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  1. Where are you quoting that from? I'm not even seeing that anywhere, and I definitely didn't say it. ??? EDIT: I see the file description has been changed. Again, we're on an adult site, for adult mods, where stories and roleplaying are a thing and encouraged here. If the author wants to upload a sim that looks like her, and give it out so that other people can make stories featuring her likeness... or even if she actually just wants to do it for attention, or gets off on it, or whatever... why are you here giving her a hard time about it?
  2. I think my default replacement boob sliders are responsible for that lol... so wait, I guess she did. 😳 (that wasn't on purpose!)
  3. She didn't have any lol. I gave her some new ones though:
  4. Looks like the top is a-okay, but she's pretty upset about her shoes. lol
  5. Thank you very much, I'll give that a shot and let you know!
  6. I don't think it sounds needy. We're on a site for adult game mods, and there's even a section for adult-oriented storytelling; I think it fits in just fine. If @lupuspuella wants feedback then that's her prerogative.
  7. Do you still have the SLSBlouse01.package (Simlifesims) mesh file? Creator has vanished, and I think the mesh may be missing from the zip file.
  8. Not to sound like a complete newbie, but where is everyone getting their SE compatible SOS (full) to meet the prerequisites? Should I just convert the Oldrim one?
  9. Hey Ed86, Thank you very much for working on this. Wish I could do more to help. Unfortunately, looks like I'm still having this issue on a clean save. The latest version from Dec 1st/2nd also seems to cause an issue where dialogue milking initiates, but the animation doesn't play, and no debug message pops up indicating the number of times milked. Milking via the machine does work, and all of the debug messages do pop up that way, but lactacid decay continues regardless. If feeding is enabled on the machine, with a low-level maid, you can hear the "gulp" over and over, but the maid's lactacid level doesn't rise, and the machine gets stuck in that loop forever. Additionally, the enlargement potions don't seem to be working. (Not sure that those are fully implemented yet) Not sure if this is just me, and perhaps I have done something improperly. If so, I apologize. Thanks again for your continued efforts.
  10. I am also having this issue, and trying to track down the cause. Enabling debug mode, going into maid debug, and adjusting Lactacid level does work, but besides the initial "become a milkmaid" handing over of Lactacid, maids are unaffected by it, including on the Milk Machine. I'm leaning toward Needs and Diseases mod being a possible culprit, but honestly it's just a stab in the dark at this point.
  11. Pretty sure as you gain levels in MME, you gain more maid slots. (Correct me if I'm wrong though). Turning on debug mode, and cranking up the PC's MME level opens four slots, if I remember correctly.
  12. hmmm.... strange was working ok for me, gotta check it The version released today fixed my cuirass issues (and/or I fixed my save) without any override. Either way, thank you very much and great work!
  13. Hmm. I took a quick look as I don't have this one installed in my own game. The Futa folder is empty in the installer package for the last two versions, but I'm assuming it's located in the path below: Milk-Mod-Economy-SE 22-09-2017.7z\00_Core\meshes\armor\manga\m\ I've packaged that up as an override, but no guarantees on that one. Sorry Still hope it helps. MME_Futa_Cuirass_Overrides.7z
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