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  1. I've spent over 2 days looking for this an im going to assume im looking the wrong way... Could i get an assist?
  2. Has anyone even tried to get the animation for Running/Sprinting by chance?
  3. Wonderful! I shall try this immediately! Im not sure where Actor Effects are located O_o?
  4. So im a numb modder, Made a few cells, Completed one cell basic layout and im jumping to my end cell in an interior cell that i made into an arena, So what im tying to do is make a dragon not fly through the walls, Ceiling or floor, As well as keep different dragons from flying, So they just walk around after you and such. I've posted this in 5 different discords but either no one replies or doesn't give any viable info, So im hitting the forums in hope that someone could help me figure this process out! Thank you very much in advance and hopefully i can continue learning to become a great
  5. Can someone send me a link to UUNP? Trying to get this body working in SE
  6. Well thank you anyways, I really love the time and effort you put into this, It is already smashed into my Skyrim Resources folders where it will stay :3
  7. Now here is a question, i have a Face Preset, Will applying that preset change the body? Also, I think i might have messed up with the proper pictures i gave you, The body looks... sickly/anorexic compared to what i gave you.
  8. Okay i guess i will go for the butt with her in the first picture, And with her wearing complete black ill go with the breasts there :D!
  9. Sorry :O! Let me try this again :3 Hi ! I would love a 1:1 Model of 2b's Body, I have seen your work and was sent here by a few people because of the type of work you do and you might be the only who can do this :D! Here is a few pictures for reference, I would love for it to stay true as humanly possible. I think i formatted this right? I did 3 edits XD I read your OP a few times to make sure i did not mess up, Thank you in advance :O!!!
  10. Im going to attempt to revive this thread in hopes someone can actually make the crappy version nicer, I have as far as i am aware every file needed, Even the follower mod, But i have no idea how i would make the hair or use the assets to make a high quality version of Vella Hair.
  11. Im looking for Vella's Hair, Not the crappy looking version but the good looking one, i think someone had used a random 1k file and it made the hair better, i never used external editing programs to do things like that and i doubt i will ever learn them T_T
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