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  1. I figured it out, apparently it was too many animations, despite having animation limit fixes in place. I just had to disable a couple poser mods.
  2. Could you post your load order of ESPs for the SL/animation mods you use, and the order in which they're arranged in MO2? I can't figure out why I'm only getting CTD on startup and not progressing past that.
  3. Is there a version of Nise's skin for CBBE?
  4. Open the console with ` and type setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 to reset the MCM.
  5. Re: Futa -- Original version of SLIF and FHU were based solely on SexLab's gender setting. If your character is set as "male" in SexLab, then FHU would only register anal cum amount, while the "female" gender would register both anal and vaginal. I think to solve the "futa" issue, maybe you could use SexLab animation tags; instead of the "male" and "female" SexLab genders, if an animation has the "anal" tag and the NPC is in the receiving slot, inflate via anal cum amount, and likewise if it has the "vaginal" tag and the NPC is the receiver, use the vaginal cum amount. I don't know if this would cause issues if you had a male/female animation with two males though, maybe also compare against the NPC's or PC's actual game gender? That would probably require a lot of script rewriting.
  6. This version of FillHerUpUUNP works with 3BBB Amazing? Or is there another version of it that you're using? Or are you using SLIF with it?
  7. So I take it nobody's solved the CBBE 3BBB/3BBB Amazing issue yet?
  8. What mod(s)/plugin(s) would I need to enable female giants to use the futa schlongs?
  9. The newest and final version of Cumshot has a new MCM menu to customize cumshots for any SOS-compatible schlong or schlong'd race. You can now manually adjust the values in the interface to get them to line up properly.
  10. Okay, I'm finishing up the tweaks and I'll DM you when I'm done.
  11. For anyone using 3BA or CBBE SMP don't worry too much about the body itself. ABBA will morph the body using standard CBBE sliders so the actual bones don't matter. You might run into problems with extreme settings (e.g. breasts as big as your entire body), but that could happen without ABBA if you just overcrank the sliders in racemenu or bodyslide. If anyone wants, I've converted almost all of the ABBA outfits (except the "kinky" dress) and the Diva dress to 3BA (not "SMP"). Message me and I'll provide a link.
  12. I'm seeing messages for a lot of NPCs even with known SOS addons (both Futanari CBBE and Horse Penis Redux, by ERF) saying "[npc] is plain female or transgender male, no cumshot" despite them having the addon registered. I've tried restarting and resetting SOS and manually assigning the addons to NPCs and still get the message. I've had to resort to manually setting each individual NPC's gender to "male" in SexLab in order to get the cumshot to work. Is there a way to fix this inside Cumshot, or am I just going to have to keep setting NPCs with schlongs to male? Or did I break something?
  13. Is it possible to enable cumshot support for transgender male aka female with a futa schlong? Or is that a limitation of Sexlab? Is there a setting in one of the files I can change, or will I have to set everyone who uses a futa schlong to "male" in SL?
  14. Yeah I don't know of a way around this, the ARMA record has to reference an absolute path to the mesh, so I just made it the default PC body. I tried using a dummy mesh but it just made the body invisible. If I can find another way to do it I'll update it, but for now this works for pretty much everyone. I'll think about it. As it is, all five items are simple enough to craft with absolute minimum crafting skill, so I don't feel the need to put anything fancy in there. I may add boots and a helmet at some point though.
  15. This works a treat. 👍 So far I've tried it with ERF's Horse Redux and Futa CBBE (both SE) and they work exactly like the old way. So much easier to adjust the position now. Thank you!
  16. See further back in the thread, my AdjustValues.json contains the correct parameters for ERF's CBBE Futa Addon. I think it's on page 39 or 40.
  17. Is there any fix for the EroticArmor bug? Or will it require rewriting and recompiling the script that updates exposure?
  18. Is there a way to get the "SOS_Revealing" tag (or another tag) to work only on females? I have several mods for females that should be revealing, but almost no revealing male clothes, leading to a lot of schlong clipping.
  19. Is there a way to get the "SOS_Revealing" tag (or another tag) to work only on females? I have several mods for females that should be revealing, but almost no revealing male clothes, leading to a lot of schlong clipping.
  20. Until Erstam overhauls the schlong support properties, you'll have to edit AdjustValues.json to line up the cum output with the tip of the penis. See the text file "Notes for experts and modders" in the base dir of the mod.
  21. I break shout cooldown so early on I would never have noticed anyway.
  22. These are limitations of SOS. The schlong is on armor slot 52 which is always overridden by anything worn on slot 32 (body/chest). The only way to fix the issue you're having would be to rewrite the scripts that manage SOS, or write an additional script that adds underwear to anyone wearing armor that doesn't have the "SOS_Revealing" tag. For any other issues you'll want to go to the SOS support thread.
  23. @EvilReFlex I don't suppose you could help out with Cumshot? I've tried everything I can think of as far as adding the genitals to AdjustValues.json to no avail. I've tried adding it as a standard addon, an equippable, and a special body with a modified race record, and nothing seems to work. I noticed that this is different from your succubus followers as with them, the genitals are either part of the race (succubus), or an equipable (Ceraph). I also notice that the Kerrigan body is set up differently since it's meant to be a complete package with no armor or clothing, and that the genitals are on slot 60 instead of 52. Any ideas of what else I could try? Edit: apparently all I had to do was remove slot 48 from the NULL armor addon record in "ERF - Kerrigan.esm". I created a patch for it. Added it back into AdjustValues.json as an addon and it works now.
  24. That's a limitation of SOS. I'm unaware of any way to make that arbitrary without scripting, which is beyond the scope of this mod.
  25. I'm unaware of any way to do that because SOS doesn't set anything to "revealing" by default without a keyword. I can upload a version without the keyword though.
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