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  1. jodi

    Summon Succubus Twins

    Is there something special to do to make them have sex? They just shoot enemies with fireballs and a life drain spell, and when I made them have sex with enemies using defeat, they did not die afterwards
  2. jodi

    SexLab Defeat

    Hi, To start really great mod, thanks! I know the hideout is a work in progress, but is there any way to go into the cell with a prisoner to take advantage of them? trying to open the door just give me the option to release them. Even if you don'r have any special options made for them, just allowing to go into the cell would allow to take advantage of them with the actiom button or other mods sex throught talk, like it is currently possible using the "tcl" noclip console command. that would seem like a very easy modification to do
  3. jodi

    Paradise Halls and sexlabs

    I just installed paradise hall and it works fine with both defeat and submit, allowing to have the submit sex throught speech and the defeat sex my taking them forcefully from behind with the slaves, and they work fine in general as well. I did have CTDs at first but I'm not sure how I fixed it (I deactivated and then reactivated some mods, moved stuff in the load order and such) Having a lot of fun with by soulgem farm of slaves locked in the basement (great website by the way, just found it a month ago.. I always wanted more perverted stuff in my game. great to see that some people went throught the trouble of making it)