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  1. Thanks. I'll have a look into the humanoid Deerkin mod. It might work if the body lines up with the head. If not i'll see if I can make it compatible. I'm sure it should be hard to fix up. As for the kinky gear, it might take a lot more time to redo them for the humanoid body as it took a lot of time to model all of the frames of each piece of gear to each frame of the body. But if there is enough demand for it I can focus on doing it. Otherwise i'll do it in spare time i have. The new updates to this mod can be found here once I am done and ready to upload it.
  2. I don't think it's this mod causing that as it has all the necessary files for sex acts. I am busy working on a new release which i'll most likely upload in the next few days. Though i haven't found any errors that could be causing your issue. I have tested it with the latest version of sexbound and it works for me.
  3. Nevermind. Reinstalling the mod fixed this.
  4. The quest line of this mod has not been completed as far as I know.
  5. Howdie y'all, Hope all of you have been keeping safe during the pandemic. Since we have been on lockdown here in SA, I decided to play some Starbound again. I found that my mod had a whole bunch of bugs here and there so I decided to fix it up. I started with remodeling the males facial structure as I did not entirely like the look. I also added a default hairstyle to the male head which I have been editing to fit in with the different antler designs. So far I am satisfied with how it came out, but would like to hear what you think before I finalize it and upload the new version. I hope you guys like it.
  6. Thanks for the update. Will check it out. I never really used the spells for erections, but i actually tested them out yesterday (whilst doing some mod tests) and it just undressed Derkeethus with no erection. I will test the update and give you feedback on it. ^^
  7. You may be missing this mod Xbawks Character Extender https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=729426722 I'll add it into the description.
  8. Hey, I started using the Masculine leopard texture recently and also found the textures didn't match up. I just fooled around on the texture dds and brightened the sheath a bit and darkened the schlong (because I've always thought they were to light.) to try match it up as much as possible. Still needs a bit of fine tuning, but i'm happy with how it looks. I'll post the texture file here if anyone else using the Masculine Leopard Texture wants to try it out. just replace the file in the following folder. (The Bad Dog Hoodies Mod Folder that contains the textures.) (Don't forget to back up the original if you don't like what it looks like.) E:\ModOrganizer\mods\Bad_Dog_Hoodies.\textures\actors\character\SOS\BadDog\Feline\Male Hope this helps. Masculine_Leopard_Textures_for_Bad_Dog Hoodies_Sheath.7z
  9. Possibly your load order is incorrect. Never used vortex so not sure how load orders work in it but this mod needs to overwrite its requirements.
  10. Here is my load order. You can use it to check if anything could be out of place. DD - BRRF - Equip = Devious Devices - Beast Race Refits DW = Dripping When Aroused. If any others confuse you let me know and ill tell you what they are. Hopefully this helps. loadorder.txt
  11. Those were just some of my mods, not necessarily the load order, I'll post my load order shortly maybe it'll help. Where in your load order is XPMSE? The only things I have that overwrite anything in that mod are Animal SOS and Animated Beast cocks.
  12. Hi there, i have a problem where the face hugger and chaurus worms don't show. I can infect myself with them and all that, but they are invisible. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi y'all, Just wondering what could be causing this. If I set a creatures arousal to 100 in SexLab Arousal mcm they become erect, but then start to go flaccid again, the same this happens during sex scenes. They become erect apon every stage change and start to go flaccid right after?
  14. Quick question, does H-preg = Sexlab Hentai Pregnancy? The mods I am using are, Estrus Estrus chaurus+ Estrus Spiders+ SexLab Parasite - Kyne's Blessing (this mod) SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Children + Soulgems (it's a Sexlab Hentai Pregnancy addon for birthing children. SexLab - Inflation Framework SexLab - Seperate Orgasms And I haven't disabled belly node scaling in any of them. I play a male khajiit and it all works.
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