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  1. I have a small problem, the textures of some NPC's dissappear when i enter stage 1 of the transformation, as in they turn almost completely purple, and than there is another small problem that happens when DCL forces a gag on my character resulting in the game freezing.
  2. Small bug report, when i put an armbinder on serana she can still use her weapons and spells, no arms, just floating hands with spells and/or weapons in them.
  3. I'm not sure why, but i keep getting errors when i try to install the newest version, it says in NMM "A Problem Occurred During Install" when the FOMOD appears i choose CBBE (since it's the only body mod i've ever used) and the "high" setting along with the LAL addon, i have just freed up about 200 gigs on my pc so i know the size is not the problem, any ideas?
  4. I did that 3 times and i'm still stuck, at this point an orangutan might have a higher IQ than me lol
  5. Either i have encountered a bug when restoring power or i have the IQ of an orangutan but there seems to be no way to progress after powering up the console, i follow the book to the letter, and i am completely stuck.
  6. I don't use a lot of animations, i have the ones that come from the "core" mods that is required for the few sexlab mods i have to work, so i doubt it's me hitting the limit, but as i posted before, the spanking was more of a novelty that i wanted to see, but it's not something i need.
  7. Oh well... the spanking was just for the novelty, i can do without it, thanks for the help at any rate.
  8. I'll try that, i might have been too impatient. Edit: i tried what you proposed but DFC still says that dx - spank is missing, am i supposed to merge the two files or have i misread the install instructions on the DFC page?
  9. I have an issue where DFC won't register the SLAL mini-pack, i use a mod manager so i have it installed correctly (i hope) it also seems that SLAL itself won't register the animations, i have STA installed and it appears to work correctly, any help would be appreciated.
  10. So, is this like the other expansion for Arachnophobia? or does it not have any of the systems it has?
  11. i've never heard of that mod, so i don't have it installed. could you please provide a link? searching 1000+ forum pages can take a while... Edit: i think i found what you were talking about, https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/540740500921363665/?l=danish this page has a guide i just tried, i'm going to see if it worked. Edit: it worked.
  12. I am unable to enter the whip and chain inn, all i get is an infinite loading screen. Edit: I've checked my load order, i've used LOOT and the reccomended placings of my mods from their respective mod pages, i even stay below 100 mods to try and keep my game as stable as possible, but no matter what; even when i tried uninstalling all unneccesary/not important mods concerning DCL, i still get an infinite loading screen when i talk to the girl in front of the inn, any ideas as to why?
  13. Fell over the "ancient" "a rubber facility" mod today, thought you might be interested in doing something with it, and i case you're wondering the following is DIRECTLY from the mod page: Misc: Other modders are welcome to copy and use my meshes and textures for their purposes. After all, this project was started as a modder's resource file. Just ask--don't profit off it, etc etc. If I have used someone else's creations and they would like me not to or would like attribution, let me know.
  14. This thread right here: Don't mind the page number it takes you to, i'm keeping an eye on it myself
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