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  1. I added in the first post a tutorial for making a penis model for this mod.
  2. Yea it would be nice. He already Pm'ed me, I'll reply tomorrow, now I have few time. Actually this creature mod is just a portion of the mod I'm experimenting with. For example, now I went back to the ingame customisable body mod I started months ago (another submod). It became too messy and it needed to be redone. So jumping from one submod to another At least till I have time for Skyrim modding.
  3. Dammit sorry everybody' date=' I totally forgot that I added a simple function to the Actor script, without that there is no linkage with the magic effect script I deleted the three previous esp attachments and put everything in one here, I hope it works this time: creatureTest.rar You still need the resources from the bigger rar archive attachment, this is only the esp with the scripts.
  4. Lol it looks like no one can run my spell. Ok I really don't know what's wrong, I re-downloaded the three rars and merged them, and it works for me. Here it is a flv video demonstration, if you cannot play it in game then at least watch it creaturetestvideo.rar
  5. Did actually anyone get my esp working? It works for me but maybe I missed something. I'm worried about that there are some downloads but no one reporting that it's working
  6. SKSE is not required. No need to nuke your data, I think you can just take all of your savegames and temporary compress them in a single rar archive in the same folder so that they are no more in that folder but inside the archive, the game won't read them, keep just a few savegames and use those to test my mod. You can then uncompress all the savegames after you tested my mod (I don't think you're gonna use my mod while playing as it's just a test mod). I also think you can keep all the stuff in Data, the script lagging problem was about a huge number of savegames, if I remember correctly. Ju
  7. There is no problem with the already made creature mods as the werewolf male/female and Derrax frost troll' date=' they can be easily used with this mod, maybe they can be added to a list or something, so that creatures equip one of the models randomly to give more variations. What about some machinery? I'd like to add also a cylinder which contains a yellow-lighted liquid like the dwarven lights from Morrowind
  8. For those having trouble about getting the spell, I added a script that automatically adds the spell to player. You just have to center on cell, like written in the readme.
  9. Lol sorry I forgot about giving you the esp to try the meshes in game, here it is, read the readme inside it. It gives you a spell that you can cast to one of those creatures to give them a 5 seconds erection. There is a test cell with all those creatures. Sorry I didn't include a quest that automatically gives you the spell, you need to follow the readme Let me know if it works.
  10. Ok' date=' I put them here! Data.rar Your character should be more worried about mammoth encounters
  11. The main polishing is actually about some meshes' date=' and in particular the materials. The texture polishing is only about the normal maps, I thought you have to do the texture, then you create the normal map from it automatically, without the need for painting the normal map manually, is this correct? What filters/setting are you using in Gimp to create a Skyrim normal map? I tried to load a vanilla texture in Gimp and create the normal map following a Fallout tutorial but it's not the same result as the vanilla normal map, which is much better. Thanks for the advice, this way
  12. Wow i just saw the horse penis model from this thread: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=11520&page=2 I think I need to drag'n drop my horse mesh to the trash
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