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  1. You are correct that at the beginning of forcegreet, Bethesda doesn't typically re-evaluate the stack. Given he was having issues, I figured maybe it would help. Looking at some of the other forcegreet packages, like Brandis, his conditions are if a stage in quest BoSM01 hasn't been completed, and whether the player has LoS on him. After the stage is set, his package is re-evaluated to force his forcegreet to exit. That is almost very much consistent in Bethesda's approach. Evaluate the stack to kill the forcegreet after it's done.
  2. You have to set the conditions of the forcegreet and then make the NPC re-evaluate it’s package stack.
  3. Carreau

    Fallout 4 fails to start with F4SE and MO2

    Update your Mo2. I've noticed sometimes they'll release an update, and if I'm a few versions behind, the game will CTD on launch. I can launch the game normally through steam or F4SE directly. It'll even happen overnight where I know I've done nothing to my setup (worked fine, went to sleep, woke up and it won't work), but an update always fixes it.
  4. If you’re just after an empty array to start, here’s one method I’ve seen Float[] fArray = new Float [0] fArray.clear() now it’s empty and you can use the add() command on it to add whatever you want. If you want to have your array as a script global, just declare it in the header float[] fArray then in the code, where you expect it to be used the first time, perform a check for none if(fArray==none) fArray = nee float[0] fArray.clear(0) endif fArray.add(SomeFloat) to remove Find the index int i = 0 while(i < fArray.length()) if(fArray == floatToSearch) iIndex = i endif i+=1 endwhile fArray.remove(iIndex) I use these methods with data structs a lot. i don’t know if the setting the array to a 0 length is required and then clearing, but it’s how I’ve seen it handled and I started doing the same. It just works
  5. Sorry. I get a little worked up when I see someone hammering a request. It can be a bit of a pain when someone asks me for what could end up being an additional ESP and I have enough problems maintaining one version let alone multiple variants. make it a toggle option with the warning “may be incompatible with certain mods”
  6. If you want it so bad, make it yourself. It’s a pain for mod authors to try and keep up with multiple variants of a mod.
  7. Thanks for the shoutout cheese! i’m always working on my overhaul mod to add new content. I’m getting pretty close to a new release. but there is definitely support for these types of mods. I hope you enjoy!
  8. Carreau

    BBW and SSBBW lovers unite!

    Lookin' good! That's a really well setup body.
  9. Carreau

    Need Modding Help: Random Encounters

    When i make random encounters, i usually just look at how a vanilla one is done and then use the same implementation. Bethesda has a bunch of templated RE quests you can copy to get the legwork done. Just add it to the right branch in the story manager and you’re on your way.
  10. Carreau

    Trouble with Looksmenu bodymorph

    This was months ago, and at the time, everything was up to date. I ended up unpacking the Ba2 so the scripts would load. I was getting tired of the esp constantly disabling, and I was actively developing a mod to take advantage of functions inside bodygen. It was just easiest for me to develop and troubleshoot by taking the empty esp disable out of the equation by using a mod manager.
  11. Carreau

    Trouble with Looksmenu bodymorph

    I can confirm the action I stated is 100% true as I started running MO2 to prevent that behavior. I’ve manually installed mods on every Bethesda game I’ve played, FO4 was no different. Looksmenu would conisistently disable itself when launching the game using F4SE. After much research, a mod organizer was the fix, and I haven’t had an issue since transitioning to MO2. The irony is I still manually install my mods as I simply did not want to uninstall everything just to switch to MO2’s virtual folders. I only use MO2 to set my load order and launch the game.
  12. Carreau

    Followers Go Home

    I’m tempted to grab Reg’s source and fix it since he mentions he won’t mind.
  13. Carreau

    Trouble with Looksmenu bodymorph

    If you're not using a mod manager to launch your game, LooksMenu gets disabled since the ESP is empty.
  14. Carreau

    Papyrus Script Help

    I'm not at all familiar with these functions, but looking at what the F4SE dev had to say on Reddit: It looks like the functions were included to translate from Var[ ] as Var and Var as Var[ ]. In his example call, he doesn't use the functions to strip from the Var array and cast. He just directly casts. So, in your code, you should be using: String sTag = akArg[3] as String That should be sufficient. I know in my vore scripting, I've done similar to pass actors, ints, etc. CKWiki seems to support that you can cast into string as well. https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Cast_Reference I bolded the Var as string line.
  15. Carreau

    Papyrus Script Help

    EDIT: I'm a dork. Try using VarArrayToVar instead. Then you can cast it as String sTags = Utility.VarArrayToVar(akArgs[3]) as string