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  1. Ah, no worries then man. I appreciate your help regardless. Hopefully someone out there has her.
  2. I did find her, but I dont think we're thinking of the same follower. Or if this is, you have a very heavily edited version. I was talking about this one, before she was reworked into that weird beast thing. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80574
  3. Hey, I appreciate it, do you by any chance know her location though? I cant seem to find her anywhere.
  4. Does anyone have dividedbythe9s Rust Follower from like a year ago? The human one, not the new updated half-werewolf thing. Thanks in advance.
  5. Anyone else have an issue where the collision doesn't work the breast and an SOS penis? I have the mod, and the sos collision patch downloaded (I made sure its actually SOS and not SAM), and collision works flawlessly for the female, the penis collision even works with the vagina, it just doesn't work with the breasts. I don't know if this helps at all, but the bodyslide file I used for the body mesh was the BHUNP 3BBB SMP Havok Path (this one seems to have the most bounce).
  6. Mine doesn't shake anywhere near as much as his previews do. I've tried the normal BHUNP, BHUNP Advanced, and SMP in bodyslide.
  7. Does anyone by any chance have a copy of mobear's Cailin Follower mod? He set the page to private and I dont have a copy of it left anywhere on my computer.
  8. So I solved the issue randomly without even trying. A while ago I heard that iTexMipMapMinimum=1 is a good setting to run because it lowers the resolution of textures at a distance. This whole time, when I was complaining about iTexMipMapSkip having to be set at 1 as well, or else there is uncontrollable frame skips and consistent low fps regardless of by 1080ti and 8700k. THIS WHOLE TIME, I never tried turning the minimum=0 along with the skip=0, but I randomly did and I have 0 frame skips, 40-60 fps all around, etc. I don't know how this fixed the issue. Literally by turning the
  9. I have crash fixes already. I'll try bug fixes, but based off the description, it doesnt seem like it fixes the stuttering issue. UPDATE: Bug Fixes did nothing. Thanks though. I don't think theres a fix for this issue.
  10. Ive tried tweaking thing from google search suggestions in my enblocal.ini to no avail. I mean, its a HEAVILY modded game with 506 mods, including JKs Skyrim, Paradise Cities etc, so I have insane shadows in cities, but dropping the shadow resolution doesn't do anything. 3440x1440 isn't 4K though, its double of a 16:9 1080p monitor, 4K is literally double the pixels of what my monitor currently is suprisingly. To answer your question, 4K affected frame rate ALOT when I tested it, I got 6 fps in Whiterun lol. As I said, TexMipMapSize=1 gives me a solid 60 all round, even when cells
  11. I mean, playing with mipmapsize=1 isnt that bad, yeah if you look closely stuff is less detailed, but if there's no fix, its not THAT big of a deal. I was look for like a, "oh yeah! change this setting in your (insert file name here) to this value and it'll all be good!" If that doesn't exist, I won't lose any sleep over it. Sorry if i'm wrong, im currently on an HDD, would transferring to an SSD eliminate the stuttering issues? I only have one, and its simply not big enough to hold the massive file size of my game.
  12. I really have no idea what you just said, but ill try and answer it 1. I dont have a laptop, 2. I have around 5600 scripts. 3. Shadow distance is set to 8000.000 4. Umm, I set up ENBoost and have the propery memory values in my skyrimprefs.ini if thats what you mean.
  13. So I have an 8700k, 1080ti, and 16gm of 2666hz ddr4 ram. I have an ULTRA modded skyrim that has little to no issues and crashes, except for the part where I have severe frame issues and heavy micro stuttering when cells start to load outside. In cities Its normally around 25-45, 25 when the stuttering ensues, and 45 when it stablizes, and outdoors is around 39-60, 39ish when the heavy stuttering ensues. I currently have 509 active mods, 241 of them being esp's, so I can understand the issue just being that the engine is extremely old, regardless of my specs. I play at a 3440x1440p
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