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  1. hi, you can't really make them have a threesome just because you want. But i have lots of orgies in my clubs autonomously. I should probably do a video on this, but basically you want to set up it in a way that normal couple sex can fail, for example: - if you put a very desirable place to have sex in a room that clients can't enter! this will make the interaction to fail, but your client and your dancer they will still in a group to have sex, so later if your dancer or your client find another partner all the 3 in this case will try to find a place (if you have animations proper) and if they can reach that place then they will have a 3some. Examplair image: I hope this helped
  2. ok, give me a couple of days and i will review this guide and make a video probably because in the action plan Roughhousing Encouraged in that neighbourg is on. try disable it or find mods to disable it. at least is what i do.. i just hate action plans.
  3. wild guess, because i used to have something similar, but it can be probably some conflicts with other mods that make your janitor cancel actions to do something else. If you have any LittleMsSam mod that interacts with buttlers or maids then test your game without them. Maybe something like that can be the problem.
  4. they work when they are in the club. if you are not in there then is a day off.
  5. hi, i just update some of the commands since there is a new version of WW. and i will try to make a couple more videos that i will post in the hub, but i just finish this one if you want to take a quick look into my club working without i doing any interaction. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f386a2f5fa80
  6. i am not sure if ww strip clubs follow EA or any default override for max population in the lot. but i can be wrong. i am saying this because i have tested with some other mods, with some big clubs were i invited ppl but i could not see the results. but please keep on testing and i hope your club to be fantastic
  7. so, while you try to figure it out (maybe try the game with only WW to see if the command works) i can only say that from my experience with strip club the last few months having clients is not a problem. Sure we all would love to have a packet club with a lot of action, but the game itself lags a lot when you have too many sims in the same lot. they just stare while waiting for instructions. So thats why i advise small clubs and not try to have +25 sims in the lot! even +20 is too much some times. I tottally agree that 6 can be a low number of dancers + bartender. Don't expect to make money, read my guide if you want but without "extra" work i was barelly making it even, but was i was having fun anyway.
  8. You can have another house managing the strip club. then you can just visit it, but as far as i know not a 100% npc. I never tried but i doubt it will auto manage the club, like hiring new dancers etc. But the working hours will be the same, the employees will show up in the timers you set up even if you are not the manager. as far as i know this is not possible, you are saying like normal business that you can just click on close, but no. You will need to change the opening hours etc.. In mines i just dont go to the club if i dont want to.
  9. Fwien

    Strip Club

    yes, is one of the requirements. after you buy a nightclub to be your new strip club (by phone or computer) you can then travel to your club and from phone you can hire your employees. Once you start hiring "Dancers" you can then specify if you want then do be bartenders, dancers or talking to clients. they will go with what is available, for example if you only have 1 barstool (i recomend only 1 anyway) if that is occupied after a while the others dancers will stop trying to bartend, they will try to dance if there is a spot/pole available or try to talk to costumers to lead them to private dancing.
  10. Fwien

    Strip Club

    i will update this later, since i see some changes already to the public version of strip club if i understand correctly, you are maybe only missing one step. You need to set what you create to nightclub, then from your computer or phone you can buy a strip club. from there the lot that you create will change to something else, but thats not important. having a 24/7 club is not "healthy", because the employees will be very very tired... just my 2 cents.
  11. and btw, it is in the wicked whims site: https://turbodriver.itch.io/wickedwhims/devlog/137112/strip-clubs-lets-dance Manage a Strip Club he changed the line, try: ww.set_stripclub_dancers_employee_limit 12
  12. i will test later the LoversLab version, what i know is that at least a month ago this one didn't have "striper club" option. so later i will take a look. as far i know, if you have the club set, then once in the club you can just use that simple line to change the amount of employess. and i am sorry if i sound ironic, trying to call someone a noob. not my intention. and for sure we we have diferent versions of the mod is fair that some things work a bit diferent.
  13. damm 🙄 is just a console line.. not that hard > travel to your strip club > press ctrl+shift+c > in the white thing you can type:
  14. hi, if you want you can see what i posted here: but here is a quote to help you: about the limitation let me just say that strip clubs still in Beta, you can talk with Turbo in their Patreon discord unless you got your wicked somewhere else...
  15. this is why i dont really want to post mines. those creations are gourgeus! well detailed! Great Job! damm i need to test those in my game later!
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