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  1. o shiet didnt expect u to be here lmao Ive been usin xEdit to turn all the unnamed NPCs like bandits & vampires into women but havent started a new game to see its full effects (NPCs that have changed in my current game got uggo faces) but if you got something in the works I can try to help. Got all the DLCs & no overhaul mods or anything else that affects ppl other than textures & some LAPF mods
  2. yah das whats happening, so is there a way to keep NPCs off each other? Do I set the disposition higher or lower? Or would something else stop them?
  3. I dont use LoversStalkers (usin Joburg) & they are stalkin each other b4 rape like when they rape me
  4. k dat makes sense above. My disposition in the ini was 60 at install & when I checked an civilian NPCs it was at 50. Also dont know if u saw muh edit, but the NPCs still rapin each other
  5. Weird, thought active mode was needed for the whole thing to work lel. Also my disposition was already at that point apparently. Also now u confuse me, if u not usin PSE, why is it in ur load order in the yellow link? You mean u dont use it anymore? EDIT: NPCs still rapin each other with active mode off & disposition set to 60, noticed it after walkin around imperial market district for a while
  6. So I need some suggestions on settings for PlayerSlaveEncounters & Joburgs rape mod. They are working fine but didnt realize NPCs could rape each other with Joburg (which can get weird/dumb when vampires on the same side rape each other >.>) Anyway way to make it so they only rape me? Then with slave encounters, is there anything deep to the mod like SD+ or Maria Eden from Skyrim or all that happens is you just get captured & raped every now & then & maybe escape & does the same rules apply to creatures? I saw a quest added to my journal after installing the mod but havent pursued it yet. Also why do you have 2 esps for slave encounters in your load order & which one needs to be active? I turned both on & they both added their functions like spells to my game but was smart enough to only turn the first one on in-game. As for its settings, pretty much any advice that can make it enjoyable for someone who only wants girl on girl stuff & fem creature (with OSM installed) on girl without the slavery makin the rest of it & the base game too difficult would be appreciated.
  7. yah i organized by name to make sure and for example, all the Cheydinhal guards are registered female but none appear so in-game. They cant be in male clothes cuz my clothes replacer mod for females make them all lewd af so even NPCs from far away can be spotted as female. If startin a new game fixes it, will do so once i got all muh lovers mods in order since twas my original plan anyways
  8. Problem, its not working (or at least not all the way, am not sure yet cuz the sheer number of NPCs affected). Ive been turnin all males without actual names to women but I also made note of very specific ones like city guards, the vampires from the Azura quest & the NPCs from the Namira quest. None of the guards turned female, all the vampires did turn but the NPCs from Namiras quest were unchanged meanin they all their original genders. The esp only has Oblivion.esm as a master file & is loaded under all files that add or change NPCs so not sure what is the issue???
  9. Another question: Im still turnin the NPCs I want female, but as to what you said here^ I only selected NPCs from the Oblivion.esm yet am gettin DLC characters from there too. Is that the same as goin into the DLCs separately & copying their NPCs also?
  10. found it thnx spends 20 years clickin every npc without a gender specific name female
  11. If construction set is anything like CK I can do that but I dont have the time. As for TES4Edit, how exactly i do that cuz i am not experienced with xEdit. Also cant find the female box under any npcs (i see female under flags but it doesnt have a box or anything like dat)
  12. Hopin Reddit will have something but O NOES, the female mod requires other mods that turn everyone into anime style characters ; - ; Not that I h8 anime stuff but I like the vanilla look of NPCs with ofc the needed texture enhancers but this requires turning everyone into anime styled characters ; - ; Cant use this mod unless I get really desperate. For goofs I tried installing without the mods & all men are invisible while women have no hair or eyes oof. Question tho: Is there a reliable way for me to change the NPCs myself into women & mute the males voices? I attempted this with Skyrim on this one mod in the past but the CK crashed before I could finish.
  13. You always come thru fam, any suggestions for the monster stuff? Am not lookin for overhaul mods, just something to change the leveled lists of monsters
  14. Am looking for 2 mods that I cant find alone: 1. A SkyFem-like mod for Oblivion that turns all NPCs (or at least the unnamed hostiles like the More Women mod) into women. 2. A mod that adjusts the leveled lists so all monsters and animals spawn at any level without affecting loot drops of other enemies. Was told before that the 1st one does exist but wasnt given a link or name. Havent found it since then & its not listed on big mod lists here like the LAPF plugin index or fejeena's guide (unless it has a name that makes it hard to tell that is it). As for the 2nd one, I have found 2 mods so far but one just adds monsters with new color palettes (doubt it'll work with Lovers Creatures/OSM textures & meshes) & the other one nerfs loot drops on some human NPC factions which I dont like. If anyone can help me here, id appreciate it.
  15. Destroyah340

    Oblivion on PC, worth it or nah?

    My Skyrim & FO4 has all nonessential unnamed npcs female cuz I only want lesbian sex & tis the best way to assure men wont get involved even by accident & while I like the SkyFem & Femout mods, cant stand when npcs I know are originally men are genderbent female. However with Oblivion, I doubt theres any mod that doesnt do it specifically to hostiles instead of all npcs so i'll deal with all.