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  1. Flattered by the linking. Sadly, other than the list with all the conversion tracking for Skyrim, there isn't an "up to date" guide for it that i'm aware of. Only know of these two links that might be helpful but even then, a lot of mods haven't been converted and even SexLab is marked as unstable. This one is for LE sadly Now.. i have been asked to make a guide for Skyrim but sadly, i only ever played LE and do have a relatively working setup with hundreds of mods. That said, i might try my luck with SE when i finally change my PC. Don't ho
  2. CBBE KneeFix will conflict with ZaZ.. which is required for either Fusion Girl or either of the male bodies. So.. no. No Knee Fix.
  3. It's overriding them. That's the point of a PATCH. It's PATCHING files the original files that come with the animation packs. MOD order. Fucks sake. READ CAREFULLY. Did i say PLUGIN order? No. MOD order on your LEFT panel. Plugin order means absolute SHIT as long as ESMs load first, ESLs after them and ESPs after both. That said, won't be getting support if using NMM. Neither here nor in AAF discord. THERE IS A REASON WHY NMM'S OWN CREATORS DITCHED IT IN FAVOR OF OTHER MOD MANAGERS. I seriously do not understand how this concept is SO HARD to grasp.
  4. "Unmanaged" = Manual installation. That is a massive No No. And this screenshot tells me you only have a patch for animations and the Themes mod. Neither are animations. Not to mention disabled plugins on the right panel. This.
  5. Just Hooped in to say  Hi To  Scarlett Hope all is well 



  6. Read note on Staged Leito. All these changes and incompatibilities are made aware to me as they happen.
  7. I did updated it to reflect the changes being done to UAP as Ulf (and everyone else) is in the AAF discord and i get these news and changes as it happens. But as it was mentioned, it's only for the github version for the moment. Added a note on Staged Leito Patch about it.
  8. What does it say almost at the top of the guide? Follow me for sex is A FUCKING SKYRIM MOD, NOT FALLOUT 4. It never was because i never used it myself and don't know if it fucks something up or not. You're free to try but SexEmUp handles prostitution as well. ON AN UNRELATED NOTE: CUSTOM MOANS AND SUCH SOUND MODS NEED TO BE APPLIED BY A PATCH OR SOMETHING. NOT ALL ANIMATION PACKS HAVE SOUNDS/MOANS. THAT IS UP TO THE ANIMATORS THEMSELVES. WHICH IS WHY SAVAGE CABBAGE ADDED HIS OWN IN HIS LATEST VERSIONS.
  9. ooo my god i lost.......nice legs

  10. Sure, don't worry about it. You should see users in AAF Discord completely disregarding the troubleshooting help. It's maddening sometimes. 😐
  11. It wasn't there before. I just assumed people would load all these things (AAF/Theme/Animations/Patches) last, in MO2 at least, as to not be overwritten by anything else. I'm guessing it's the LLFP plugin that RH comes with, since it's already included in AAF itself. Just added that bold text about mod order for MO2 today.
  12. Hence why it's on "Skip"/Scrap list. Most users wouldn't even figure that out or how to do it. Some stuff in that list can work but it's not plug&play at all. Guide's meant to be as simple and error/conflicts free as possible.
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