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  1. Rip Vinfamy, basically gave us the startin sexi mods for Fallout 4 & then SexLab for SSE b4 SKSE64 came out of Alpha. Plus now we aint gettin a greatly needed update to SL Kidnapped ;-;
  2. Destroyah340

    Oblivion on PC, worth it or nah?

    Only link I've used from here is the first one under my initial post. Been holding off on learning the stuff til I actually get the game on sale cuz id end up forgettin anyways by the time it goes on sale, muh bad \:
  3. Destroyah340

    Oblivion on PC, worth it or nah?

    One more thing (also to help a friend with non-lewd modding purposes): Do I use Nexus Manager for these mods or the Oblivion Mod Manager? https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/2097
  4. o shiet lel, das noice but since there arent any animations of hagravens fuckin ppl, there's not much use for that dicc. (god i wish I could animate so i could at least try makin it)
  5. UPDATE: Did not work. Anything 2.0 & over does not work with the plugin im tryin to use so Im going to need version 1.7 or something lower
  6. You can only use AWKCR & Armorsmith Extended together if they both at the most recent versions. Uninstall both mods if you have older ones & install the newer ones & it should work. Least it did for me
  7. Ah I didnt see the 2.0 version there as the actual mod, thought it was another uninstaller. Even so, if the plugin I'm tryin to use doesnt work with 2.0, am still gonna need 1.7 in the end so lets hope it works
  8. K so just like what bluuuuuuu2 said, the mod does not show up in BodySlide so there's nothing to build meaning in-game its invisible. Trying the other download link above "RR" leads me to Mega but gives me nothing to download, it just takes me to the homepage. What do we do here?
  9. As the title suggests, can anyone shoot me a link or directly send me a copy of an older version of Videos of the Wasteland? Since the plugins here don't seem to work with the newest version, I need version 1.7 since the main plugin I want seems to have the most compatibility with that version specifically but I will take any that came from before that one too if you have it.
  10. Destroyah340

    VotW plugin - SexTapes

    Mod doesnt work even with your patch. I craft all the necessary stuff & add the tapes thru the console & whenever I make a tv with the tape in the player, the screen doesnt change. When I add the tape after making the tv, the screen turns purple. Then I thought since its a tape, I could just play it on the PipBoy, but that doesnt work either. When I installed the patch, NMM wanted to install it as a new mod, not to simply overwrite the original. When I install the patch as a normal mod & select yes to overwrite all, the shit with the missing esm happens again. How do I fix this?
  11. Here ya go, its under Optional Files. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87315?tab=files
  12. Just found this gem of a thread lel. Question tho: Do you think the HDT female Draugr body mod & better versions mod will overwrite the futa bodies you gave me? Also a side note: the author for SkyFem made a standalone mod that turns all Draugr female when I asked him about it, might be something to link on the front page also.
  13. theres a weaponsmith extended too? lel there one for chems & power armor too i bet?
  14. Destroyah340

    Why do you play as a MALE/FEMALE ?

    Female cuz I like the design of girls in games more often than I like the guys design. As to the games this site loves in particular ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), is cuz I only like lesbian sex & dont like seein nude men.
  15. Another update: So the reason AE was crashing my game was because apparently my AWKCR is outdated. Will update it & reinstall AE after making sure they do work on older games too lel