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  1. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    Hey, TURBO. I was wondering, has anyone thought about making a mod that could help with creating and running a working strip club? Thought it could go hand in hand with having exhibitionist sims. The extra mod could have things like "Get Naked for Money" and "Dance Naked for Money", and if your playable sim is working in the strip club, have it to where you can click on a NPC and select things like "Flash Boobs for Money" and "Flash Butt for Money" and maybe even "Give Lap Dance for Money" with a few coinciding animations. Thought something like this would be a fun addition to WW Have a great day! Edit: Would make it cool to have your sim as a stripper for his or her playable career More thoughts: Could make it to where interacting with NPC sims has no effect on relationship levels. And the animations could work just like most other WW animations. You could click on the NPC and choose "Flash Boobs/Butt/Pussy/Dick for Money", or select a table, then select "Give Table Dance for Money" then select the NPC sims you want to stand around the table and watch. Could be the same for a lap dance. Select a chair, select "Give Lap Dance for Money" then select an NPC. Same with the stripper poles.. Click the pole, select "Give Pole Dance for Money", select the NPCs you want to watch your sims.. I think it'd be a lot of fun and a super cool (and sexy) way for your exhibitionist sims to make money
  2. Here's where you can find the knotted top -> https://www.patreon.com/coloresurbanos I have to come back with the link for the dress
  3. She told him about the pregnancy and they decided to marry (of course, its easy to see why with that huge BBC, and Mr. Big has successfully "corrupted" a beautiful young girl) She gave birth to twin boys. Now, her classmate AJ is technically her step-son (After posting the first pics, I decided to give "Mr. Big" dreadlocks, and the knotted top is a Patreon exclusive from Colores_Urbanos)
  4. Luna had heard the rumors about her classmate AJ's father and why they call him "Mr. Big". He didn't disappoint, but now she's a pregnant teen! Should she tell him? How is she going to tell her family that she's carrying a dirty old black man's baby?
  5. Share Your Female Sims!

    Yeeeaaahhh boooiii!
  6. Share Your Female Sims!

    Really like that open bust top and the bottoms. May I ask where you got them?
  7. Share Your Female Sims!

    http://lynxsimz.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59_60_63 Right here! Plenty of other great content, too
  8. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Bella loves taking her clothes off and posing nude for the artist
  9. Share Your Female Sims!

    Here's more of June looking sophisticated, sexy, and seductive.
  10. Share Your Female Sims!

    Your ladies are always so cute!
  11. hey drew how did you make your sexy sims exactly i could use some help with the proper mods and instructions 

    1. Drewsph77


      As far as actual faces go, I just keep hitting randomize until one pops up that's attractive then just kind of tweak it a little from there, lol.  As for body mods, I use BetterBody for the ass and hips, then use HeavyBoobs for their breasts.  I can't remember the name of the skin overlay that I use offhand, I'll have to find it.

    2. yhgghdg
  12. Share Your Female Sims!

    Sure! It's here http://www.mia8sims.ru/index/0-4
  13. Share Your Female Sims!

    My girl Farrah showing off her country side, then a sexied up Bella Goth
  14. Trouble with Female Nipples

    I don't know how to tweak :\
  15. Hey, guys! I was wondering if someone is having the same or similar experience that I'm having with certain tops and accessories. I'm wondering if there's a way to correct the female nipples when certain tops are worn, or if a more talented modder than myself could make a nude top that would "flatten" the left or right nipple, or both nipples and that could be worn as either a top or as an accessory. Here are a few screen grabs of what I'm talking about. What do you guys think?