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  1. Thank you. This is all very very helpful and I will use to this info to find my answer! EDIT: Fixed my issue thanks to this post. My configuration was weird.
  2. Thanks, 9 days. Ill post back and let you know what happens hen the time is up. Im guessing if its like previous times it will say my hair needs to be dyed again but the color never changes back to my natural color (appearing as if it was still dyed)
  3. Hey. First off this mod is a must have imho. Have been using it for years and I wouldn't consider playing without it. I just got around to asking this but for some reason hair dye never worked for me as intended. It never changes back. No matter how long my hair grows our or how long I wait for it just stays the dyed color for ever. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks again for this amazing mod!
  4. animations dont work for me no matter what I try. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Been reading for days. Is there a better amputation mod? Can anyone point me to a mod where I can lose limbs in combat and have to get prosthetics? All forums point me here + the traps mod that it goes with but whenever I remove my limbs with the F1 key I just float in the air and none of the animations advertised work for me at all. Ive run FNIS and disabled FNIS PCEA2 and all 360 run mods. Still.. no animations. Thanks in advanced. EDIT: Limb removal does work as intended. Just the anim
  5. I can't get public hair color to match my hair color. I even tried setting it manually but no matter what I do the body hair color won't change. Any ideas?
  6. No matter what I do I can't get custom hair styles to show up from the mcm menu config. I have the right length in the right slot. Like 6 length in slot 6 and it's set to standard. Use custoum styles is on and I used the consol to find the name of the style. It's the one in quotes right? What could I be doing wrong? Edit: I actully just figured this out and am no longer having an issue. Amazing mod btw. As a side note I notice it says to use a very specific version of slave tats. Does this mean we can't have the newest version of slave tats. Just confused if I downloaded the correct one.
  7. I'm looking to allow clothing to be equipped under armor but be visually hidden while the outer armor is equipped to prevent clipping. In this scenario all the gear remains equipped providing bonuses etc but is hidden under the outter armor so to speak. The best way I can think to do this is by creating a slot in nifscope that's blank and setting it to the slot of the clothing I wish to hide and then not setting this blank slot in the ck to prevent equipping conflicts. I would then need to do this for every armor piece in my game that hides other pieces. Am I on the right track or are there ea
  8. I had a similar problem. If youre using cbbe , when you batchbuild uncheck the bodies with the HDT prefix. That fixed my problem. Edit Didnt read the whole post. Tick only one of the HDT bodies (the one you use) untick the others. I just saw this now and it totally worked. Thanks a million man
  9. After reading your guide I had everything working 100% so I thank you for that. The issue is today I wanted to try out a mod that requires the HDT body preset so I changed it from TBBP body to HDT. I use the ORC-petite-Boxum subset btw. I created bodies and batch built all my clothes. Now in game all naked bodys are crushed and seriously deformed. I tried everything. Switching back to TBBP uninstalling CBBE and starting again but nothing works why are all my bodies crushed? what caused this and how can I avoid it in the future? Thanks a million EDIT: when i say crushed I dont mean
  10. Agreed. How hard is it for a non modder to open the ck and remove the shop. I dont want light, but I certainly dont want the boner store in my fantasy RPG
  11. Use the light version oh I thought the light version lost out on some other features. Its just the shop thats missing?
  12. IS their any way at all to remove the shop morning wood from the game? This mods amazing but that shop is so immersion breaking. Just because every male now has a realistic penis dosnt mean penis related store opening up is immersion friendly for me. Thanks in advanced.
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