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  1. I'll keep the experience for the future. Thanks again, it's working!
  2. @fejeena thanks for the tips! I've figured it out thanks to Greg already. The invalidation/redirection/alteration is a side effect of 'ah whatever, it's broken and I'll reinstall it anyway, so why not'. Off to reinstall it fresh. Guess the textures were missing - both the body packs I've downloaded have only meshes in them. Dammit. Thanks for the help again, can close the topic!
  3. Guess I'm dumb. So besides the femaleupperbody, lowerbody and the rest I also need textures for them? Weird that wasn't in the DMRA pack. Downloading now, thanks for the help!
  4. @RussianPrince I'm installing the files by unzipping them directly into the Data folder, @myuhinny Path to the game is C:\Oblivion, Thanks for the Lovers with PK tip - I'll try and say if anything changes! No-no, I did mention I use DMRA BBB and the files named femaleupperbody.nif and femalelowerbody.nif (along with hands and feet) Yes, using OBMM to manage the order of .esps and .esms (and also for invalidation)
  5. Hello everyone, I'm not a common writer - last time I had issues installing the whole shazam, I solved them by reading forums. This time nothing seems to help. First, the process and software/patches used: The problem is my female character not getting nude (keeps the bra, underwear and skinny model), despite the femaleupperbody and femalelowerbody .nifs being where they belong, with invalidation/alteration/redirection applied and reapplied multiple times (I did it once after the LAPF install where it was recommended, went ingame and saw the problem, did it multiple times more, so the issue was there all along). When I summoned a tentacle monster and made it rape me, my lowerbody got replaced with a penis and the textures glitched through the cell door. So what, a skeleton problem? I've reinstalled it multiple times, both the Controllable and TotalControllable Growlf's versions, same stuff. No errors, no blackouts, no 'suddenly stopped working's - just no nudity :( Load order, as follows. I did it with all the patches/DLCs placed below Lovers with PK.esp and vice versa - changes nothing: My operating system is Windows 10 x64 Home. Think it might forbid some of the files to write/rewrite without notifying the user? Out of 3k copied files from LoversCreature on a fresh install only 3 asked permission to rewrite. Weird. I'll probably still have to reinstall everything... again. No problem. Or am I just lacking a vital mod? Thanks!