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  1. My kids no longer change out of their sleepwear after a shower. They'll wake up, shower, then instead of spinning into their everyday they put back on their sleepwear. I just tested my mods and it only happens when WW is in. I went through the nudity settings and didn't see any that should cause this effect.
  2. If you use breast sliders they make them excessively larger during pregnancies.
  3. So far I have removed every mod and cc item from my mods folder, only WW remains and it is still happening
  4. Good night. I keep getting endless notification errors and I'm not sure what is causing it. WickedWhims_v162c_Exception.txt
  5. I am a bit confused re the auto patcher. I have not updated my game as yet, when I do, do I still need the autopatcher or do I just update the mod as my traits wouldn't have bugged out yet?
  6. How long does the effects of being sensually tight last? It's been at least 2 days and my sim is still red down below and there's still drool around her mouth.
  7. Thank you, I know I had read somewhere about resetting it but I couldn't remember where. She's married and pregnant now so I'll remember for next time.
  8. There is no timer when I hover over it and I don't want the UI cheats extension mod
  9. My aspiring trophy wife lost her virginity at a college party she was invited to and now has a constant embarrassed moodlet. How long before it goes away if at all because it's been about 2 days now.
  10. Was there a change made to the way sex is solicited? I haven't used the escort part of the mod in a while but I just registered two roses and there used to be an option under romance to offer body but I no longer see that. I'm reading through the thread and change log but possibly missing something.
  11. Good night, can anybody help me with the cum layers please? How do I get them to show up, only the regular ones show. TIA.
  12. Ok, will try and see. Oh and no, I've never adjusted time for the game.
  13. Hi, I'm having a problem where when my sim autonomously smokes and when I ask him to roll a blunt everything freezes sort of in that plumbobs still spin, time still moves but I can't do anything with the sim nor any others in the house. It happened a few weeks ago and stopped but now it has started back. I removed the mod and redownloaded, when I tell him to smoke, it's fine, but if he does it himself the freeze occurs.
  14. If you intend to buy future packs, you're still going to have to update.
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