, I'm all ears! Edit: Allsunday, it's not that I can't talk to her, I can talk to her just fine, there's just no follower options available. Since I wasn't planning on using her as a follower, I didn't notice that this was an issue immediately. I just told her to wait in Breezeholm when I got her, and continued on playing the game on my own. Then suddenly a couple of hours of gameplay later she just runs up to me while I'm in the middle of the wilderness and that's when this all started. If I had to guess, it might have been because I gave her a wait command in Breezeholm before the slaverun mod had taken over Whiterun, and then when it did it might have screwed something up, though I'm honestly not sure what that would have been. I'll try running a save cleaner on my save, otherwise I'll just disable and forget about her until someone else posts something here I can try.
  8. I have no idea how to respond to this.
  9. Sorry, that was one of the things I checked before and forgot to mention, she was currently setessential as 0. I'll try backing up my safe file and downloading the Ultimate Follower Overhaul since that seems to let you make them killable amongst other things, and I'll report back. Edit: Nope, killed her, used resurrect and she's still following me, and there's no follower options in the chat menu. Guess I'll try to find another follower to replace her, see if that does the trick. What followers are easy to gain early in the game?
  10. This is a bit of a strange one, in that I can't find any way to stop Lydia following me. I've done some searches and tried all the usual suspects: set playerfollowercount to 0 Disable > enable resetai recycleactor The strange thing is, when I talk to her, there aren't any conversation options about getting her to stop following me or anything like that. No wait, no go home, nothing. I'm playing a pretty heavily modded skyrim, but nothing that changes anything to do with followers, at least as far as I know. That said, when I tried to use the kill console command, she simply went down to one knee, I assume because of DAYMOYL, and I couldn't kill her outright, not sure if that's related to this problem. Modlist/load order: https://modwat.ch/u/cweez/plugins Any ways to fix this since I 99% of the time play solo would be much appreciated!
  11. CTD approaching towns

    Hey, thanks for the reply! I'll give that a go, though I managed to mostly fix it myself by installing ENB Series and then ENBoost. Occasionally I'm getting some weird flickering, so far it's only happened close to water but it makes the whole screen flicker. Until I figure that out though I'll try your fix. I had already used tes5edit on the updates and expansion ESMs.
  12. The game plays fine through character creation, going through LAL and selecting a start, however when I approach a town or village I CTD. I've not experimented too much, using the Dark Brotherhood start I crash when approaching Falkreath, and using the camping start I crash approaching riverwood. I've run it all through LOOT and it seems to be fine, and while I was installing everything I'm pretty sure I followed all the instructions regarding load order for specific mods, but I figured I'd post here to see if there's something obvious I'm missing. https://modwat.ch/u/cweez MO Load order & plugin order visible there, papyrus log attached. Thanks in advance!
  13. I love all the backseat programming that goes on around these things. If they don't give an estimated release date, people will complain and keep bugging for one. Post an estimated release date and go over it, people will complain and keep bugging for an updated date. You can't win.
  14. As with others, I've got it installed and ready, but I've put my current game on 'base' game on the backburner as well now, since I'm going to have to restart anyway, so I'm just waiting for enough of the mods I want to be ported so I can start playing in this new version.
  15. there is a remove function in dde or ddi aswel i think, dont remember with one it was.. as long as you dont have it set as "Hardcore" the function should be visable to remove all dd items from character There is an option in the CD MCM menu to specifically remove CD devices, most others probably won't since the quest items are marked with the blockgeneric keyword. Is that the 'remove quest devices' option? As that doesn't remove them either unfortunately. - Open the console and use showinventory on yourself. - Look through the inventory and use removeitem with anything that does not have a name except for the item ending in 40f0c (device hider). Don't remove the parts that are named or you will trigger DDi's reequip function. - open your normal inventory screen and unequip the devices, they should not be locked. Perfect, thanks! I'd tried to remove them using the console, but not knowing how DDi worked I was just geting re-equipped immediately. All sorted now, thanks!