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  1. ooo my god i lost.......nice legs

    1. Saya_Scarlett


      Uhm.. thanks :)


  2. Sure, don't worry about it. You should see users in AAF Discord completely disregarding the troubleshooting help. It's maddening sometimes. 😐
  3. It wasn't there before. I just assumed people would load all these things (AAF/Theme/Animations/Patches) last, in MO2 at least, as to not be overwritten by anything else. I'm guessing it's the LLFP plugin that RH comes with, since it's already included in AAF itself. Just added that bold text about mod order for MO2 today.
  4. Hence why it's on "Skip"/Scrap list. Most users wouldn't even figure that out or how to do it. Some stuff in that list can work but it's not plug&play at all. Guide's meant to be as simple and error/conflicts free as possible.
  5. Uhm.... Tentacus, buddy. I had a... situation in AAF. So uhm.. this happened. I am very confused as to why it's conflicting with BP and SC, got any ideas? Anything you changed? As far as i remember it should only conflict with UAP, Leito and Hardship, correct? EDIT: Nevermind, i'm a fucking moron.
  6. It's just not very compatible with AAF because they're both UI elements. Not just that but compared to other sorting mods, VIS itself is VERY taxing. I for one recommend both above or Bhaal's Better Sorting. I use HUD Framework + AAF + Sex Attribute HUD + DEF_INV (from DEF_UI, i skip DEF_HUD) + Bhaal's and Sim Settlements without its HUD element when in settlements.
  7. You can use CBBE + BodyTalk + ZeX just fine. ZeX is required for either FG and/or BodyTalk / Atomic Muscle bodies, not just Fusion Girl. CBBE KneeFix is not included in ZeX. It's a separate skeleton and it will conflict and fuck up everything ZeX related. One Patch detected what animation packs where installed and made files for all of them, even adding new ones for Female+Female support and what not. Aswell as including some creature assets and strapons. Newer packs than One Patch are just fine and can work perfectly without it. Even the older ones (except Crazy) but not all have F+F or M+M animations and that's what One Patch used to do. Add support for that. As for the older animation packs, Crazy won't work, only for M+M stuff with UAP. Crazy doesn't come with its own XML files. Not even for straight animations. Needs a new patch for it for M+F and F+F. Staged Leito takes care of Leito. UAP takes care of the new ones as far as M+M support goes AND adds creature assets, along some animation corrections that were previously on Silver's Erection Fix. Valdalcil's Item Sorting is very taxing on the game engine because it handles UI elements. The game can handle only so many swf elements before it chokes and crashes. Anything UI related like DEF_UI, Pip-Pad, VIS/VIS-G, AAF and many many others is a gamble. The less you have installed, the less chances you'll have of CTDs.
  8. Actually, i'd place the Download Links list from my guide at the very bottom of the MOD order on the left panel in MO2 and everything else like Violate, SexEmUp and such just above. Just so NOTHING overwrites any XMLs or important AAF/Animation files by accident. If this is Vortex, you just follow the list for its rules. UAP being ruled after everything and Leito Staged after everything it conflicts with, including UAP. Plugin order does not matter at all as far as AAF/Animations/AAF mods are concerned. And if this is NMM... then.. yeah.
  9. If AAF = 30% -> Reinstall with debug checked for to get a debug screen with errors when you load your save. Othrewise, as i already state in the guide, drop by AAF's Discord and we can help you troubleshoot the issue.
  10. I mean, you're not wrong but i'd still rather people ask instead of blindly doing stuff :X
  11. Something we say around AAF Discord a lot. "The only stupid question is the one not asked" Don't worry. Better safe than sorry, always.
  12. This right here. Part of that has to do probably with One Patch support being yeeted entirely by Themes author. You're not the first to have issues. This guide is mostly meant for a WORKING AAF setup, meaning AAF not hanging at 30%, crashing or not even starting. Do make sure to build the male body with Morphs checked and Erection slider at 0%. Even if it's already set that way, hit build. Wether you get erections or not, i'd take it up with the people making the animations / patches because that depends on their XML files and whatnot. Funny thing, most of them use their own custom patches so even i get fucked on that regard because i can't code for shit or make my own XML files or whatever. One Patch to bang is technically up for grabs as far as i know but no one apparently can be fucked with getting it to 2.0 and keeping it updated. Technically? Yes. I don't think it would mess anything up BUT Custom Moans is more of a resource as far as i'm aware. Another mod/animation pack would have to make use of them. I try. I do what i can with the info / updates i get. UAP adds moans for males and (as far as i know) empty files for females. So if you load Custom Moans after it, might win over the empty files that UAP installs for females. Although, even then, you'd need another mod / animation pack to make use of them. That's why Savage Cabbage now has sound files for his own animation pack for one. **************************************************************************************************************************************************** In all honesty, i'm getting a bit tired with all these LoversLab Shenanigans of people doing their own thing and not caring if it'll work with other people's works. Most (active) modders/animators are in the AAF Discord so you're welcome to ask any technicalities in there. I just make the guide and make sure it doesn't fuck AAF a new one and it works. Erections/Moans or not. Anyone is welcome to make a new One Patch to Bang or whatever as long as they follow what's been standardized, unlike Indarello who uses backwards morph values and completely disregards the Themes and makes his own. If you make a patch that goes along what's been already established, like correct erection morph values and shit, i'll include it here. No problem.
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