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  1. Nether's and AFT will let you import them into the framework, never used EFF.
  2. Is ABC 1.74 online anywhere? ABC quit working for me sometime back and I tried uninstalling and doing a clean save but nada. I want to roll back and see if that fixes things.
  3. I would suggest installing CF and disabling the CF that comes with MNC.
  4. It is the original AF. If you need to convert something, I recommend Cathedral Asset Optimizer on Nexus. https://www.loverslab.com/profile/434567-monoman1/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1 There is a patch, Amputator Tweaked v1.3 Morph Script Fix, that you may or may not need.
  5. I realized yesterday that Sexlab Survival opens and closes the mouth and it opens wide like improved blowjob should. Do you use SLS? Maybe they are conflicting.
  6. I actually came to ask a question and got sidetracked... Yesterday's update was just the Korean version? And is the gamepad patch still required for 1.3? Looking at the files I'd guess no but wanted to double check.
  7. I don't think so, other than lipstick. It's possible but no conflicts are showing in mo2.
  8. CTD the instant the follower agrees to dress the PC. Instantly, no delay. re; Amputator
  9. I like devious devices as part of immersive play, you lose to bandits, get robbed and locked up, maybe sold into slavery, but I'm not into bunny hopping around Skyrim on an epic key search. I'm not sure if this mod is for me. It sounds like of fun, I don't mind a little trickery, but I don't want S&M to be the focus of my gameplay. What'da think, is it for me?
  10. After switching to High Poly Head, the mouth is more of a figure 8 shape. Did you need to modify anything to make it work correctly?
  11. @Thingolf Monoman's tweaked version works fine with 8 and 8+, so this probably does too.
  12. Might consider linking to Amputator Tweaked by Monoman, there is an SSE conversion. Works better for me than the original.
  13. With both arms amputated there is dialog asking a follower to help dress me but every time they agree I get a CTD. Is there a fix for that or just me? Using the SSE conversion.
  14. Are there any known issues with giants? Using old CF and MNC 12.3. Giants only remove their clothes the first time having sex, after that the clothes stay on.
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