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  1. Not sure what you mean by "regular cbp". Are you talking about a version with cloth physics?
  2. I honestly don't know what you're talking about with those issues, so yes, apparently they have escaped my attention. We're sufficiently out of bounds now that any follow-up should probably be via mail rather than forum, but I'd love to see the widgets, compendia, and pushes that are pushing (sorry--not) your buttons. Because either they aren't happening on my box (on which I spend at least 10 hours a day, pretty much every day), or I'm totally overlooking them, or failing to recognize them, or something. And thanks for the offer, but no, you won't be pegging me. Ever.
  3. Lightweight 😉 Of course, that doesn't show the additional hundreds of active-but-ESP-less mesh/texture/whatever mods. After a while, LOOT tends to cause more problems than it solves. Probably the most common oops is suddenly having a follower develop a dark head, because LOOT moved the appearance-replacer ESP so that the ESP sequence on the right (controlling the character's NPC record) no longer matches the file-override sequence on the left (controlling which facegen files are actually used).
  4. Ah, sorry, my bad; your Luddite tendencies had slipped my mind, and thus weren't factored into the equation. Yeah, my WLMM version is whatever was in the MS app store day before yesterday, so it's probably up to date. WRT virtual assistants and fluffware, I have all of the Cortana settings off, so I just don't interact with it. I don't notice a lot of 'fluff', so at least it stays out of my face to the extent that it's there. WRT forced updates, I have feature updates set to the 1-year deferral period, so my year-old 1909 release is good until next April if I choose to wait that long. I suggest giving Win10 a chance. Yeah, Win8 was crap; I worked at MS at the time, and I stayed on Win7 until Win 10 came out. Actually, a year+ after Win10 came out; I think my first Win10 installation was the 1703, or even 1709, release. 1511 was for suckers.... It really is time to bid Win7 a fond farewell. Shedding a tear or two for Aero is perfectly OK; I certainly did. Trivia: Windows Aero should actually be written "AERO", since it's an acronym. A really, really bad acronym.
  5. So, I hadn't played with WLMM before this, and figured I ought to have at least some idea what you're talking about. I first gave it one of my older FRAPS AVI caps; it choked with I then gave it a more-recent FRAPS AVI cap and a Bandicap MP4 cap; both went in just fine. So that's a double "huh?": 1) "Huh? What's wrong with the older FRAPS cap?" 2) "Huh? Vyx's quote appears to say that WLMM won't accept MP4 input. However, it appears that not only will it accept it but, in this case, it suggests converting to MP4 first!" #1 probably won't be answered. Whatever. Based on the extensive research that produced "Huh?" #2, it sounds like you can use your MP4 caps directly in WLMM for captioning/transitions/audio/whatever. Which, if correct, means that it doesn't matter if the capper generates uncompressed or compressed video, since it will be edited directly in either case. Or am I confused? OK, that last question was mostly rhetorical....
  6. It isn't; it's NVidia's hardware-assisted encode/decode facility. Bandicam+NVENC outputs standard MP4 containers with either HEVC- or H.264-encoded video; it just does it with a lot less load on the CPU. Since you're into sending stuff to Germany, you might be interested in something they sent back. As I said, a lot less CPU. No, I'm not 'Jason' but yes, I'm fully aware of how easily something like that slides into your soft gooey center; that's why I threw it in there.😈 Well, also because it's correct. Yes, I'm a weenie; we all know that. At least we all know it now. Ouch! You should know me better than that by now.😧 OR, it's simply--and helpfully, at least WRT intent--pointing out that the difference spans, in this case, a few dozen dollars; USD39.95, to be precise. The point being that it's entirely "affordable" (since we agree that to get past the "spoiling the video with watermarks" issue. That's, like, a week of mocha+bagel at Starbucks. Not that I do that, of course.... Note that I (reluctantly) refrained from throwing a completely gratuitous just-for-the-sake-of-stroking-your-inner-grammar-nazi imply/infer pair into this section. Coincidentally, Bandicam sells for the above-mentioned USD39.95. Adding the Bandicut tool brings the total to USD60.95. There no monthly fees. Apropos both your edit-without-creating-garbage and waytoomanybuck-editing-software points, their page that talks about video-editing software starts out: With Bandicam, the recorded video can be directly edited by Bandicut. Bandicut is an essential program for Bandicammers. It allows Bandicammers to cut parts of video without losing the original video quality. However, if you want to edit the recorded video with professional video editing programs such as Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia and Pinnacle Studio, you should change the codec settings of Bandicam. [italics mine, just to set their text apart visually from the rest of this meandering mess informative opus] Round-trip edit with no quality loss: cool. Vegas Pro and friends: not gonna happen. However, Bandicut is only a splitter/splicer; it doesn't do transitions/effects or audio. To overlay audio on the finished video, you'll still need something else. You're most welcome; sorry you found parts of it objectionable. Trivia Q: What's the difference between AVC, H.264, and MPEG-4 Part 10? A: The spelling. They all refer to the exact same (17 year old) video compression standard. Same for HEVC/H.265/MPEG-H Part 2. It's 7 years old. And VVC/FVC/H.266/MPEG-I Part 3, which is new this summer. Though using "Future Video Coding" is a bit ambiguous, since there's always some "future" version on the way.
  7. Just be sure to have them done in disappearing ink if you're a C cup or larger, since in 25 years they'll be invisible anyway. Oh; you were probably asking about a mod. Never mind....
  8. I think the Bandicam watermarking is an attribute of the unregistered product? I'm trying out the Bandicam/Bandicut pair now; so far, they seem to be a much better answer than Fraps.: 1) Using GPU hardware compression (NVENC) removes load from the CPU. 2) Since the output is encoded, the files are a lot smaller. 3) The combination of 1 and 2 suggests that I'm less likely to have oopses during recording due to CPU or I/O spikes from something else. 4) The Bandicut tool works on the compressed files. OK, I'm sure it decodes and re-encodes behind the scenes, but from my view point (which is, of course, all that matters 😉), the files produced by Bandicam "just work" in Bandicut. [pedantic] "low-loss file format (AVI may come close)" is a content-free phrase, because "AVI" isn't a "format" where "loss" is involved (i.e. a compressed-video format produced by a codec). AVI is a container format; what's inside may be in a variety of video or audio (or both) stream formats. [/pedantic] Thanks, I feel much better now.... Since you specify "or affordable", you may be inadvertently limiting your candidates with issues like watermarking that don't apply to registered/paid-for products.
  9. There are a zillion sets of stockings out there; just grab some with the shape and length you like and retexture them to look like you want.
  10. Since the sequence worked for me and (apparently) numerous others, I can only suggest (and hate to do so, but can't think of anything else ATM) the "big hammer" treatment: completely remove LHTera, re-install it from scratch, and run the sequence again.
  11. Not quite; the red triangle means "bad mesh", i.e. the Skyrim engine is saying "yeah, there's something here, but I don't like it". So I'd guess that the SSENO step didn't process everything, or didn't do so correctly. Some semi-obvious things to check: 1) Make sure the "Sub Directories" box at the top-right is checked. 2) Make sure the mode (radio buttons at bottom right) is "SSE". 3) Verify that the SSENO starting point is the entire directory, i.e. 'CalienteTools' and 'meshes' are both subdirectories of the target. 4) Lastly, you have to tell BodySlide to build the meshes. Well, if you've done that once, maybe you don't have to, but I'd still do a post-conversion build just to make sure everything is in sync.
  12. I agree. 99.999...% of the discussions that have ever taken place are not about "new information"; they're about providing existing information as new knowledge to people who don't already have it. People should never be deterred from seeking new knowledge. Though it's OK to...encourage...the lazy ones to do their own research....
  13. Not sure why you say that. P3PESSE (yeah, I just made that one up) is absolutely "general purpose" (it's a bunch of utility functions that anyone can use), and three quarters of the "Mods requiring this file" items listed on the page are not from P3.
  14. The latter is definitely the case. Unfortunately, it in no way implies the former. 1) Yes, the difference--or lack thereof--between Forms 43 and 44 has been known for years. 2) There are still lots of people out there--including extremely knowledgeable people like Arthmoor--beating the "you must never use Form 43 plugins in SkyrimSE!!!" drum. 3) There are still lots of people (as demonstrated by the current discussion) who are unaware of the full story. Your statement is equivalent to saying "I know, and everyone I've ever met knows, that 4 x 4 = 16, so there's no point teaching multiplication any more." Yes, it would be much more convenient if everyone in the world already knew everything I know (and agreed with everything I think, of course 😉); regrettably we aren't quite there yet. OK, maybe not quite everything I know....
  15. Sorry, it's a computer term: the NOP machine-language instruction causes the computer to do nothing other than waste some (typically small) number of cycles. The machine state after the instruction is exactly the same as the state before it.
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