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  1. Why do you even need it? The AIO has it built it, it overwrites every single file in the HDT-PE download, it shouldn't be needed at all, and everything else but the belly works fine.
  2. From what i've seen by accelerating and completing a pregnancy in being female, the pregnant belly suffers the same problems with 'peaking' and sagging, so as far as I can tell it's no different. I had tested pregnancy out getting enslaved and knocked up in Cracked Tusk Keep; even in the third trimester the problem was still there, and the belly would actually stretch towards the orcs when they walked past before reaching a certain distance away that it snapped back in fact. So it's definitely collision thing. Also if you decrease the belly size(like natural shrinkage after pregnancy, or in the case on Fill Her Up, squeezing all the cum out) the belly gets 'stuck'; it protrudes out in a peak, even when empty, looking very unnatural, and stays that way until you reload the save which resets the hdt. Speaking of which, do you know how to turn belly collision off in this mod? It's a nice effect, but the pros just don't outweight the current cons for me.
  3. I'm sorry I have misunderstood your initial post. I have seen other people also mentioning the problems when trying to use other schlongs with SAM or in your case using the schlong from SAM to a different body. I think the best is to ask about this on the Lady Moiraine website. You never know in advance what the answer might be. I can imagine adding futa support will make SAM way more popular than it is now so even if the author is not interested in it he might still do it. Nah man there's no problems, you just have to load both mods in the right order. SOS first, then SAM overwrites, so you have all the SOS-Futa and SAM males. Though some SOS schlong types actually fit SAM alright, like the horse. I've never had any problems with the arrangement whatsoever. The authors have stated unequivocally that they will not be adding futa support. Their only interest is in males; I know this because i've brought it up before. Still, the pseudo-bodyslide nature of SAM is one of the biggest draws. Was always non-plussed with the default sos body and the bodybuilder variant was overly ridiculous; the samson/samuel morphs and being able to adjust those morphs and customize them to how I like it was awesome, and the class offsets were a nice touch, making fighters and Boss types significantly larger than normal an making thieves/mages/archers a bit skinnier. That they also affect werewolves? Awesome! True Bodyslide implementation for the retooled SOS body would go a long way in making it a more attractive option, I think.
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