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  1. Thanks for the quick response, after your post, I realized this is actually one of the additional rules that is part of the extension, not the main mod. So I'll likely need to follow up there instead.
  2. I noticed an issue that just seems to have started with the last update (but maybe isn't related). During the inn sleeping event, it seems to get stuck with the player on an AI control or something - so even after waking up, the player seems stuck with the follower. Eventually you get back control, but if the follower gets too far away the player gets teleported back to them. It also seems like other animation/events are broken by this (for example before triggering a sleep event, things like milk pumps for MME work, but after the player is stuck attached to the follower, things like that
  3. Nevermind, for some reason Bodyslide was set to stick the meshes in the main Skyrim directory instead of the data one, and that was my problem.
  4. Hi, I recently re-installed Skyrim special edition, and was trying to go forward using the CBBE 3BA body, so I thought this would be a good choice to use with that (knowing some of the outfits aren't in it yet for 5.0). For anyone that is using this, are the nipple piercing/clamps etc. working correctly? I don't think most of the items are having issues, but those continue to seem to either float/misalign with the body and don't seem to match the physics. I'm trying to figure out if it's because I'm not doing something right or if those are still items that need work.
  5. Hi, First off thanks for the mod, it's been fun playing with it. I'm just curious if anyone had a solution for this high heels not being detected - I.E. getting anything other than bondage heels to be detected?. I was using Charming High Heels when I realized they weren't being detected by this mod, and then tried a conversion for those heels to NiOveride on Nexus for that mod, but I haven't had much luck getting either the HDT High Heels version or the NiOveridethem to work (and the NiOverride conversion didn't actually seem to be showing the high heel affect, so I
  6. Yep, I was only calling those two issues out so other folks that might run into them know they are "known" issues, and don't spend all the time I did trying to figure them out.
  7. One issue when i did my own conversion of this a few weeks ago was that it doesn't seem to work correctly with SexLab Light. You need to be using the full version. Otherwise, the only other issues I've seen are for any of the items that require HDT support (as I don't know that there is a current HDT mod for SE).
  8. As a note, this seems to work without any major problems in special edition. Loading it as is without any conversions didn't seem to break anything, an additional step to run through the steps various guides have for converting mods to SE is probably in order to avoid unexpected results. The only issues I've seen are some of the models/meshes don't seem to work correctly (the transparent boots have disappearing shins and HDT support currently seems to be lacking in SE, for things like the pony tail.
  9. Does anyone have issues with asking to have heavy bondage removed? For example, trying to get an armbinder removed? It gives you the option to have an additional rule added, but then doesn't seem to actually do anything when you say yes. When you finally remove the armbinder via other means, it pops up a message saying the bargain was canceled as there was no heavy bondage to remove, so it seems like it's getting stuck trying to figure out how to remove it and only resolves itself when the item is removed, instead of actually being responsible for the removal.
  10. I'm having the same issue with the newest game.
  11. I'm having a reverse problem - they work on NPCs, but even after removing them, they seem to keep reverting back to the bound animation. I.E. Cait got stuck in leg bindings via FourPlay violate, after removing the bindings and re-equiping her gear, at some later point she removes her new gear, switches back to her default outfit, and starts hopping around with her legs bound together (even though her inventory doesn't show any devices on her). Very strange. It almost seems like her default outfit is including the binding script/animation for some reason.
  12. I'm seeing the same thing with it running the chained animation after other scenes, was thinking it was just a glitch on my side that I'd somehow broken the quest but it sounds like it might be more of an issue with the finishing of the assist the customer scene. It was even trying to force my character back to the shop from the other side of the map.
  13. Thanks for the mod, I really enjoy it. I do have one question I've had trouble deciphering reading through the OP and searching through the posts. For followers, is the expectation that it should impact all of them or just one (if you are using a multiple follower mod, in my case simple multiple followers) The reason I ask is it seems like the full effects are only impacting one of two followers with me. Both are being robbed and stripped, but only one is actually being bound or having devices applied.
  14. I'm getting "Error Text: Assets is undefined: you're probably running an out of date version of it. Please update." despite downloading and installing it five minutes ago to make sure it was current. I don't think it's actually causing any problems though. EDIT: Oh hang on, there's nothing under "Polled Events Configuration" in the "Events and Effects" menu. Supposed to be like that or something not loading properly? "Please update Assets." I'm seeing the same problem. My version of Assets is 2.75 (Devious Devices - Assests (v2.7.5) for CBBE.rar)
  15. I'm seeing the same thing with the tanning racks and other crafting stations, where it plays the animation to start using the station, and then immediately exits. Upgrading to the newest version seems to be the only change that is triggering the behavior, removing the update and going back to the previous version, or removing PO altogether both seem to prevent and fix the issue after it has occurred. As a note, it doesn't happen immediately after updating, I have to wait a while for the issue to appear (it seems to be after a day or two in game). Something I'm noticing and wondering if i
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