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  1. Well, i can only hope because i love the outfits 😂 Either way, i'm still able to use a couple of them and will still keep them all installed anyway. Here's to hoping 🥂
  2. Sad that knockout framework is ill advised because it usually fucks shit up. And before you or anyone says anything, hop on AAF Discord and we can discuss it. Forums are slow as fuck and i barely get in here to chit chat. Either way, Knockout Framework might work? But it's been found to be usually problematic when it comes to AAF adult setups for quite a while now.
  3. Sounds like just about every other clothing mod for Fallout 4 or Skyrim. Although i'm conflicted. Like i mentioned, if i use Eve body with the Ev6 mesh, your items fit perfectly but everything else just.. doesn't. Going to try those Maxis Version ones but honestly, i can't see myself using anything other than Better Body, which i noticed most stuff is made around (if not specifically for it). Like CBBE Body vs Fusion Girl Body in Fallout 4 or CBBE Body vs UNP Body for Skyrim. Either way, really love the outfits and still use one or two that fit just perfectly (one being one of t
  4. Likely what he replied to me about "means its made for the maxis bodymesh."
  5. Get Buffout. And for future reference, load order (plugin order) doesn't mean anything, unlike in Skyrim. As long as ESM's load first, then ESLs and finally ESPs, plugin order doesn't matter.
  6. Brothels will likely break your save in the long run anyway. That said, i'd avoid NMM (not you but everyone else. You seem to know what you're doing.) unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing. There is a reason NMM was taken out back and shot, being later replaced by Vortex. I'd still recommend MO2 above them all anyway.
  7. I gotta ask. Why is it doing this? It's like the moment i equip one of your items, she's suddenly super stacked. Inb4: I am NOW using Better Body but i tried with Eve and it does the exact same thing. Tits just get bigger with your outfits, hips change shape, etc. Every single other item i've downloaded from everywhere else, doesn't. Now, i'm not trying to flame or anything but i'm mostly curious as to WHY? I'd SO love to use most of your stuff but it doing this just puts me off entirely. Now, with the Eve 6 mesh, it still does the
  8. Vortex or MO2? Either way, Load Order and Mod Order aren't the same. If you're using MO2, mod list on the left panel is your Mod Order and this is what really matters. If you're using Vortex, Vortex rules is what really matters. Plugin order means nothing, as long as you order them with ESMs coming first (Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch right between these and the Game/DLC plugins), then ESLs and finally ESPs. In the guide linked above, AAF/Theme/Animations/Patches are in the exact order that they should be. If MO2, that exact list should be ordered as is in you
  9. Ignore the post right above mine here ^^^^^^^^^^. Throw Nexus Mod Manager into the burner/out the window. There's a reason Nexus itself ditched it in favor for Vortex. Get Vortex or MO2.
  10. The reason for the currently listed AAF FPE is that i know it works. I have not tested any new mod regarding pregnancy myself (Dairy Framework for example), so i cannot recommend something i haven't used myself. If many people in the AAF Discord tell me those work 100% without issues, i might add them, yes. That said, i'm one to usually be skeptical about really big mods like Dairy Framework or MCG. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." "Jack of All Trades, Master of None." Yadda yadda yadda. You are all more than welcome to test new mods/mods that replac
  11. Your problem is not related to the guide but some other mod. The guide (and mods listed) work perfectly. It's been tested a million times and whichever problems you might encounter are either of your own making or some other mods not listed here/mod listed in incompatibilities. That said, you're welcome. Drop by the AAF Discord if you require assistance.
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