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  1. I have a few screenshots of some items I would love to have in the game. Some may have already been created I just haven't located them all yet. The top picture is a bathing suit but it can be made into any style.
  2. I have found a link to Alice Magee's Dresses but the link is broken ( Ad fly browser ) Anyone know where else I could get these dresses? MY PC will not allow me to download it because it is on Ad Fly.
  3. I was looking to create a post apocalyptic sim for a story line however I am having issues finding any post apocalyptic items or clothing. Does anyone know where I can locate the items I am seeking?
  4. Yup just DL this mod ( never tried it before and my sim is not making any money at the moment) so i guess that needs to be fixed
  5. OK I re-did the install, I cleared out the localthumbcache.package and noticed that it runs smoother and then I noticed the WW was not in the saves folder. So I removed the WW out of the saves folder and cleared out the localthumbcache.package again and it runs smooth
  6. Re-installed my mods ( only have 235 mods mostly Wicked Whims + animations , MC Command center ) started from nothing put the mods in that I wanted and put the new updated drugs mod and BOOM game lags but as soon as I remove it back to non-lagging. Get no error messages or anything just thought that was strange.
  7. Tried to download this and it totally messed up all of community lots. Not sure why it happened see if it was affected by the new update please. And Thank You.
  8. Yeah i got your message on Discord. It was just a thought because it's time consuming as i mentioned on discord. TY though i love the mod
  9. Is there a way we can speed up the process to make blunts / joints faster than one at a time? Like have it set to make 5, 10 or 15 at a time when inventory is full of buds? It is very time consuming to do one at a time when you have a sim with an addiction LOL Just a thought
  10. make sure you unpack all the contents into the tray folder. Enable custom content in the MY LIBRARY tab on your gallery. I ended up removing this mod because it was conflicting with many of my main mods i use. Hopefully in the future i can re download.
  11. I second this! The minors in my game will come into the room when there is an adult watching and will sit there and watch the channel with them. Can you add something that they will not watch it with kids in the room?
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