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  1. If your explanation is right, my problem is solved. Thanks guys.
  2. So if i set that option Boundary have a favorable impression (degrees friendly) set xLoversJoburg.GoodDisposition to 60 to 1, a npc who has 1 or higher disposition towards me will accept no and not going to rape me?
  3. For example i don't have many of these settings.. I need some of them..
  4. The thing is my ini files are almost empty.. I can't see any useful settings for my situation. LoversJoburgDef1: ;Joburg settings tweaks ini set xLoversJoburgCorruptLV to 15 set xLoversJoburg.GreetingHFactor to 1.00 set xLoversJoburg.MMFactor to 0.01 set xLoversJoburg.MFFactor to 1.00 set xLoversJoburg.FMFactor to 0.02 set xLoversJoburg.FFFactor to 0.02 set xLoversJoburg.CMFactor to 0.01 set xLoversJoburg.CFFactor to 1.00 set xLovers
  5. Thanks for advice but i don't like that mod. I didn't know that Joburg has a responsibility system. As i said, i'm completely okay with stalking that leads to consensual sex. Are there any other factors? For example; A poor, weak beggar rapes Fighters Guild Leader. I don't this to happen, it's unrealistic. A honorable man with good alignment rapes someones wife for no goddamn reason. I don't want this one too.. If there are some other good factors for rape like victims strenght should be lower etc jm completely okay with that. But if there aren't any good other factors, i just want to disable
  6. Is raping connected with NPCs personalities? I mean, i don't want to a married guy to rape anyone. Or i don't to a honorable character to rape anyone. If not, how can i set rape chance to zero. Thanks.
  7. So, thanks for ur answer. Where are these settings? Also the thing i want is when i or a npc refuse to have sex with stalker, there will be no rape, i want stalker to masturbate himself instead of rape. But when i or a npc wants to have sex and accept to have sex, i want normal sex. I mean there is a chance right? When u refuse, stalker can masturbate or rape. I want to them masturbate all of the time instead of raping. It's my wish.
  8. So guys i want to disable rape element of joburg. Stalking is completely ok and immersive imo because people are having sex with each other and it's completely okay. But when someone refuses to have sex, other one will likely rape and get killed by guards. It destroys my immersivity in certain quests. For example in Kvatch Chapel i was doing one of the first MQ quests and suddenly, a npc approached me and asked for sex (i refused then she started to rape me), then other kvatch guards attacked to her and killed her. It's bullshit. Tl;dr: I want to disable rape aspect of Joburg, i'm
  9. well, sadly there is no option to disable these dialogues from mcm. i mean, im okay with dialogues like 'hey, want to have sex' because they are initating animations. my problem is idle dialogues like my examples.
  10. oh, im using it. well, its quite bad to hear, this mod was really good.. do u know any other sex mod which starts animations between npcs? or can i delete these dialogues but keep the mod?
  11. npcs in my game are always using dialogues like these and im really sick of it, which mod causes these dialogues? - lets get some pussy from town - did you see the new stall girl - mmm, every mans dream etc. I need ur help guys, i need to stop using this mod asap. it ruins the immersion for me because EVERYBODY is talking about sex. The bad thing is idk which mod adds these dialogues.
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