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  1. Can anyone check if they get the dialog option for toll tattoos? I really couldn't get it to work. I get toll options from Milk Mod and Devious Devices but not from Slavetats even though it's detected by SL Survival. Apropos uses it just fine too.
  2. I checked the toll tattoos, it was already set to 3 by default. The maximum tattoos that can be applied was set to 6 by default. Tried tweaking both to other values but I still don't get the dialogue option. I have Devious Devices and Milk Mod Economy and they both have the dialogue options for the tolls. I'll try updating to the newest version. Thanks though.
  3. SL Survival detects Slavetats on the interface but I don't get the dialogue option for the toll tattoos... Also, anything I should know about when updating this mod?
  4. I don't use that or any mod similar to that but nvm it's fine now so far... I just happened to be able to sleep in the bed without renting it for some reason. but it's back and working properly again. thanks
  5. Aren't the beds from inns supposed to be considered "Comfortable" or at least similar to that? mine has it on "Terrible" and afaik it didn't seem to be like that before. So there's literally no decent bed I could sleep on unless I buy a house. any help?
  6. I see. Also, How do you set the inn room prices? I set my prices, and toggled on the mod but the price remains the same. I don't have any similar mod that could conflict that
  7. Usually the game sorts the saves by character/playthroughs right? but whenever I'm inside the kennels, my next saves get separated that I have to quit back to the main screen to load the save. I'm sorry I can hardly explain this any better
  8. My next saves get split up whenever I get sent to the Kennels. Any help?
  9. Ok so I got it working properly now. But its not using the pregnancy belly morph slider. Just the belly..
  10. It's working but it's not morphing correctly. the belly is growing but it flattens right at the tip. I attached a screenshot on my first comment.
  11. Is this mod compatible with the new CBBE 3BBB? It doesn't seem to work well.enb2020_6_16_00_27_00.bmpenb2020_6_16_00_26_53.bmp
  12. Whenever I use the new "Stable Physics" I lose the breast collision, but when I revert to the old physics the breast collision returns. Any help on this? I kinda like the bounce on the new one...
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