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  1. Hi. Just wondering if i should remove BakaFactory ABC LE 1.75? A lots of conflict files but does not make it redundant. recomended load order if using both?
  2. Hello, have 1 problem with this mod so far. The guard outside is beheaded by the ebony helmet. Take it off and the head apears but she take just a new one magicly🤣
  3. Reading sanguinesDebauchery >>Warning: Inconsistent mod sanguinesDebauchery. Number of animations differs between FNIS List (86) and corresponding behavior file (94)<< V?.? ... ChAnims:103(17) CTD:1,2% pOpt:0,0% NOTE: sanguinesDebauchery uses outdated behavior file (may invalidate CTD Load calculation) ??? Help anyone?
  4. Hi, i'm about to go insane. Have a problem with dialog. Every conversation with everyone starts with "In all my years i never seen such a thing" is driving me nuts. I'm unsure what mod that causes it. Any help?Plugins - Save 268 - Gwennta Sleeping Giant Inn 09.18.22.ess.txt
  5. After update from 1.07 to 1.08 all guards and military chicks got a pink chastity belts, all other belts normal. Useual sign on missing textures or mesh i think. Reverted to 1.07 but didnt help. how to fix it? tried to upload picture but get only -200 failed message
  6. I dont get it. What is updated? the file 1.3.3? Have that file already installed from before but is that file 1.3.3 updated?
  7. I have lost the real dragonborn. Had him as follower and i sendt him home. Cant find him again, any base & ref ID so i can move him to me?
  8. Think it was the vortex update. After i uninstalled everything i tried one more time. Skyrim started fine without skse, okay the game not broken. Installed skse no problems this time. installed vortex same problem came. Enabled profiles in vortex and deleted current profile. added skyrim LE in my games and got a new profile. every mod is disabled and now i'm enableing the mods. so far is still running fine with 100 of 250 mods. 🙂 hoping is working fine when i'm done.
  9. I think my days of playing skyrim LE is over. No matter what i tried the skse 1.7.3 isnt working anymore. I dont know whats causing it, but i do know that there was updates on Windows and Vortex about the same time last week. Skse is starting up and in the window top left corner it says "skyrim is not responing". Then its close and nothing more happen. if run without admin got a 740 error 1. tried uninstall/install skyrim 2. tried uninstall/install skse with installer and manualy 3. in the end unistalled vortex Now is everything uninstalled and deleted evey folder related to skyrim LE. If there are someone that has Windows 10 and everything is up to date like my pc. Got the same problems and found a solution, please resond on this post. I'm running Windows 10 Home version 1809
  10. got a typical bFloatRenderTarget=0 screen, but that was not the problem. Maybe it was a corruptsave's. The last 3 autosave + last normal save was like that. 5 saves backwards it was fine
  11. Thank you for the bad update. Only the sky is visible, everything else is grey
  12. If i want to use Demoniac along with Cosio, what files are the essentials for animated vagina?
  13. Modding games are so fun when everything is good, but thats rare! Was changing game from Fallout NV to Skyrim in Vortex, then Vortex went to hell!!! All mods disabled and i have to go and enable every F... mod again. This has happend bebore but then i just waited a few minutes and it fixed it self. Now is has been 3 days still nothing and the job to enable all the mods again ,remember all the rules and load order- OMG ! Is this a common bug in Vortex when changing games?
  14. Missing animation most likely. This is a gay mod turn into female version. Use animation suggested in the original mod might help
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