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  1. Totally random ss of some of my toons...
  2. Its been a while... a long while actually, but here we have my newest toon. Ive been working on her for a while now and I think I have her just right... NSFW guys thats all for now , have a wonderful and Happy New Year
  3. Sorry... I'm not ready to share her just yet... in the meantime, you need both ECE and adorable face mods to get what I have... fsc mod used to have a preset for adorable face, you could look at that mod for a good starting point.
  4. Some more pics of my lil Angel... Chance
  5. More Catalinna (and some other toons) Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!
  6. Even though loli isnt really acceptable on LL, there are those of use who still enjoy seeing pics of a nice made loli toon... I havent really found any clothing or armor for my loli's, they just use what my adult toons use but i try to make them respectable... bikinis are the exception of course but i do try to keep it SAFE so to say. This here is my latest lil angel... Chance, she's a Nord fighter/adventurer of the Bandit faction with a very high bounty in Windhelm... I think she is so cute, maybe youll think so as well. :) thats all for now.... Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  7. Its been a few months since i've posted anything but sometimes it takes a while before you can say yeah, this is the one! she still may not be the one but she is the one for now... Let me introduce Catalinna, a Breton/Altmer half breed I've been playing and tweeking for the last month and today, she makes her first appearance on the www! Hope you enjoy
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