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  1. SpaceHamst3r

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I'm not sure why you would have problems getting it to work for UUNP. Are you aware that there is a bodyslide set included for the harness?
  2. SpaceHamst3r

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    And I'll try my best to deliver Just a reminder for everyone that reads, I make these animations for myself with the intent of sharing them to everyone. As much as I love requests, I prioritize what I already made and had in mind first, and when I get out of ideas, I'll take requests for granted. SPEAKING OF BUGS: The only "bug" I can animate with right now are Chaurus, since I have the rig for it. Even then, I looked at it and it has lot's of things to move with. Sounds good, right? Well, it has too much things to move with. The only problem with this is that it'll take a looong time to figure out an animation for it. And my skill in crawling or walking animation is not up to par yet for when I want to release something like this. The creatures I can work with are: Bears, Canines, Chaurus, Deers, Falmers, Horses, Sabrecats, Skeevers and Trolls.
  3. Any plans for the new pet suit being used in the upcoming update? Also, I haven't tried Sasha ever before, but after discovering she can be your dom, I had to give it a go. Will the "dom" side of her every get expanded? As far as I know, it only consists of being bound and being bound more when u try to steal her key.
  4. SpaceHamst3r

    [SEARCH] UUNP Girly dresses (pink?)

    Aion Opulent Outfit looks cute, but it is riddled with details. I like something simpler, but I'll get this nonetheless. Maybe I can remove some parts in Outfit Studio. High Society however is great! And since I recolored some outfits given here to pink, I shouldn't have any issues making these pink. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. SpaceHamst3r

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    But my consistency goes in TES5Edit and changes all "S.L.U.T.S." to "S_L_U_T_S "
  6. SpaceHamst3r

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I would love to see more events for the humiliation system. Here's an idea from me: I think the S.L.U.T.S. Company would love other people to know about their great transport services. Maybe when u want to summon your Escrow, you have to wear the S.L.U.T.S. uniform for a set amount of time in the town before getting released? This way other people get to see your amazing Pony Girl more, leading to more exposure for the company It would be rather limiting for the player though, so maybe remove the arm restraints already so you can still do stuff. Just my 2 cents Also, is the general term S_L_U_T_S or S.L.U.T.S.? The mod is called S_L_U_T_S, but according to ingame gameplay, the company's name is S.L.U.T.S.
  7. SpaceHamst3r

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    About time I do something besides doggy. The dogs in my Skyrim don't have Cessna wings as ears If other's have it, I'll change it eventually, but not anytime soon since it's pretty minor.
  8. SpaceHamst3r

    [SEARCH] UUNP Girly dresses (pink?)

    Summer Dress Is EXACTLY what I'm looking for + I managed to find a UUNP bodyslide conversion, which is great. I forgot about Sissy Suite, that one is also very good. If only there was a UUNP bodyslide conversion of it It's good enough to be used without one luckily. Thanks!
  9. SpaceHamst3r

    Mod Developers. Why do you do what you do?

    I wanted certain animations in my game and never really found any that really fit what I searched for. So I made it myself, and the fact I have previous experience in using a certain program I managed to get it done faster than I anticipated. I figured others might want the same thing, so I shared my mod here
  10. SpaceHamst3r

    [SEARCH] UUNP Girly dresses (pink?)

    From all of these, "sassee lass" and "Jinhua cat outfit" from skyTM are probably the closest to what I'm looking for. I should've said I use UUNP Thanks for the suggestions
  11. I'm looking for, well, as the title says, girly dresses. Preferably pink in color, spoiler below for examples about what I'm looking for. Lace textures, single colored textures, don't mind either. Body I'm using is UUNP. HDT is a big plus. UUNP bodyslide is a MASSIVE PLUS. I wouldn't use anything without Bodyslide, unless said dress is really good. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  12. SpaceHamst3r

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    Alright, generated the .json file with the MNCv11 version, and now I got it to work properly ingame. And I don't seem to have any issue with the ears, they look perfectly fine on my end. For the animobject thingy, I unchecked "bone on" and now the node moves up and down like it should. Appreciate the help Updated the mod as well to include compatibility with dogs. I included the new download and a patch for users that already have version 2.01 installed.
  13. SpaceHamst3r

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    God damnit. Whatever I do, the animation won't show up for dogs. I went onto the .json file, changed race from wolves to "canines" and added the "dog" and "canine" in the tags. I reloaded and reapplied the .json settings afterwards. Do I have to put it in capital letters or something? The thing is whenever I edit the source file with these settings, adding the canines race causes SLanimgenerate to not work and gives this message. Another question, about "animated" animobjects. You said before I can connnect the mesh to a node, namely AnimObjectA, yes? I used "select and link", and the object rotates when I rotate the node, seems like it's working as intended. I can't move the node however, it stays in place at all times. I can scale it, rotate it, but not move it.
  14. These rigs are exactly what I'm looking for, appreciate it!
  15. Hiya Billyy, a question that is a little off-topic. I'm currently trying to find animating rigs, mainly for a Troll, and people told me I could ask you. Will there be plans of releasing rigs for most creatures or are these completely private? Thanks