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  1. Yes, Everything is Updated i am using latest versions of all mods and tools. I applied the Script and it showed me the mods which i can convert to ESL. What's Annoying is that i disabled all of the ESP's so that none of the mods launch to find out the culprit ESP files. But its still crashing at same spot!! i thought disabling the esps would show me problem!! But No Luck So, i started playing as another race character, and tried to spawn an Argonian Female using code it immediately Crashed. So yeah i am stuck!!
  2. I find that out about sexlab and i corrected that!! I Have a heavily modded skyrim yes!! i know that but what things in your Opinion could cause the CTD!! Could it be Textures, Meshes, Skeleton problems!! What Causes Khajit and Argonians Females to CTD in Racemenu!! Since you are the only one who replied i don't wanna bother you much But take wild guess!!
  3. Yeah Definitely give Animation Crash Fix a try. also your FNIS should be giving you some Kind of error!! Without SKSE Some Mods Won't Launch or work as they should!! Other than that You Could try to disabling the ESP Files. To see what is causing the Problem this probably the Best way to Solve it!! It Will take few minutes but i think its worth it!!
  4. So, I Recently Did A fresh Installation Following the Nolvus Modding Guide SSE. Everything is working fine except when i change the Race Gender of khajit and argonian!! Males are all Fine and Working!! its only Females. I have 877 Mods = 83 ESP's and 495 ESL's Which i converted through SSEDIT!! Here's my Load Order From LOOT i Don't know what could be Causing the problem!!
  5. You Could Have Exceeded The Animation Limit!! Try Disabling few animation mods and Rerun FNIS. see if it helps and also use https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31146?tab=files "Animation Limit Crash Fix SSE"!! Hope this helps You!! and which version of FNIS are You Using XL, XXL? how many animations is FNIS Running?? also post you load order!! for other Members who can read load orders!! Cheers!!
  6. Does This Mod Works For SSE ??? Has Anyone Tried it?? The Textures are Fine But i Can't Get The Vagina Collisions?? Please HELP!!🙏
  7. yeah i love this mod maybe we should ask herode for the Mod For SSE or Anybody Could try and covert it but its A BIG MOD!!
  8. Does This Mod Work for SSE ?? Has anybody tried it , i installed it and textures are fine but collisions are not working its static even Breasts won't jiggle when my Char is Nude they only jiggle when She's Dressed!!
  9. well i read somewhere that its working on sse but Not for Me and i think this might be my problem i should ask Herode about it!! 🤔
  10. Well ok so What could be my problem , i dont seem to understand i am using it in oldrim perfectly but collisions dosen't work for sse 😵
  11. I have used it on oldrim and i just installed its latest version from his tumblr [Herode Leyanda] Account But When i installed it Using Vortex It Worked Fine With Textures and all But I Could't Get The Collisions I Ran FNIS and The thing is it Dosen't have Any .esp , .esm To give Priority in Plugins!! for what i think it could be files overwriting it!!
  12. enb 2018_10_24 19_12_00_45.bmp enb 2018_10_24 19_12_24_12.bmp enb 2018_10_24 19_12_44_79.bmp enb 2018_10_24 19_13_11_16.bmp enb 2018_10_24 19_13_28_19.bmp enb 2018_10_24 19_13_52_05.bmp enb 2018_10_24 19_14_40_45.bmp
  13. can you give DontTouchMeThere's blog link i can't found it!!! Thanks
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