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  1. Think you missed my point, Set the main/original body to a skin texture, same as what human races use, they would now look furless you then set the first layer of the fur shell as the main fur layer where its got a full body fur texture excluding the 'exposed' areas in the alpha where it shows the skin So now the fur is completely independent from the body and can be set to the hair shader With the head you do the same except you wouldnt need to set the main original head to a skin texture as i assume theres no exposed skin on the head in your design What you end up with is two new bodyparts fur_head and fur_body these two parts are set and using the hair slider using the wig trick from the mod i posted getting npcs to to use this, the new body part should be fine as npcs arnt generated with bodies, with this the new head part you may want to make a wearable version thats invisible(marked as unplayable) and use SPID to give all khajiit the fur for there heads, think of this as a fur helmet of sorts Depending how thick the fur shell is you may want to not have the fur_body show with armor as it may clip with tighter outfits My suggestion is you separate the fur into two parts, a base fur layer and an extended fur layer so fur_body_base and fur_body_extended the base fur layer is the first fur layer of your fur shell, the most skin tight mesh layer, This layer adds a skin tight fur to the otherwise furless body the extended fur layer is the rest of your fur shell, this adds the fluff so when your wear armor it overrides the extended fur layer but not your base layer, as the main body that comes with outfits would be hairless so you need the base fur layer to add the most flat layer of fur If npcs have an assigned hair color there fur will set to that many khajiit may have a generic default hair color as i think many vanilla dont use hair technically eather way the fur_head. fur_body_Base and fur_body_extended would all use the hair color and match The result would probably be most khajiit npcs use the same or similar skin tint for there skin color and hair color for there fur as i assume most just rely on the fur texture alone and didnt change colors much. The player can then experiment with setting the skin tone and hair/fur tones to whatever they want If you wanted to extend this mod to change npc hair and skink tones you can do just in xedit without having to regenerate npc meshes you can test different skin/hair tone combos and note them down then give them to verious ect You seem to be worried about fur to skin transition, can a see your texture for the first fur shell(the first layer of your fur) I can see if i need to suggest changes
  2. So is the problem that it wont match skin color? there is this mod here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/48311 It allows wigs to match hair color What im thinking(just off the top of my head) Is if you consider the main body mesh, furless skin and uses the skintone, so under your fur shell the whole body is hairless skin you then have the fur shell set to sync to haircolor via the mod i listed this then sits over the skin So interms of mesh layers you would have the main body mesh - the skin layer the first fur layer - this would be a full fur layer(no alpha dots) where only the areas you want exposed like the boobs are in the alpha of this layer the rest of the fur layers - done as the alpha dots aka the shelling method So now you have individual skintone and hair color thats considered fur color for this use So if the fur shell both for the head and the body are technically considered wigs you can use the hair color syncing, tbh it makes sense that khajiit hair is just longer strands of there fur and should all be the same color/pattern anyway The skin layer could also have the 'pattern' that the fur uses so it all syncs up nicely, you would want to have a nice fade in the alpha between the fur layers and the skin underneath so the transition is nice and smooth which i think you have done a good job already in the images
  3. Had an idea for something that might be refreshing to add to this mod A destroyed apocalypses city, fallout or last of us style thats overgrown. It would be the remnants of the civilization that came before, where the walled cyberpunk city of knox is built over as one of the safe havens of the decaying old world below not that original i know lol Thought it would be cool to be able to traverse ruins and overgrown remains of a city from like a modern era city Pulling assets from the 'moderntown' mod thats floating around The city of knox could have scavengers sent below to search the ruins for left over fuel and spare parts to fix machines in the city ect Could be part of a mission system for the player to be sent down to the ruins to find x number of items, the ruins could have zombies or the creatures that was in the original athersuite mod cant remember what they were called, they was in one of the prison areas Thought it would be a nice contrast to the futuristic cyberpunk city. You could also do a space station with several space locations like a mining rig on a side of a asteroid or a base on one of the moons, there are several mods with space scenes with effects You could then have one mod that merges concepts form skyrim(medieval fantasy) fallout(wasteland) cyberpunk(dystopian city) any space game The space station could be more clean and utopian to contrast the dystopian city
  4. Mods that make the people around you actually behave like people is always appreciated I havnt had time to read all posts here so i dont know it it hasnt been mentioned but i didnt see this in the description Is this mod okay with mods that add more dialogue like the mod 'more to say' https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22622 or 'immersive speechcraft' https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21296 I guess they would work as they would just be different dialogue options but would they count to the relationship stuff of this mod Another mod interaction would be interesting is with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/48564 ORomance with its custom ui One thing i always wanted feature wise for npcs, is for the player to be able to follow the npc somewhere, like to a specific place as a sort of invite situation So with this mod it adds npc approaches so a npc could approach and invite you for drinks at one of the taverns or invite you over to there house for dinner If you say yes then you can follow them to the place they invited you too Another way thought dialogue where you have an option for "hay, where you going?" or "hay, what you up to?" This then gets them to say where there going or what there doing where you can then ask to join them So like you can ask an npc where they was headed before you spoke to them and they would say something like the tavern for a drink and you can then ask to join them where they would depending on your relationship with them say yes or no. If they say yes you can then follow them and they will wait for you to follow ect It would be cool to have npcs go all over the place like having adventure npcs take you to dungeons so you can help them do there quests This feature has technically been done before in the vilja mod you could ask the follower to take you to places and you can follow her around I loved that idea of becoming a follower to an npc on there journey. Couldn't get on with the voice of vilja though, plus iv never seen a universal thing that would let any follower/npc lead you around Don't think this sort of things fits your scope but it would be an awesome addon specially for it to inject into your relationship system Perhaps you could add the smaller one where an npc invites you to the tavern to have a drink so long as your in one of the hold cities Food for thought anyway
  5. Some thoughts on the log in/out effect Look into the vanilla arrest script, It stores your inventory into a chest referred to as the 'evidence chest' each skyrim hold has one so there are multiple in vanilla When you go to jail your stuff is removed and when your let out your stuff is given back and re-equipped. So what you want to do is essentially have the player arrested(script wise) when theyuse the log out spell, there skyrim inventory would be put into the 'evidence chest'(a new created chest you reference in the script) You can assign a basic outfit for the pc to wear as the vanilla jail script puts you in a prison outfit, so you can have the pc logout with a basic starting outfit easily with this, just change the reference form the prison outfit to another outfit. Then to log in you can add an activator vr headset in your pc apartment, activating this also arrests you storing your realworld inventory into another new 'evidence chest' So the idea is each time you log in or out your being arrested both times, when you log in/out it firsts arrests you(taking your stuff) and then releases you from the previous arrest(giving your other stuff back). This is the scrip thats on the bed in jails, you sleep to get out of jail and get your stuff back form where it was stored So the log out spell and the log in activator need to run an arrest script and a release scrip(the script on the bed in jails) one after the other this then should then take one inventory and give you another and vice versa Side note You dont want the 'Log In' spell to set an outfit as your going to get your Skyrim inventory back so you would want to leave that reference blank in the arrest script Also for 'Logging Out' you would only want to have the script give you an outfit once when you first 'Log Out' as from that point on you will an inventory stored and so you dont want the 'Log Out' script to keep defaulting your real world outfit every time you 'Log Out'. My suggestion is you have two 'Log Out' scrips one where it sets a default outfit and one where the outfit reference is blank(aka no outfit) When you first load the mod it gives you the 'Log Out' spell that gives you a default outfit, as part of the end of that script is it should silently delete itself from your spells list and give you the other 'Log Out' spell, the one that dosnt set your outfit. So when you first 'Log Out' you get given a basic outfit, 'Logging Out for a second time you will wear whatever you was wearing when your inventory was stored from 'Logging In' the jail and release script work by teleporting you to specific places, into the jail when getting arrested and outside the prison door when being released My suggestion is to look at the mod 'haven bag' it has a script attached to a spell that when cast teleports you to an interior cell(a specific location) but saves your current cell and position before teleporting you, when you use the spell again it teleports you right back to where you was. You should be able to use this both on the 'Log Out' spell and the vr 'Log In' activator It should be as simple using the script as is and just changing where the specific location to your pc apartment You can then leave the teleport locations in the arrest and release scripts blank One last note, you may want to have the 'Log Out' spell removed when its used so it dosnt appear when your in the 'real world', you could then have the vr headset activator readd the spell this what the spell is only available when your in the skyrim world P.S For missions you could maybe look at the mod 'missives' which adds noticeboards, which are actually just containers where notes that gives you quests appear. You can make a computer screen be the realworld notice board equivalent 'A job listing website' and have some radiant quests made and or copy duplicates of the ones missives come with and just change all the references and change to modern wording. I believe these are repeatable radiant quests and require locations to have keywords, You can reuse duplicate copies of the currier and bounty quests Here is a mod that adds multiple currency's https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/49631 You could add new 'credits' as a new type of currency this mod when translates that into gold when your in a trade menu then sets it back to credits when your out of the trade menu. To implement all you need to do is simply make a misc item called credits(credit card or credit chip) and have them spawn in leveled lists for containers ect and have missions reward you with them instead of glod. Each player can then just add the credits into this mods currency system ingame easily enough
  6. Could you add support for Fort Knox mod Its an even larger aether suit extension, You could probably add a door somewhere in this knox mod that leads into your new district
  7. https://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-4360895-1-1.html Been looking for this
  8. Need a mini guide on how to set an imported outfit/body nif to the skeleton in the SAE_for_outfits_base.blend I can import a nif okay that come in with its own armature but thats armature is not setup right so its useless So i just want to pair it to the properly set up skeleton I changed the skeleton ref in the armature modifier and then tried to parent with automatic weights but it seems like it tried to reweight the imported out fit instead of just using the weights it already had Im making a custom posed statue so thats why im trying to get in imported outfit thats rigged
  9. Anyone know what this animation is from, i have collected most of the hover animation mods but never seen this one Im also very sure it isnt from the fairy follower mods that is just a tweaked flame atronach animations
  10. Anyone know what this idle animation is from, Iv not seen this in any of the standard hover anim mods
  11. https://www.nexusmod...egas/mods/61920 I want to make an edit to this mod This mod adds in a FO4 style intimidation system where you can point your gun at an npc and pacify them, once pacified you get this new FO4 style command menu/interface(see video of mod on the page) What i want to do is figure out how to automatically 'apply' this command state to companions so all companions and followers have this new contextual command menu/interface. Yes there other command menu mods but i like this and want to attempt to get this working they way i want. I dont think its a particularly complex edit, iv just not done this kind of modding before so i dont know what im looking at Opening the mod up in xedit i can see a bunch of scripts obviously but also factions one of which being 'PacifierFactionCommand' faction I dont know if its as simple as setting companions to this faction, Which i dont know how to do anyway If someone could take a look as see what i need to do, like i said it should be a simple alteration for those that know what the hell there doing lol
  12. Well in combat you wouldnt need it active as well your too busy to be looking lol Id say the main area this effect would be seen is in dialogues with npcs The idea is just to make the face feel more lively without it looking too deliberate, atm faces are too static and unnatural looking. I think the main part of the effect is the eyes, making them look around as is there scanning the environment, the eyes shift around as a person might look at something then slightly look behind the object ect In a dialoge it would be like there looking at you parts of your face your outfit maybe looking behind you at something that caught there eye ect I see this as an extension to blinking, blinking is the most obvious face animation and eyes looking around would being another Looking at the video of the skyrim mod you can see the character is looking around at objects in the environment, and as if they see something in the corner of there eye and they look to check ect maybe they slightly squint when looking at something, maybe they move the lips abit to adjust for comfort. So really this sort of thing is meant to not be notable in a highlighted way, all its meant to do is make the npc face feel less static and more realistic/immersive. As for me a static face is more noticeable then an emotive face as we are used to and expect to see faces that are not static. This sort of micro face expressions we see alot in modern games for that extra realism and immersion, so my idea was just to see if there was a viable way to simulate that to some small minimal degree If you did add it to the player/npc idle animation with a longer loop i dont thing repetitiveness would be that bad as your not meant to stare at and watch it for long anyway and it wouldnt be any more repetitive then the body idle animation. Could this idle be swapped like you do with the body animation? so you could have 5 or so face idle loops it can randomly pic from to brake up the repetitiveness If it could have an on/off global then it could be turned off during combat Ideally the effect would best to be active during player/npc idle state(outside combat) and specifically during dialogues But yer just ideas, was never sure about practical use. Was just more food for thought on things you could do As you said before a good one to add would be specific expressions triggered in dialogues, maybe this could extend to the idle chatter that npcs do alot of idle chatter have a certain emotion intended in its delivery
  13. Yer dialog, headtracking is another where then you look at someone it triggers an emotion For random all i was thinking is - Random Eye movement, Looking around as if the player is looking at something but not headtracking to it(sort of a fake simulation effect) - Mouth adjustments, not smiling just open slightly, close ect Just ways to add nice subtle movement to the face for an ambient expression not a specific emotion, I dont know if you can make new emotions but if you could make a new emotion called ambient that has subtle movements and have it play constantly on a loop till one of the other emotions override it. So i guess what i mean is an idle expression thats used when not playing a specific emotion
  14. Could something like the random emotions mod for skyrim https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91439 be done Small automatic micro adjustments sort of thing, eye movement looking around, opening of the mouth theres even a random yawn sequence in here Just adds a nice subtle life to the face, that works on player and companions i think in the mod it had it working npcs within a close radius around the player(close enough to see the npcs face)
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