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  1. Think Blogger/blogspot is free if you don't want to pay for website hosting.
  2. Thanks for all the ports and sorry to hear you were getting too much troublesome messages. BTW, for your website have you considered other options besides WIX? I've always found browsing wix websites painful since they are so slow (really bad performance). Weebly is supposedly very similar to wix in terms of features and ease of use, but it performs a lot better. Then there's also old school blogger.
  3. I'm using NRaas' MasterController to get numbers for the sliders, but they don't appear on the Basic Tab. How are you getting them to display? What slider mods are you using? Delphy's slider mod has some of those, but not all.
  4. I just delete the bones from the mesh. L Breast L Butt R Breast R Butt
  5. Are files missing from the download? The description says there is bodyslide support but I don't see bodyslide files after installing. I checked the BSAs as well.
  6. The mod author has made a come "comebacks" saying he was working on v2 of the mod and release would be in a few months, but I don't put any stock in those anymore. Will believe it when I see it.
  7. Bug Report In the MCM Cum Inflation Settings, the sliders for "Max Cum Belly Size" and "Belly Size per cum (L)" allow a float, but if you choose a non-integer, they will round down to the nearest integer when you re-open the menu.
  8. In my game, it doesn't seem to be adding schlongs to SIC's Skeleton race. Saw issues with Bloody Skeleton, Skeleton Scourge, and Skeleton Mage.
  9. Weird... would've figured there was already enough space. It's tight, but not skin tight. For the second issue, any idea why polycount is an issue and how high is too high? The mesh is about 5K vertices. A UUNP body is almost 7K vertex, according to NifSkope. Either way, I was able to fix both by increasing the mesh around the areas that were clipping.
  10. Somewhat related question that you'd probably know the answer to. I'm working on a different CBBE SE conversion. It's a mashup where the shirt and pants are separate pieces. The pants are tight fitting, but not skin tight. I did a simple Copy Bone Weight since it's pants rather than a skirt. However, when running or jumping, I see clipping around the back of the knees. Is this a bone weighting issue? I don't see clipping when I load both meshes in Outfit Studio. I also see a problem with the shirt that is slightly similar. In OS, no clipping. But in-game, as I move the camera farther I can see a tiny bit of clipping in the area of the shirt is very close to the body.
  11. Thanks. I tried handpainting the weights yesterday before seeing your guide. Next time I try, maybe the guidelines in there will help, but handpainting still seems tricky to me.
  12. Would also really like to see this. Bone weights for long robes/skirts are tricky. I tried to convert the mage robe replacer myself with an aggressive setting for "Copy Bone Weights" but the body and robe still clip when crouching.
  13. I like this idea of it not always happening but it being a chance. Would be even more immersive it changed based on the hold (e.g. higher chance of corrupt guards in Riften and less in Whiterun). Any chance of adding this in?
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