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  1. In the Batuu 2 version, the child skin has been removed. Very sorry. He was the only one in version 1. Baby skins are very necessary.
  2. I deleted localthumbcache. I used same simdolgense dick. Why is you think its a dick problem? Some of skins works fine.
  3. Yes i understand that, but your solution is more simpler than mine and i didn't know about it. I know now.
  4. I don't think that it's the cause of problem. I tried new game without WW still black penis. It's EA bug, some skin tones are corpses white.
  5. Thank you for information, i didn't know its the sims age and not time of creation.
  6. I manage to fix it. 1. You need to save your household to a library. 2. Delete your bottom. 3. Save the game. 4. Add your saved household to the top that stayed after you deleted bottom. 5. Delete excess top, that was added with bottom. 6. Save again and its working. You need your top to be the first sim in a household. In the middle of the household picture if you have 3 sims, or he carry cat. Fixed the roles for me.
  7. I dont have Island Living. How download Nisa for StrangerVille?
  8. How to fix this? Nisas_Last_Exception.txt
  9. Hi, I am looking for a MARIE ROSE small tits and coinslot pussys mod. So, I already haved this mod, but now I have a new computer and lost this mod. Please help me. I remember that Marie Rose was in cosmo-stockings, like a robot or android...
  10. Very useful, thank you. Would be even better with list of names
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