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  1. I will try it now..
  2. Bowjobs


    Try chakaru wigs they might suit you
  3. Bowjobs

    Messed up skins (again...)

    Just edit the race face tone then hit reset.
  4. Bowjobs

    BBB Tut?

    +1 myuhinny
  5. I want to try this to my character can someone provide a link?
  6. Bowjobs

    Need help about this body

    It's all good now, i'm surprised thanks once again
  7. Bowjobs

    Need help about this body

    Wonderful no more clipping issue , but vipheels is now the problem i'll try to google this out thank you.
  8. still hoping for 2B and A2 outfits on this game
  9. Bowjobs

    Need help about this body

    i use dmra outfits to be more realistic to look busty, just like when a girl wearing tight jeans when you look on her ass it gives buff you feel me.. Hey thanks i really appreciate that you, can you use this heels? RedPeepHeels.nif
  10. Bowjobs

    Need help about this body

    yes sir you're right it's dmra and hgec together that's why, uhm is there any possible to fix this? Because my naked characters body is hgec-h(i'm a fan of hgec)
  11. I need help i can't fix this clipping problem on her hand and foot. HeartBikiniRemix.nif femalefoot.nif femalehand.nif
  12. Bowjobs

    HS Valentine's 2016

    oh snap! Run out of arrows!
  13. Bowjobs

    Stretching Breasts

    That's called skeleton issue, i think you accidentally deleting that skeleton nif