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  1. Carreau

    Papyrus Script Help

    I'm not at all familiar with these functions, but looking at what the F4SE dev had to say on Reddit: It looks like the functions were included to translate from Var[ ] as Var and Var as Var[ ]. In his example call, he doesn't use the functions to strip from the Var array and cast. He just directly casts. So, in your code, you should be using: String sTag = akArg[3] as String That should be sufficient. I know in my vore scripting, I've done similar to pass actors, ints, etc. CKWiki seems to support that you can cast into string as well. https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Cast_Reference I bolded the Var as string line.
  2. Carreau

    Papyrus Script Help

    EDIT: I'm a dork. Try using VarArrayToVar instead. Then you can cast it as String sTags = Utility.VarArrayToVar(akArgs[3]) as string
  3. I asked this on Nexus the other day and haven't had any luck in responses. So, I'm trying to fix a problem I've encountered with using EnableMovement(false). If the player is frozen by either EnableMoevemy() or DisablePlayerControls(), the HUD vanishes. I'm freezing the player, making them invisible, and centering the camera on an NPC target. However, I want the HUD visible as the player takes damage over time while this is going on, and being able to see their own health bar would be preferable. Is there a way to freeze the player and leave the HUD visible? Right now, as a workaround I've taken out the player freeze since the player is invisible and the camera is pointed at something that is not the player. When exiting this state, the player is transitioned to the NPC, so I'm not worried about when the camera re-attaches to the player.
  4. Yeah. I snap to grid to get my parts aligned, then I move them as a whole with snap off and ctrl-click on each part.
  5. Carreau

    Can someone write a simple script for me

    Oh! I didn't think about that.
  6. Carreau

    Can someone write a simple script for me

    I was going to mention the pre-war inventory clear out. The last time the inventory is cleared is exiting the cryo pod. i’ve ran into issues listening for MQ102 with people using alternative start mods. It’s really annoying trying to accommodate things like that.
  7. Carreau

    Can someone write a simple script for me

    https://mega.nz/#!7RUSUSLY!rWDDcuTxvfjwN-k5kGrum9bxsKymq381QtgOSGujrD8 Toss that in your data folder, and make a quest to activate the script on load. There's only one property, and it's the armor you want to add. It runs on player load game and if the armor isn't equipped, it equips the armor silently. Same with quest initialization. I don't feel like testing it, but it's pretty simple.
  8. Carreau

    BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    A few more screen shots, with Bria in tow.
  9. Carreau

    I hate Bethesda. net

    People just like to bitch.
  10. Carreau

    BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    I literally gave you a picture guide. I don't know what more I can do for you.
  11. Anyone messed with the player hellos? I'm trying to add some dialogue where the player addresses my companion. I can get it to work when the companion isn't the active follower, but when it is the active follower, the player defaults to the general Hey and *whistles* I have a feeling this has to do with the companion being ordered around by command mode, but I can't find where any of the command mode dialogue is. edit: answered my question. I had forgotten that the player says the defaults to vanilla companions as well. The dialogue i added for my companion was working like vanilla. My memory is just bad at times.
  12. Carreau

    NPC Facegen data

    I’ll try dumping the dds files and see of it screws with my playtesters. The tga is exported as a resource is my guess. It just seemed odd to have a blank dds generated with no mipmap layering. It just adds fat to the download, but I wasn’t sure if ditching them was okay. I just found it weird that my companion mod never had them generated, but my leveled actors did. /shrug Thanks for the reply!
  13. Carreau

    BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    I can always make more I just need to finish making my companion quest mod first, and then I can get back to fun stuff. At least for a little while.
  14. So, I have a question as to the purpose of the textures generated by the CK when creating NPCs. In the mod I’m working on, I’ve created a custom set of leveled NPCs. Their facegen data was auto exported by the CK. In the texture filepath, there is a dds and a tga for each layer. The dds is an empty texture while the the tga has the correct face textures. When packing the archive, only the dds packs in. What’s the point of packing a blank dds file? It just takes up drive space and I see no benefit to it being there. secondly, the facegen data (both geometry and textures) was never generated for my companion mod, yet she works just fine for myself and others. so is any of the exported data really required? And if it was, wouldn’t it create conflicts with pther face mods?
  15. Thanks for the great mod! I'm having a blast with it! It goes really well with Unlocked Grip.