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  1. Milk-Mod-Economy-Bodyscaling-Bodymorph.7z im confused about this file do i need it i mean i checked and its about body scaling but its all scripts ... what is it ?
  2. is there a way to make 10 xp from action trigger the idiot savant ?
  3. noob question here guys i just started modding fo4 with loverslab stuff anyway so mod works its all fine but once scene starts its only 1 animation and then it ends no stage changes or auto anim changes anyone can point me to right direction how can i make it so it progresses like in skyrim ?
  4. soulgem oven seems to not be able to spawn soulgems with this mod unless u uncheck the push option in sgo settings
  5. same here loverslab fails to load sometimes too lately no idea if its me
  6. i have a little problem everything is working perfectly except the tavern clothes doesnt work for making people ask for it ... also all the wenches seems to be not really getting any customers too i have immersive wenches mod and immersive citizens ai mod doesnt matter if i move this mod in load order wench clothes still not working btw i know immersive wenches has wench clothing that prevents them from being prostitues but my problem is with normal wench clothing npc doesnt approach to ask for it anyone found a fix for it ? is there anything i can do ?
  7. so i never had any problem with this mod really it works really stable tho ... after reinstalling and re modding skyrim there seems to be some tie up posses missing cant recall which ones are but im sure there was more anyone knows how can i fix this ?
  8. what mod causes that green flameish effect tho
  9. hey spirit i have suggestion ... i cant recall its name but that one passive giving bonus health to ur companions if u had sex with them ... that bonus goes away after game restart is there a way to make it permanent ? if not will u add option to make it permanent
  10. 4.171 (the update between 4.17 and 4.18) reset the Absorb Perk because there were a few glitches with it in 4.17. If you'd like these to be uneffected you can remove the update code in creation kit then load the old save on update. In short - Open creation kit, open script manager and search "SuH_Main" (SuH_Main.psc is what you want to edit) open in external editor (right click, I use Notepad++ but normal notepad works). Remove lines 437 to 445 (use ctrl+F and enter "4.160" and you should find it, lines "if MODversion > 4.160" to the first "endIf" from that point). Save the file over the old one (ctrl+s) and then right click on it again in creation kit and compile. Load a save from before updating and it won't reset unless I implement it in a future update (which I don't currently plan too). I do what I can, updates usually take a bit of time tho. I'll be honest tho I'm not really sure what you're asking for here. =X.x= well my english isnt the best... sorry about that what im trying to say is just like we drain health can we drain critical chance , i know theres actor value for it in game u can change it with console but what im wondering is can it be done like lets say just like we drain health magicka stamina and stuff thru succubus heart can we also drain critical chance so for example after the act we will get bonus critical chance just an idea thanks for the reply btw ^^
  11. hey spirit shard its really good to see that ure actually implementing suggestions when u got time thanks for ur amazing work ^^ i have something in mind not sure if it can happen i would definetly try to do it myself if i can but when it comes to modding im just lost lol Was wondering if its possible to add crit drain pretty much like hp and magicka drain but with real small values so u cannot be like crit ninja in short time just a suggestion tho thanks again for updates
  12. is there any way to increase max gem capacity beyond 13 ?
  13. Ed thanks for no stripping toggle u sneaky modder did update it without saying anything anyone know which scripts do i need to remove with save tool for upgrading to latest version ?
  14. i dont get rob option everything else is there when i tie hostile npc down anyone know why or is it removed feature or something what am i doing wrong ?
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