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  1. Well crap a few ppl on Skyrim romance mod site asking for more kids it should have more if u want so after having one is mostly over the mod then I been all over with Bishop and 95% of his lines are the same
  2. I all ready have one child from Bishop can you have more ??????
  3. I Been working on FNIS for a week now i have Delate and redo it over and over again then Today I Run FNIS came up saying everything good this time then i log into game and it says SKSE was not found and SKYUI wont work with out it So now going to try your way and see what Happen this is getting bad when u go to ppl sites who puts out videos on how to and u ask for a little help and it like I never said anything H*** I was ready to pay someone to log in and do it I am on a window 10 and 99% of videos are out now are least 5 years old Hope this work will let you know and will post a pictu
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