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  1. Those are just folder structures captured by the compiler of the computer the script was compiled on. It’s a string identifier, it’s not trying to actually point to that location.
  2. BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    Yeah, I was a bit upset at first once I saw some clipping, but the idea that Bria can't be contained by clothing quickly grew on me.
  3. BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    I came across Bria daydreaming.
  4. BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    ColdSteel's new FO4 body has been an amazing thing for me so far. I've been working on an integrated weight gain mod for Fallout Vore over at Eka's, and he included some cool sliders for bellies that I couldn't pass up. I know vore's not everyone's bag, but the effect is pretty cool! https://mega.nz/#!aY10xYpD!xxurs8_QNmDFzXxG2zuWXlv0y6LCqQlopXP1sxKZPgw That's a video of the belly and my weight gain in action.
  5. BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    I don't know if posting non-Skyrim stuff is kosher, so I’ll take down this post if it isn’t. At least it’s somewhat related since it’s fallout! this is my current character in FO4 with a custom companion I’ve been working on. ColdSteel recently released a new SSBBW body for CBBE and I’ve been having fun messing around with it.
  6. BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    I’ve been gone from LL for a while. Glad to see this thread is alive and well! i’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4 lately and using ColdSteel’s bodies.
  7. Good info. I'm running into a slight bit of the reverse scenario. So, I have a script I'm attaching to certain armors, and have it attached to the SkinNaked as well. I'm adding/removing keywords right now, and the keywords aren't added when the player strips down. I'm thinking I'm getting into a race when the player strips the armor off. I don't know if the SkinNaked's OnEquip happens before the armor's OnUnequip event. If it does happen first, then my code will strip the keyword since I remove the specific keyword during the OnUnequip event.
  8. If you're playing co-op, other players will look odd unless they have their builds set to 17 skinny/9 fat. Unless the person you're planning on playing with uses those build options, I would opt not to use the sex appeal mod during co-op.
  9. Saints Row IV

    I don't think it's ever really addressed, but if you want to look at it as Zinyak using the boss's deepest fears against him/her, then Steelport could be seen as a nightmarish land to the boss? I don't mind Steelport, honestly. It's got enough diversity within it to keep from feeling too homogenous from edge to edge. I do wish there were more indoor areas to go in, but I can kind of understand why they didn't do that. It does have that generic big-city-with-some-buroughs feel, which is unfortunate, but they didn't model it off any real city, so there's no real world charm there.
  10. I'm not using one in those screenshots, but I have used one from the Saintsrowmods.com boards. It didn't give me the error you're having. Either you're not setting the body sliders for skinny and fat properly, or you have a corrupted file. I ended up removing the nude mod just because my character would switch from naked to simulation clothing while on the ship. It was killing the immersion a little too much for me.
  11. Here's my toon on the ship in her space jumpsuit. I spoiler tagged the next one since it's from the end sequence, but it's the clothing I settled for running around in the simulation.
  12. Saints Row IV

    Anyway, finished up the game 17hrs in total with most of everything done except challenges. Damned fun game, some people will be no doubt upset at it because it's "not SR2 or SR3" but, that's tough for them. I enjoyed the hell out of the game, and I have to agree Zinyak is great...especially the taunts and other super fun stuff that pop up in the game. I finished the game today, and started a new game to replay the opening:
  13. For anyone playing SR4, the sex appeal mod will work. You need to copy the player_creation.xtbl file. Using any of the other files seems to cause a hang up during loading. So far, this has affected clothing as well as nude, but it does cause crashes when you're browsing the clothing shops. Also, the on ship sections, you default to either nude or clothed in your custom simulation gear for some reason instead of sticking with the ship flight suit. I don't have any of the mod tools yet, so I haven't dug into all of the files as to why this might be occuring.
  14. Saints Row IV

    Zinyak is by far one of my favorite villains I've had the pleasure of going against. He has a certain charm and panache that just exudes well written (so far). Hopefully that holds up to the end and he doesn't come across as a complete Saturday morning cartoon villain. My one pet peeve so far has been a voice actor issue:
  15. Saints Row IV

    They're making a dev kit just for modding... You'll be able to mod just about every part of the game, if the press releases are to be believed. Oh I know. I was talking about converting existing things since he asked about a SR 3 mod. I finally was able to get around to messing with the SR"TT mod and dropping the files into the main directory causes the game to crash. So they at least do something. Putting them into the PC subdirectory does nothing. I'm not sure how long it will take Volition to release the mod tools as they stated they intend to release for SR:TT first as a test bed. Plus, the devs working on this are doing i more of on their own, so it could be a while just due to how busy they are.