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  1. Oh Boy Prince is gonna need a disguise like Batman.
  2. Oh that was definitely Alter's Nora in the Hammerfell chapters.
  3. Now that's what I'm talking bout Great work AT. And Happy Keister!
  4. Did you use the Pan am and Judy follow exploit? And no I didn't do that quest with the training bot.
  5. Happy Easter to Mikey and Precious Cards for them below.... I Hope the Gif images make it through Yes Mikey Candy Egg Game that's all you gotta know for now. And for Eva, Prince and Ivy... Happy Days Enjoy!
  6. Jayomms


    Nice work on this one. I really could hear the effects in my mind. You really know how to bring these effects to life like not many I've seen done on LL. !Sexcellent!
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