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  1. SE, yes. I get an error when it tries to apply rapehands. They do work when applied through Slavetats. I disabled them for the time being until I troubleshoot this issue. re: blue skin - The # of tattoos doesn't matter, even 1 triggers the blue skin and battlewounds don't show so if I had to guess it's looking in the wrong place.
  2. No, I don't believe it has anything to do with SL Survival, which hasn't changed. If I change the tats but leave the number the same, it's fine. Also, no rapehands and yes I did download and install.
  3. Is it just me? After the last update I must be missing the bruises and stuff because pc and npc skin goes purple after rape. Removing the cuts and bruises fixes it. SE. Edit, there is a thing in Sexlab Survival to reset battle wounds, that fixed this problem.
  4. Posting to say I'm a big fan of the mod and have already ditched Defeat. Good work.
  5. Well guess what problem just came back. Last time it was a preset, not this time.
  6. A lightweight slaverun-ish type mod would be great. One that worked for male or female PC, worked on NPCs.
  7. That's what was happening to me, as I moved it was on/off/on/off. I switched it to automatic and it still goes on randomly but much less often. I might have to roll back if that's possible.
  8. Those weren't just different resolutions, they are completely different textures, the comparison is meaningless. Looked like 2K Demonic vs 8 or 16K BHUNP. That BHUNP texture is gorgeous but afaik hasn't been converted to cbbe.
  9. Because the base cbbe is more California girl shaped, broad shoulders, broad chest (not boobs), so it's harder to make a petite female. I grew up in the East and when I went to San Diego was shocked at how 'beefy' the girls were out there, they are a lot broader than women I'm used to.
  10. Where can I get a better looking vagina for cbbe 3bbb? I have googled and the only thing I found was this and I can't figure out how to use it. Attached pic of what it looks like now.
  11. Using 1.60, night vision goes on/off/on/off over and over when set to manual. Could it be because I'm using a controller? I updated from 1.44.
  12. I have or had several conversions of this and none were smp, so thanks.
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