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  1. will this work with horny creatures of skyrim(originally horny werewolves of skyrim before merging into horny creatures) to turn a futa/herm player into a herm werewolf if not is it possible to make that happen?
  2. did you ever get a futa werewolf to work? I am having trouble to get my character to be a futa in werewolf form
  3. when I converted it to SE the following doesn't work and it is spelled weirk in the wheel menu the other ones are normal but following command is spelled [following] when the others don't have these [ ] and work do those that have it working in SE have following spelled like that too and still work?(also I think some other commands are missing)
  4. when I install it(using Vortex) it says incompatible with Skyrim Special Edition saying it was make for Skyrim(2011) and when ignoring it and trying to play the game the game never opens Also I am using what is suppose to be the SE version that I got from Nexus. which one are you using that works and where did you get it?
  5. this doesn't need UIExtensions mod for it's mods like Skyrim LE/regular right? as my Skyrim SE completely rejects it
  6. does Horny creatures of Skyrim work with this mod? if not is their a wat for it too?(trying to get a herm werewolf character)
  7. will you be able to be a futa in this new game too?
  8. I know this is off topic but has any one make a mod to use bodyslider on npcs ingame so we can customize npcs so they all won't have to same body size and shape.
  9. As far as reflectivity, I might start by turning down the speculars down a bit (bit extreme on a sunny day w/ ENB) and getting the "wet" look by some clever use of the Noise filter + nDO. Will have to play around with it (right now busy trying to fix neck seams caused by merging UNP with your body). Looks awesome with ENB reflections turned on, though (performance killer, but it's worth it). enb-2014_04_19-23_40_40_05.jpg Just playing with the speculars. Plus a light pass on the normals (5.6.5 does wonders for texture quality, relative to DXT, for MSNs). love the wet look of
  10. whether you succeed or not I thank you for your effort in advance.
  11. I know I asked this before but can someone combine this mod and moonlight tales for those of us who can't do it on ourselves so we could have the HDT meshes of this mod and all the textures, glowing eyes, and other features of moonlight tales while keeping it's compatibility with the werewolf mastery mod intact. I would really appreciate.
  12. It would be awesome if someone could combine this mod and moonlight tales mod so we could have all the textures, glowing eyes, and other features of moonlight tales + werewolf mastery. If someone does do it I would really appreciate it because I can't do it my self.
  13. I was thinking of something ether more human or reptilian then the drakian race.
  14. it would be awesome if someone could make a playable dragon race which could turn to look human or humanlike and back to dragon form. Then it would make a little more sense for the dragon form to have boobs sense they would be part human.
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