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  1. Nemesis generates a FNIS plugin so things like Sexy Move (which requires FNIS) can work as intended. It just doesn't work with non-human animation packs and mods.
  2. Wish I could swap out creation engine with RED engine used in Witcher 3.
  3. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31146 See if that helps?
  4. Whats your animation count coming up as? I run nemesis and it smashes out 26500 animations.
  5. Did you make sure to update the engine before generating the animations?
  6. Alright, well looks like even with SLAL MCM animations loading into SL MCM correctly creature animations seem borked with Nemesis. So I suppose if you really really want creature animations you must use FNIS. If I could pinpoint why I'm guessing because Nemesis doubles the animation count? FNIS gave me like 13k animations while Nemesis counted 26k in total; so my assumption is Nemesis doubles SL animations going over SL animation count limit?
  7. Had nemesis up and running before I modded in SL and pretty much everything SL related for SSE. Current animation count with all SL SSE ported animations, couple poser and couple other animation mods (DAR), running at close to 26,000 animations. Anyways, long story short, AFAIK all non-creature animations work 100%. Going to test out creatures to see if I was able to fix them last night. I seen somewhere else someone said SLAL (animation loader) didn't work with nemesis; only gave you a blank screen with logo in MCM. I had same problem, but realized after
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