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  1. Ah, I missed that the question could be interpreted from the mod author's perspective. I was thinking from the mod user. Do we have that many mod author's that responded to the poll?
  2. Thanks for clarifying what's different about TS4 that makes it limiting to play. I don't care for sex mods in TS3/TS4, but what about the general modding point? The poll suggests TS4 is preferred for modding in general. Is there a reason why? Is it easier? Or does TS3 have some issue with mod compatibility not being clear on the newer versions? (a lot of the mod websites don't seem to clearly state what version a gameplay mod is for)
  3. Any idea why Simple Slavery (regular version) doesn't have porting issues whiles Simple Slavery Plus does? Or is it just that no one looked at SS closely like Roggvir did for SS+? Seems pretty complicated for conversion... Do you plan to post your conversion?
  4. I'm referring to the dll inside DDi-4.2SE.7z (in yellow text below). Wouldn't make sense for that to be for SKSE 2.0.15 since you posted a separate DDi DLL for 2.0.15 (see green text below). Is the DLL inside the yellow file for SKSE 2.0.12?
  5. For the DLL that's part of the DDi 7z file, what version of SKSE is that for? Post doesn't say. Is it correct to assume it's for 2.0.12?
  6. You're probably using Devious Devices and have the armor slot hider on.
  7. I took the items you found and created an ESL-flagged ESP patch. I left out some stuff though, like things that weren't clearly issues (effect shader and QNAM differences), things that weren't clear on the impact (e.g. VNAM merges), or things that might cause CTDs if not tested thoroughly (NAVM merges). sanguinesDebauchery SE (April 2019) - patch.7z
  8. That can't be the case, otherwise why would he attach a separate DLL file for SKSE 2.0.15? I'm referring to the DLL inside the DDi-4.2SE.7z file.
  9. I'm a bit confused on what the hotfix is for. It contains only meshes and seems to overwrite some files in DDx but also has some extra files. Any reason why the hotfix can't be merged into the corresponding DDa/DDi/DDx file?
  10. Thanks. Also, what version of SKSE is the dll in the DDi4.2SE file for?
  11. Thanks, didn't notice the invisible link. As for that DD 4.2 post, any idea what version of SKSE the dll within the DDi file is for? Does the SL setting for disabling HH during animations not work during DD animations?
  12. How do we use the SE version? It requires DD Expansion, which isn't converted yet to SE.
  13. I read in various places that it's not recommended to have everything on as it causes more lag. But more importantly, it costs too much to buy everything. Series has such a terrible business model. Is there anything like the STEP guides for Skyrim LE (SRLE Extended) and Skyrim SE (LOTD SE) for TS3/TS4? Those STEP guides for Skyrim are like a curated list of mods that are up-to-date and work well. It'd be great if there was something similar for The Sims since there are just way too many mods.
  14. More votes for the poll came in... the results are a bit surprising. Overwhelming consensus that TS3 has better gameplay and also pretty large majority think it's better overall. However, the polls suggest TS4 is better for modding in general. Why is that?
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