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  1. I'm using All-in-one HTD animated pussy. Does it have a belly-scaling and will it be compatible with this mod?
  2. Mod's awesome. I don't suppose we can get a way to make it to work for custom-followers?
  3. Question; Anyone knows how to fix the body/head-neck color difference? All of the pale-white Nords, Imperials, etc do not suffer from this issue. But if the characters are tanned or dark-skinned, there's a significant difference. I am talking about both vanilla npcs and warmaidens. Oddly enough, the bjin npcs do not suffer from this issue. Any1 else?
  4. In other words, no one-size-fits-all-condom eh? Hopefully it won't bother me and I'll just ignore the problem. Turns out the NPC was from inconsequential npcs list. Thank you anyhow. Update - For those that might have the same problem. Turns out, not only modded-npcs had the weird-joint/body bug, every other NPCs apart from the ones I manually selected during installation, aka Warmaidens, Wives, etc. So, I decided to install a new UNP body, when asked if I wanted to override I said no to all. Problem fixed, now I am running both the all-in and this separate body mod for the rest. All f
  5. I recall this mod, it was funny as hell. Props. If I download the main file here on loverslab, can I use both SexLab and Osex for animations? Or do I need some sort of patch that allows you to choose the option each time? I don't seem to be able to find anything. Tks.
  6. So, I got the above problem like the person mentioned above.... Well, sort off. Here's the deal, got weird-textures on legs, hands etc even when naked buuuut, only on certain NPCs. When I installed the package I selected the Bijin Warmaidens and rest etc, and they do not suffer this problem. Should I assume that this mod only install the whole body/physics for certain npcs, and others do not get it? Do I need to install a separate body mod from this package? I'm not a skyrim-guru, so please excuse my ignorance.
  7. Where are the download links for the new Osex and pluggins? Where are the download links for the new Osex and pluggins?
  8. Can anyone give a rough estimation when new content will be added?
  9. So, any modules apart from Osex? Or anywhere else I can download more animations/content? Thanks.
  10. So, question; Can you like have both OSA and Sexlab running at the same time? I got curious about OSA and decided to install it over manager, and BOOM. Asked me to replace stuff over sexlab, hit it no and I went full-in panic mod and uninstalled the mod. Assuming they cannot run at the same time, here's another question; Can you safely remove Sexlab from a pre-existing save-file, or it makes your safevile go full cancer? Thanks.
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