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    Modding and such. I have a deep interest in computers. At some point I'll dedicate some time to learning, in depth, how to mod. The most I can do now is make a simple follower in Skyrim! Which is better than nothing. Right? I also like to MilSim on Xbox and PC
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    I'm just a person who likes playing video games!
  1. No physics for anything, boobs don't bounce and vagina doesn't react to anything piercing it. Installing all of this just made physics in all forms completely disappear. I had cbpc and most of all that installed already. I went into body slide and there are 3bbb amazing body smp on object player, a cup, b cup, c cup, and d cup. I don't know which one to build or which one I should even do. I don't use a female character so im just trying to get this to work on npc's. Think im gonna disable this and use cbbe special until I can find out how to make this work.
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