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  1. There's one scene with a troll (optional) and sex with a werewolf (optional, becomes repeatable). As for prostitution, you can sell your body for information/other advantages and you can work in two different brothels in the later parts of the quest, but these don't serve the purpose of earning gold, but to progress the quest (e.g. in the last part, there are different ways to earn a currency, and prostitution is one of them).
  2. While it's a bit sad as the planned features sound awesome, take a break. You come first, the mod can wait. Don't burn out.
  3. Sorry, but I'm a bit confused now. What is the difference between SexLabAroused LE Loose Modified by Bakafactory and Sexlab Aroused Redux? Is the first one an edit for those who use standard SLA?
  4. Thanks, but unfortunately not. The outfit I'm looking for had an exposed midriff and a slit in the skirt.
  5. Hello. A few months ago I had to delete Skyrim and all mods. After reinstalling, I tried to download the mods I used previously, but can't find one of them. It was a secretary outfit (not Aradia secretary), consisting of a short skirt and a sleeveless vest, showing cleavage and the midriff. There were 3 different colours, and in-game it was named "sexy cloth". Thanks in advance.
  6. I gave it a try. As darkfender666 and Krazyone said, nothing happened after a stalker approached my character and the struggle bar filled. My character was just standing around, while the stalker stayed crouching. When changing to "Openly flirt", I only got "Hey baby! Nice boobs!" during my tests. When choosing the first option, they left, while the second option said there are no groping animations, and nothing happened. I'll keep following the mod, as it sounds promising.
  7. Very nice, looking forward to it. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Great to see an update. And sorry to ask so soon, but is there an estimate when the contextual approaches will be added? I've been waiting for something like that for ages.
  9. I like the concept of the mod, but would like to ask 2 questions: 1. If I understand correctly, it will be possible to play without getting tats, right? (Sorry, not a fan of them) 2. Would it be possible to have a clothed mode where we can set up an outfit as the "whore outfit"? It would be nice for those of us with a lot of outfit mods. But if not, also no big problem.
  10. Can someone backport this armour for me, please? https://www.patreon.com/posts/nini-adler-30510997 Unfortunately, the LE version of this mod only has the normal version, without separate lower and upper parts.
  11. Maybe not the right place to ask, but there's no separate topic for BaboDialogue. After getting protected by the Vice-captain, there are some force greet events if I am away for too long (he takes all gold from the chest, wants to see my character naked) and I have the option to talk to him and say that I'll report him or ask him to take me. Does anyone know if this is all there is to it at the moment, or are there future options in the current version that I can discover with time (3.52)?
  12. Camilla is not exactly taken, but Solutions makes it possible to choose between Sven, Faendal and Camilla, after which you get a new dialogue option to have sex with the one you chose.
  13. Not sure, it worked for me since the beginning. Did you check under the Web option? In the first version it was under Web, but in the newer one I get the menu after clicking More choices.
  14. First of all, thanks for the mod, really enjoying it. I would like to ask if there is way to trigger the photoshoot, or at least increase the chance for one? Previously, I never got the second call (I followed the installation instructions), and while I didn't have an exclamation mark above the studio, all furniture was x/0. Today I updated my game, so now my furniture is x/1, so I'd like to somehow test if now I can get the 2nd call. Edit: Updating the game helped, got the second call and event, but after choosing the outfit most of the NPC's got replaced with fans, so I couldn't take the photos (but the event ended successfully).
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