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  1. If you're still tweaking things, may I request "hide user's uploads" (the ones in the Downloads section) as an addition to "ignore user" function? Being able to filter out low quality or disturbing content would be quite nice.
  2. Regarding this part, there is a simpler way to get smaller text and make the slot appear on the list: Open "Prefs.xml" located in "C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config". Find the line "<uiScale>1</uiScale>" and change 1 to 0.9.
  3. Portrait patch for Human + Humanoid SE Uncensored. Place this patch's *.mod and *.zip files into your \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod folder. Load after both SE Uncensored and LV. Don't use LV base game portrait patch with this one. LVPortraitPatchSEUncensored.7z
  4. Another small fix: now nonexistent "dw_pet_guard_dog" is replaced with "dw_war_dog" from current Dark World Reborn. This is for DW Extras decision to set your dog on prisoners and the "bad dog" event. War dog is now acquired as a random event in DWR. This is based on lockeslylcrit's updated DWE version from the previous page and my trait fixes above. Dark World Extras War Dog Fix.7z
  5. Small fix for tits and dick traits that no longer exist being referenced in events (e.g. "regular_tits"). Replaced with traits used in Ala's Body Mod (e.g. "ala_regular_tits") and Dark World Reborn (e.g. "dw_regular_tits"). This is based on SamIAmHam's event fixes above. Dark World Extras Trait Fixes for Events.7z
  6. Patch for Bijin Skin CBBE - shaved, default normal map, default specular and blank subsurface: SOS - Futanari - Patch for Bijin Skin.7z
  7. Thanks for the tutorial #2. Here's a patch for Real Girl CBBE by Z0mBieP00Nani (3rd file in 2nd post) + Demoniac default normal map, goosebumps and blank subsurface. SOS - Futanari - Patch for RealGirl+Demoniac.7z
  8. Is there a "light" version of More Nasty Critters or an alternative to it which doesn't use any cloaks or scripts? Sort of a "SOS Light" for creatures?
  9. Success! Instead of Cathedral Assets Optimizer, I now used SSE NIF Optimizer to convert the meshes (fresh batch) and bam, hair everywhere. Er, so to speak. Anyway, thanks for the mod, Heroine. Original Botox was good, but yours is a definite improvement.
  10. Started new game without Smilodon - yep, same thing happens. FT stays ranged, FA only does melee. PS: Added my load order to OP.
  11. None that I can tell. I haven't installed any hair mods, except for base texture replacer (Bed Head and Superior Lore-Friendly), and browsing in xEdit it doesn't seem like any of my mods do anything to hair. Haven't noticed any more bald named NPCs yet, but I haven't played much since. One thing to note: I tried enabling "Botox_CharGen.esp" and that gave bandits hair, but every female immediately got the infamous black face bug. I know it's not meant to be used for gameplay, but maybe it's a clue to something. Enabling "Botox_CharGenBandits.esp" didn't seem to have any vi
  12. Checked it in xEdit: - Both Thrall and Atronach use the same combat style - csAtronachFlame [CSTY:00070FF9]. - Only mod that changes it is Smilodon, which tweaks some numbers. Uninstalling it according to instructions and using Fallrim Tools to clean unattached/undefined made no difference.
  13. SE is obviously not supported, but maybe you could help me figure out what's causing this: basically, all Nord, Redguard and Orc female bandits that I've met have been bald after I installed this mod (Dunmer have hair, haven't met other bandits yet). They have hair with original Botox, but become bald when I roll this one on top. My SE conversion procedure is: 1. Unpack original Botox BSA into a Temporary folder and delete BSA/ESPs. 2. Copy original Botox loose meshes/textures into that Temporary folder and overwrite. 3. Unpack this mod's meshes/textures into that Te
  14. No matter how far from enemies I summon them, they always run straight into melee and never launch their fire bolts. Considering how fragile they are, that makes them all but useless. At the same time, Flame Thrall doesn't have this problem - launches bolts and flames just fine. But that's a mid-late-game spell that I won't be having for a long time (got it through console for testing), so it isn't a solution. The only mod that does anything to Conjuration/Magic in my load order is Ordinator, which doesn't touch Flame Atronachs at all from what I can see. And check
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