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  1. Can't say I'm giving up. There is just something pushing me to express myself and the Sane/Nuttyness of my characters. I was trying to find the word that would mean both Sane and Insane. Oh well but imagine a Fusion Dance DBZ style of Jyggalag and Sheogorath. Boom! The most powerful Lord of the D's!!! Not to get it confusion Ha with Tenacious D! But the Daedra haa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa That union would go to More-Lag-Saggy-Balls and say like a Unreal tournament announcer DOMINATED!!!!!!!!! And Molag bal become come bitch like the rest of the Daedra the very thing they feared come true and that
  2. Wow that felt short but it was as long as hell.... umm the chapter that is. Yeah... Goes to show how interesting the story is. Great work!
  3. Oh My God That Was A Close Call! Sometimes I wonder if an Angel is watching over you guys. I just hope nothing like this or worse happens again.
  5. Nooice! Great Work on the Jokes. I really like how Cass throws him off and confuses him. It's really funny how she is at eye level with those windows just being on her trusty steed. Very Interesting and Loving where the story is going, keep it up and at attention like viagra. 🤭
  6. So Aria gets her own sex dungeon?
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